Abigail WilliamsWP (アビゲイル・ウィリアムズWP, Abigeiru Wiriamuzu?), Class Name Foreigner (フォーリナー, Fōrinā?), is a Foreigner-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in Fate/Grand Order and a key character in the events of Salem in Fate/Grand Order: Epic of Remnant.



Abigail Williams[]

The 17th Century. The "Salem Witch TrialsWP" that occurred in the PuritanWP colony of SalemWP. Abigail Williams was one of the first to display symptoms of being possessed by the devil. Many villagers complained that over the span of roughly one year, many other young girls seemed to have contracted the abnormal condition of being possessed by demons. As a result, this led to a tragedy where 200 people were arrested, with 19 of them being sentenced to death by hanging. In addition, 2 of them died in prison, and 1 died due to torture. The real motives of those young girls, and the factors that triggered the event, are still a mystery even today.[1]

The Puritans who highly believed in virtuous poverty crossed the sea to escape from oppression from the authoritative ChurchWP and reached the New WorldWP. However, they were eventually caught up to and cornered. The arguments of their protests were aimed towards their neighbors.[1]

"Heroes" truly rise in a realm of oppression and corruption————And the pure convictions that they conducted themselves by became tools to inspect others, rearing jealous suspicion and selfishness in their restless lives of cyclic strife and plundering in the colony.[1]

————And eventually, from the bottom of their hearts, they insanely started to seek out "Witches". "Our misfortune and suffering must be the deeds of the devil", so they claimed. In the end, witches were found in Salem, and the door of the horrifying Witch Trials opened. A great turmoil that became the "keyhole". The young girl that reflects the desires of the masses as the "key". When the two become critical factors, now, which is the sinful one?[1]

That is to become a sinner, to become the Seventh Knot. Seeking for atonement in the heretical land, that is the harvest of the devil.[1]

———the innocent girl points, "Who is the next sacrifice?"[1]

Outer God[]

Main article: All-in-One, the One-in-All


Abigail is a blonde, blue-eyed 12 year old girl.[1]


As a follower of the Puritan sect, Abigail is an innocent girl who respects God and never fails to give her thanks through prayer. Sensitive and naive, she is merely a girl of her age.[1] Being as polite as a lady, she strives to be kind to anybody and everybody, whoever they may be. Normally, an intelligent girl full of emotions, one who is frequently surprised and is often smiling. Although it acts contrary to the belief of honourable poverty, she also holds a curiosity appropriate for her age where she shows a strong interest even in foreign topics, novels and theatre. She has acquired a habit where, in under unknown situations, she comes to a stop to level-headedly think of and decide on what to do. But still, it is easy for her to make mistakes as a result of her rashness and of her worrying too much when it concerns her friends and family.

Abigail’s favourite food is pancakes. Wheat is a valuable item in the settlement grounds, and modern pancakes are seen as a great treat to her due to that.

Abigail is not very good at dealing with dogs barking.

Gilles de Rais
Abigail wonders why he is kind when he comes to her.[2]
Thomas Edison
He taught her how Massachusetts became part of the United States of America, though in the end his story took six hours.[2]
Abigail is scared of Geronimo, but sees that he is a very earnest person so she'd like to talk with him eventually.[2]
Queen of Sheba
They frequently speak with one another. But when asked about King Solomon, she immediately dodges the question saying: “From this point on, I’ll be charging you”[2]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Subspecies Singularity IV: Salem[]

Abigail is a Pseudo-Servant created by Raum in his recreation of 1692 Salem, turning her into living Sliver Key to open doors across time and space to summon Sut-Typhon for his plan of saving humanity through pain.[3][4][5] Across the multiple recreations, Abigail was responsible for why each recreation deviated from recorded history. Her actions resulted in the deaths of her parents, which is when she met and adopted by Randolph Carter (Raum). When the fifth Salem was nearly depleted, her request for a friend resulted in the Whateleys being summoned. She suggested turning the dead into ghouls, including the real Tituba. She also summoned the the participants of the Salem Witch Trials.[5]

She followed Lavinia Whateley around, much to the later's annoyance. As she was curious about the outside world, Lavinia taught Abigail the Ritual of Descent with a fake grimoire.[3] Some time later, Tituba tells her of a rtiual after she begged her to.[6] Abigail later invites Lavinia to conduct the ritual with her and the other girls in the woods.[6]

