A Tour of the Waterfalls of the Provinces (諸国瀧廻り
, Shokoku Taki-meguri?) is the Noble Phantasm of Katsushika Hokusai in her swimsuit

She developed the Oyo Muhen Tenkai Hishou longsword technique inspired by many famous waterfalls.

It’s an invitation to cut away the summer heat with a refreshing tour of the waterfalls.

They were painted in the later years of Hokusai’s “Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji,” and encompass the entire set of eight images of famous landmarks. The titles of each are:

  • “Kirifuri Waterfall at Kurokami Mountain in Shimotsuke”
  • “Kiyotaki Kannon Waterfall at Sakanoshita on the Tōkaidō”
  • “Waterfall at Aoi-ga-oka in the Eastern Capital”
  • “Roben Waterfall at Mount Oyama”
  • “The Waterfall where Yoshitsune Washed his Horse”
  • “Yōrō Waterfall in Mino Province”
  • “Ono Falls on the Kisokaido”
  • “The Waterfall of Amida Behind the Kiso Road”

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