A-Ray: One Hundred Species (亜麗百種 [a-ray], Areihyakushu?) are a species of next generation primates living in the Land of Steel.[1]


Created by the human species who had used up all of the planet's resources, A-Rays were beings modified and enhanced in order survive on the now corrupted planet.[1] Due to the former humans being killed off by the induction of Grain, both Liners, the new humans, and A-Ray were made to be able to make use of it.[2] The humans eventually entered a Great War against the A-Rays. The Six Sisters appeared, uniting the A-Rays and driving humans to the verge of defeat until the creation of the Liners and Ether Liners. This further killed the already dead world, but the war ended with no victor due to the arrival of the Ultimate Ones. They nearly wiped out both sides, decreasing the number of A-Rays significantly. The A-Rays and Liners held a ceasefire and brought a combined assault against the new threat.[3][4][5]


A-Ray were modeled after the living beings that previously existed on the planet, modified and enhanced for survival. While some of them carry the genes of humanity and retain the look of humans, many were mixed and evolved from various creatures and primates.[1] They make use of the abundant Grain in the atmosphere for energy, allowing for never before seen levels of warfare that make the weapons of the previous world obsolete.[2]

There are numerous branches of the A-Ray, categorized into around one hundred major species. The ranking from one to ten consist of a single A-Ray rather than a grouping of them.[1] The top ten are strong beings, equal to the Angel species, able to output energy on the level of nuclear bombs, and Ether Liners in terms of ability destroy objects.[6][7]

A-Ray typically breed to produce stronger offspring, seeking partners suitable for that task. There are some exceptions like the Angel species that seek those physically similar to themselves, as there are not many species that are close to them in appearance, as a higher priority.[7]


  • #1 Six Sisters
  • #20 Angel - Artificial angels, the origin of which is the angel of the abrahamic religions. They are a human-type A-Ray with a pair of bird wings. They were the protectors of the Six Sisters before their disappearance. One member of the species is the unnamed Angel.[6]
  • #?? Unnamed beast man race - Species of the associate of Gun God
  • #?? Liners - The new humanity technically belong to the A-Rays.[4]

Known A-RaysEdit


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