Abigail is first seen by Ritsuka's party in the woods directing other girls in the ritual. The girls are attacked by a pack of wolves, but the group arrive to protect them. While Charles-Henri Sanson, Medea, Robin Hood and Nezha stay to slay the wolves, the girls are taken to safety by Ritsuka, Mash, and Mata Hari. Afterwards, Abigail introduces herself, and asks who the group are. Mash answers they are a troupe of traveling performers who got lost in the woods. Abigail then answers Ritsuka that the current date is April 21, 1692. Carter then arrives, and reprimands her for taking the other children out into the woods in the middle of the night. Abigail explains to him that the group are traveling performers. Carter invites them to stay his house in gratitude for saving his niece. He grounds Abigail for placing the other girls in danger.[6]

The next day, Abigail tries to bar Carter from punishing Tituba for teaching the girls the ritual. She says she begged Tituba to, and demands to be punished in her place. She runs off when Mata Hari convinces Carter to ease Tituba's punisment. Ritsuka and Mash eventually find her at the shore. They learn the albino girl from last night is her friend. Abigail invited her to the ritual last night, but she never saw her. Mash confesses they met her friend last night in the woods. The three then suddenly hear a gunshot from the wharf; Abigail thinks it's natives attacking. While Ritsuka leaves to see what the commotion is about, Abigail goes into a panic attack, saying everything outside Salem is pain and suffering.[6]

That evening following the troupe's play, Tituba is accused of witchcraft because a charm she made was found under the ailing Ann Putnam's bed. Abigail defends her by saying Ann took it without asking. Matthew Hopkins then arrives, saying he's been appointed Salem's head judge by order of the governor. He gives the Judge official documentation to confirm this. He then orders Tituba to be taken into custody for interrogation, with Carter accompanying. Ritsuka and Mash take Abigail home at his request.[6]

The next day, following his meeting with Hopkins, Carter takes Abigail with him to speak with the Reverend. Then that evening, they went to visit Tituba, only to learn she was already sent to the gallows. Abigail tries to get Tituba's body down, but the Judge says criminals are forbidden from being buried in the town graveyard. Carter however says the handling of her remains is for him and Abigail to decide. The Judge responds by saying it's sacrilege for criminals to be buried with the town's ancestors. After Tituba is buried, Abigail goes straight to her room once she and Carter are home. Later, she watched the group destroy the ghoul Tituba.[7]

The next day, Nezha tells Abigail that the troupe is performing another play today, promising it will be more fun than last night's. Abigail wishes to watch it with Lavinia, so Nezha promises to bring her. Before the play, Lavinia tells Abigail that Carter and Hopkin's constables kicked out of her home, so he could talk with her grandfather, Absalom Whateley. They then watch the play together, but they sneak out midway through to find Sanson.[8]

They arrive at the Whateley estate just as Absalom is being taken into custody for heresy. Abigail is confused why Carter is calling the Whateleys heretics. She is further confused when Absalom suspects Carter arrested him or what he did to his sister and her husband, having thought her parents were killed by natives. Absalom tells her that her anger is misplaced, saying he merely returned them to their proper forms.[8]

Abigail and Mash shop for food the next morning. As they bought a lot, Abigail asks the owner to carry it to the house for them. Afterwards, they're confronted when passing by the town hall. He said he was going to fetch a judge or reinforcements if that failed. Mash went with him, while Abigail ask around for Lavinia. However, nobody has seen her since she and Abigail went their seperate ways last night. Abigail then waits for the shop owner to bring the purchased items to the house. While waiting, she listened as the villagers blamed the troupe for the recent incidents. She calls them mistaken for claiming that God wants the same thing they do, but they don't really know what He wants. Ritsuka and Mash ask her where Mash is, to which she replies Mash went with Carter to the village outskirts. Later, she tells the troupe that Mata Hari has been accused of being a witch.[9]

At Mata Hari's trial, Abigail suspects Mash went to Boston with her uncle. She assures Ritsuka that Mash will return safely. She believes Mata Hari will be found innocent, as Thomas Osborner (her accuser) always makes a fuss out of everything. She then holds Ritsuka's hand as she noticed that Ritsuka is scared. Ritsuka then drops the pendant they picked up earlier that day. Abigail identifies it as her father's, so Ritsuka tries to give it to her. She refuses however, believing it came from outside of Salem since it was found on the forest edge. She soon tries to defend Mata Hari, saying being a performer doesn't make someone a sinner. A villager counters that letting consistent entertainment in these lives makes them vulnerable to the devil's temptations. He continues they can't put too much trust in themselves, saying they're nothing more than lambs. Abigail is sadden by his words, and questions where trust can be found if not in Salem. In the end, Mata Hari is sentenced to hang as witch.[9]

