"After" the Holy Grail War (聖杯戦争の“その後”?) is the description of the state of the world of Fate/Requiem.


There was a very large Holy Grail War in the past. The war took place internationally 14 years before Fate/Requiem and was said to be the greatest war that killed an unstated amount of humans and Servants involved, and no countries came out unscathed. The war also caused many parts of the world to be reduced to ruins and the water level rose greatly. Ocean lifeforms are said to have sharply decreased as well.

It was said that over 10,000 drones were deployed during the war's peak. The drones also came in various sizes and are not limited to flying ones, as drones shaped as ocean lifeforms did exist and contributed to the reason why ocean lifeforms are greatly reduced.


The world is said to have become peaceful after it ended. Tokyo is now a dead city inaccessible to many, referred to as "Netherworld Tokyo." The various wards of Tokyo such as Akihabara, Shinjuku, and Shibuya were restructured by the Holy Grail into Mosaic City, where the survivors of the war gathered. Each person has obtained a Holy Grail, able to summon a Servant "bound to their fate." The only exception is Erice Utsumi, who later meets the "Boy", the "last Servant summoned into the world."

When a human is born, they would automatically have a Holy Grail located in their heart, but it does not immediately mean Servants will be summoned to their Masters, and some may take years for it to actually manifest. Civilians of the Mosaic City do not have the choice and are granted a Servant regardless of their will. The Holy Grail would assume a citizen's wishes from deep inside their heart and pair the Master with the Servant of the closest compatibility. While most of the people may be happy or indifferent to have their own Servant, some do hate or even flat out reject Servants.

The story takes place 56 years after Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.


Mosaic City is watched over by the Caren Series AIs.


Holy Grail WarEdit

The previous Holy Grail War is described as very large. Chitose Manazuru and Lancer were the winners.

"After" the Holy Grail WarEdit

The current day is described to be fifty-six years after the first Moon landing.

Servant LossEdit

Servant Loss is a phenomenon that begins after the summoning of Voyager, the "last Servant summoned into the world." Servants that would normally be summoned upon the birth of a child no longer happen, and Masters who have lost their Servants are no longer able to be granted a new Servant by the Grail.

Holy Grail War TournamentEdit

Holy Grail War Tournaments (聖杯戦争トーナメント?) are battle tournaments held for sport in Akihabara. There are both individual matches and team matches. Blackbeard, Agrippa, and Circe are commentators during the tournament. Euclid was going to be as well, but cancelled at the last minute.


[v]Servant Identity Master
Voyager Voyager Erice Utsumi
Berserker Kijyo Koyo Karin
Saber Galahad Alter Koharu F Riedenflaus
Lancer Lucius Longinus Chitose Manazuru
Caster Nzambi Unknown
Assassin Cesare Borgia & Lucrezia Borgia Unknown
Rider Kundry None (Stray Servant)
Foreigner Euclid Unknown
Avenger Louis XVII Unknown
Unknown Class Hendrik van der Decken Ahasuerus
Unknown Class Hannibal Barca Unknown
Unknown Class El Cid Unknown
Unknown Class Jacques de Molay Unknown
Unknown Class Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa Unknown
Unknown Class Barbarossa Unknown
Unknown Class Minamoto no Yoshitsune Rurihime
Unknown Class Edward Teach Unknown
Unknown Class Circe Unknown
Unknown Class Anubis Unknown
Unknown Class Unknown Unknown


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