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Question about Magic

Is only one person able to achieve each magic, say can someone else learn the fifth or second magic despite already being two magicians for these two?

And what is exactly the sixth magic or what might it be?

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• 3d

Explaining class affinity

In FGO I considered advantages for Classes based on common attributes, Saber being vulnerable to Archer because of melee weapon against ranged and usually physical attacks being a loophole against Magic Resistance, Lancer holding the advantage against archer due to speed being normal with The Class, allowing to keep up with projectiles. Berserker being a Glass-Canon due to Madness Enhancement taking away sanity, Caster being effective against Assassin due to having magic as an advantage against the normally weak class that relies on stealth.

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• 3/12/2019

Official fate timeline

I was talking to my friend who just found the fate universe, and I realized that I didn't know the official timeline. If anyone does know, pleas tell me.

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• 3/2/2019

Shirou Kotomine and Shirou Emiya went through similar moral struggles

In Fate Apocrypha Ruler/Shirou Amakusa contemplated the nature of Humanity and believed the wants of the many outweighed the wants of the few and spent time in the Middle-East. Being a parallel to the journey of Shirou Emiya in Fate/Stay Night, despite being completely different people. Both their destinies began through Mage-craft and both developed white-hair.

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• 3/1/2019

I was wondering what the Unlimited Blade-Works Chant would be with a Double-Shirou Psuedo-Servant.

If the unlikely and awkward event happened where Emiya/Archer became a Psuedo-Servant with Present Shirou as a Host, how would the chant be altered?

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• 3/1/2019

Hypothetically What if Solf J. Kimblee from FMA was a Servant?

I think he would qualify Morally as Chaotic-Evil and qualify as Caster, Assassin or Beserker. His Powers mainly revolve around causing Molecular-Instability in objects causing them to explode, meaning almost anything is a potential weapon/explosive and his Noble Phantasm would be called Sun And Moon: Crimson Lotus, which blows up an Enemy-Servant via Physical Contact

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• 2/27/2019

Similarities between The Botchling and Jack The Ripper

Jack The Ripper from Fate Apocrypha, is an amalgamation of the vengeful spirits of unborn children that mainly targeted prostitutes. While The Botchling from The Witcher, was the single corrupted spirit of an unborn child that fed on the life-force of pregnant women.

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• 2/21/2019

Could Arthuria be summoned as Grand Saber by the world?

I heard multiple heroic spirits can fit the mantle of Grand Servant, so why not?

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• 2/11/2019

A Question I Have

Today, when I have my afternoon nap, I have a dream. It's a very weird dream, one part of it is getting Shirou Emiya who is the demi-servant Guinevere. That makes me think 3 things

1. I want a Lily version of Emiya (Archer).

2. What will happen when a male fused with a female Heroic Spirit? Will they be a male, female, futa, androgynous or simply Astolfo?

and 3. I really wish I got something from the Gacha that isn't black keys or mapo tofu.

But still, 2. What will happen when a male fused with a female Heroic Spirit?

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• 2/2/2019

I accidentally deleted the app without account binding, I lost all my progress.

I misread that the information would stay on the phone and so I accidentally deleted it and lost all my progress, I got so far too. I feel dead inside cause I really liked that game and don't want to start over.

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• 1/29/2019

Corrections to Lancer page

Im an irish guy who just started watching fate stay night and when hearing "the light of ireland" in the first episode got really interested. Two issues i noticed just from looking at the start of the lancer info page is the pronunciation of cú chulainn in the video and also the fact that satanta killed chulainns dog with a hurley and sliathoir rather than with his bare hands. Didnt know how else to mention this so here it is. Also if this actually leads to somethinf being changed ill be sure to proog read the rest of the page

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• 1/26/2019

would Tanuki from Japanese Folklore qualify to be servants?

considering how even some of the most obscure characters from folklore and literature have made it into the fate series, could any Tanuki from Japanese folk-tales make it as servants? They probably wouldn't be very powerful but considering they were notorious tricksters, they'd probably be Assasin-class, although Yashima no Hage-tanuki would probably be Caster-class.

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• 1/25/2019

could The Reverse Side Of The World have extinct animals?

I was wondering if The Reverse Side Of The World could have mundane species that were wiped out by humanity after the end of The Age Of Gods, like dodos or The Phylacine?

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• 1/25/2019

Typemoon wiki app

Will this wiki have it's own app?

There's something wrong with the game guides app

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• 1/21/2019

what chant is used to summon avenger class?

I need to know this for writing a fan-fiction, because sometimes a specific chant is used to summon certain types of servants.

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• 1/13/2019

Fate/stay night heaven's feel

Can anyone tell me where I can watch it online?

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• 1/6/2019

what class would Jesus Christ fit into?

I think he would fit Ruler and Saver pretty well.

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• 12/18/2018

Gilgamesh (Caster)

In the Seventh Singularity of F/GO it's clearly said that this version of him is a qualifying hero for the title of Grand Caster, yet it's missing from his own as well as the Grand Caster page.

I thought maybe they just forgot to put it in, but after I added it myself it was removed afterwards because... idk?

But I think that kinda information should be added, especially seeing how there's (now again) an empty list of other qualifying heroes on the Grand Caster page.

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• 12/17/2018

Rider's Heaven's Feel route summary missing

I went on the wiki to try and read about Rider's storyline during the Heaven's Feel route, but for some reason it's empty. I can't write for shit, so I was wondering if somebody could fill that out, that or whomever it is that writes these things.

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• 12/17/2018

Fate UBW

I just finished Fate UBW but there seems to be very little emphasis on the clock tower & mage's association in EP13? It all just seemed very sudden this am i missing a series or is there one which develops it further?

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