"After" the Holy Grail War (聖杯戦争の“その後”, Seihai sensō no "sono ato"?) is the description of the state of the world of Fate/Requiem.


Fourteen years before present day, over thirty Holy Grail Wars were simultaneously performed. Initially secret rituals, their mass proliferation caused them to become public and start World War III. The resulting conflict became the greatest international war from which no country came out unscathed, and most marine life was wiped out. Humans and Servants alike were killed, and many parts of the world were reduced to ruins. Mass drone warfare, numbering ten thousand to one for every soldier, caused untold destruction.[1]

The Holy Grail Wars were of various sizes. Fuyuki was noted to be one of the fiercest battlegrounds, but it didn't have as large a scale as some of the other Holy Grail Wars. Due to the fierce battle, the final winner was unknown, the ritual was not completed, and the accumulated magical energy from the Holy Grail dispersed.[1]

The victors of the Holy Grail Wars in various places repeatedly moved to different battlefronts, aiming for greater heights, more fighting. They fought in muddy battles to possess the Holy Grails that others had won. Chitose Manazuru, also known as the Stigmata, put an end to that by choosing to settle it in a similar manner to a tournament. Chitose and her Servant Lucius Longinus were the victors. Chitose asked to the wish granting Holy Grail to persist and distribute itself, becoming Grails in the hearts of humans, terminal devices of the Stigmata.[2]

14 years after the war's conclusion, Caren Fujimura claims that it is not yet over.[3] Erice Utsumi believes that Fuyuki's Grail still exists.


Coastal City Akihabara, part of Mosaic City.

The world is said to have become peaceful after it ended. Much of Tokyo is in ruins beneath the water, and the various wards of Tokyo such as Akihabara, Shinjuku, and Shibuya were restructured by the Holy Grail into Mosaic City, where the survivors of the war gathered.

The world outside of Mosaic City, both the land and the sea, is a wasteland. Some drones still exist in that hell and automatically attack any vessels that get near. Small, manually controlled, single-purpose drones are used by Mosaic City for very minimal purposes such as security cameras and testing corruption in areas uninhabitable by humans, but if at all possible people prefer to use magecraft instead of a drone where they can. In consideration to the public, the few drones the authorities do use are camouflaged so as not to draw attention.[1]

Each person has obtained a Holy Grail, able to summon a Servant "bound to their fate." The only exception is Erice Utsumi, who later meets the "Boy", the "last Servant summoned into the world."

When a human is born, they would automatically have a Holy Grail located in their heart, but it does not immediately mean Servants will be summoned to their Masters, and some may take years for it to actually manifest. Civilians of the Mosaic City do not have the choice and are granted a Servant regardless of their will. The Holy Grail would assume a citizen's wishes from deep inside their heart and pair the Master with the Servant of the closest compatibility. While most of the people may be happy or indifferent to have their own Servant, some do hate or even flat out reject Servants.

Multiple "copies" of the same Servant can be summoned. For example, there is a musical group comprised of five separate Elizabeth Báthorys.[1]

The new generation of humans will not die of old age or sickness, though can still be murdered. Everyone has Command Spells that can be used to change the physical age of their bodies.[4] Only people born after the war, those born with a Holy Grail inside them from the start, can change their age with Command Spells. People born before the war, who were given a Grail later in life, cannot.[2] However they are still immortal from aging and immune to sickness like people born after.[5]

Command Spells are very different from those used in Holy Grail Wars before the war. While they can still command Servants, most don't use them for that, instead using them as a power source to cast basic magecraft. Instead of being divided into three strokes they are actually comprised of a single interlinking pattern that fades on usage proportional to the amount of magical energy expended. A faded Command Spell will recover with time, courtesy of the Grail replenishing its magical energy. The recovery time varies a little from person to person depending on their aptitude for magecraft, but broadly speaking it takes a few days. Chitose Manazuru is the only person in the world who still has the old style of Command Spells that disappear once used.[6]

Due to the situations of this world, Mystery is largely exposed (though not entirely, and the Mage's Association still exists),[6] and magecraft is common knowledge, though just like in the world before not everybody has the capacity to be a mage. Because the majority of Masters are not mages, the majority of Servants are weaker than normal. The magical energy supplied by the Holy Grail can be used for simple magecraft and is more than enough to sustain a Servant in everyday life with no discomfort. However Noble Phantasms are another matter entirely: activating them is highly challenging and draining of a Master's magical energy, and using one could kill a Master unless attempted with extreme care. The exception to this is in Akihabara's Colosseum, which is designed to siphon magical energy from the thousands of people in the audience, allowing for competitors in the Grail Tournament to fight at their best.[7]

Some pre-war individuals were involved in incidents where a Servant had killed their family during the large War, so they have Servantphobia (サーヴァント恐怖症, Sāvanto kyōfushō?) that makes it fundamentally impossible to manifest the Servant granted by the Holy Grail. Group therapy exists for people like this, as well as for people who have other problems adapting to the new world.[5]

In the post-war world where Servants have become commonplace, more care is being paid to improving their quality of life. There are even some citizens’ groups that insist that they have a right to live the same as humans.[4] It is not uncommon to see Servants as employees or even running businesses themselves.

The survivors of the war have worked hard to try and recover the culture that was lost, such as bringing back holidays from the world before the war. However these holidays are mere replicas and aspects of them have been lost or changed, and the new generation born after the war doesn't quite understand how they used to be.[8] Some adults are surprised when the younger generation can recognize things like CDs, though it's also fashionable for young people to walk around with an MP3 player.[2]

The story takes place 56 years after Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.[4]


Mosaic City is watched over by the Caren Series AIs. Chitose Manazuru and Lucius Longinus are the city's protectors who answer the call when Code Crimson is declared.


Holy Grail War[]

The previous Holy Grail War is described as very large. Chitose Manazuru and Lancer were the winners.

"After" the Holy Grail War[]

The current day is described to be fifty-six years after the first Moon landingWP.

Servant Loss[]

Servant Loss is a phenomenon that begins after the summoning of Voyager, the "last Servant summoned into the world." Servants that would normally be summoned upon the birth of a child no longer happen, and Masters who have lost their Servants are no longer able to be granted a new Servant by the Grail.

Holy Grail Tournament[]

Kijyo Koyo and Voyager watching the tournament.

Holy Grail Tournaments (聖杯トーナメント, Seihai tōnamento?) are battle tournaments held for sport in Akihabara, sponsored by the Riedenflaus family.[6] There are both individual matches and team matches. Circe is the tournament's emcee, and Blackbeard and Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa are commentators. Euclid was going to be as well, but cancelled at the last minute.

Akihabara's Colosseum, where the tournament is held, is designed to siphon magical energy from the thousands of people in the audience, allowing for competitors in the Grail Tournament to fight at their best. It is the only place in Mosaic City where a Servant can easily and safely use their Noble Phantasm. Activating a Noble Phantasm anywhere else is highly challenging, often requiring a Command Spell, and using one could kill a Master from the magical energy drain unless attempted with extreme care.[7]

The Colosseum's arena is a huge rectangle, 200 meters long. It can transform into various environments; when holding a naval battle the arena split in half and folded in on itself to become a basin, then water filled in the space and rocks emerged from underneath. Each seat in the audience has a floating semi-transparent screen that allows the spectators a clear view of the action.[7] An invisible barrier around the arena prevents any stray attacks from hitting the audience.[2]


[v]Servant Identity Master
Voyager VoyagerWP Erice Utsumi
Berserker Kijyo KoyoWP Karin
Saber GalahadWP Alter Koharu F Riedenflaus
Lancer Lucius LonginusWP Chitose Manazuru
Unknown Class Nameless Farmer Makki
Unknown Class UshiwakamaruWP Rurihime
Caster NzambiWP Unknown
Unknown Class AnubisWP Unknown
Unknown Class Unknown Unknown
Assassin Cesare BorgiaWP & Lucrezia BorgiaWP Hotel Manager
Rider KundryWP None (Stray Servant)
Foreigner EuclidWP Elementary School Teacher
Avenger Louis XVIIWP Unstable Artisan
Unknown Class Hendrik van der DeckenWP Ahasuerus
Unknown Class Hannibal BarcaWP Unknown
Unknown Class El CidWP Unknown
Unknown Class Jacques de MolayWP Unknown
Unknown Class Marcus Vipsanius AgrippaWP Unknown
Unknown Class BarbarossaWP Unknown
Unknown Class Edward TeachWP Unknown
Unknown Class CirceWP Restaurant Owner


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