Abigail returns to her house following Mata Hari's execution. However, she finds it on fire when Nezha arrives, thinking she was Lavinia. She asks her if they can use the light of the fire to find Lavinia. She declares with her house gone, there's nothing to stop her from going wherever she wents. She and Nezha are then beset by ghouls.[9]

They flee into the forest, where Ritsuka, Robin, and Circe are. The ghouls followed them however, so the group get ready to fight when "Tituba" arrives to help. Abigail is shocked to see her alive, but "Tituba" tells Tituba is dead, so she is freed from that role. Ritsuka forms a temporary contract with her. After the ghouls are slain, she introduces herself as the Queen of Sheba. The group then enter a campsite protected by a bounded field, where they find Mash. Mata Hari is revealed to be alive, having drank the fake death medicine Circe gave her before her hanging. Mata Hari cushioned her neck, while Circe kept the blood flowing in her head. Circe also explains there is a will controlling the Witch Trials. If Mata Hari left without atoning for her sin or facing justice, it is assumed the others wouldn't have reunited with Mash.[9]

Mash reveals time in Salem is speeding up. It's impossible to tell in Salem, but it's obvious when observed from within the Bounded Field. This distortion in the time stream near Salem's perimeter is why Robin lost track of Mash and Carter. Sheba saved Mash from a pack of ghouls when she lost after getting separated from Carter. Circe theorizes Salem is displaced by connecting to another in a different time flow, so less energy is used. Mash tells Abigail the truth about her and the others. Abigail confesses she knew Lavinia was a mage. The Sheba reveals someone summoned her, but she became trapped in Salem and forced into the role of Tituba. After dying as Tituba, she became a ghoul that the others destroyed. She wouldn't have stayed materialized if Ritsuka didn't temporarily contract with her. Mash wonders if the one who summoned Sheba, and the one gave her the role of Tituba are different people. Sheba reveals she was manipulated into truly believing she was Tituba. Circe realizes communications with Chaldea were restored once Tituba died.[10]

Later Abigail wakes up from a nightmare where everyone was calling her a witch. She is concerned that everyone suspects Carter, finding it unbelievalbe that he'd abandon Mash. She then returns to Salem to see Lavinia, with Mash and Nezha.[10]

They first come to the wharf, and met Captain Alden. He told them that Lavinia was staying with him at the harbor inn, and said Lavinia went to stop by her home. They didn't find her there, so they went to the Gallows Hill, where they find Lavinia. Abigail tells what happened. Lavinia reveals Alden's real name is Marsh, and that he's a long-time family friends. She is delighted to know Abigail is homeless now like her, believing it serves her right. But she knows her house will be rebulit in no time, and she'll have no trouble finding refuge. Abigail assures her that she didn't tell the troupe their secret. Lavinia then tries to convince Abigail to leave Salem with her by Marsh's ship, but Abigail refuses. Abigail apologizes to Lavinia about her family being executed. Lavinia accepts her apology, even though she won't forgive her. Abigail asks her if they'll remain friends, but Lavinia says they were never friends. Abigail refuses to listen, saying they're still friends. After hugging her, Abigail and Lavinia go their seperate ways.[10]

The next day, at the vacant house where the group are staying now by Carter's invitation, Abigail begins speaking R'lyehian in her sleep. Raum watches over her, and declares there is one left until the ultimate gate is opened.

Later in the forest, Abigail sacrifices a rabbit for the spell Lavinia taught her. She prays to God to take anywhere but Salem if He cannot relieve its suffering. She is then found by Sanson and Hopkins and his men. She then offers his life as a sacrifice for the ritual Abigail was trying to conduct. However his life isn't enough, so she decides to let Hopkins' men kill her. She confesses she taught Abigail the ritual, the Ritual of Descent. However, Sanson knocks the soldiers out, and tells Lavinia to run away. He also takes the blame for Hopkin's murder, telling the group so when they arrive. The group then return to the house with Abigail as she come down with a fever.[11]

That night, Ritsuka and Mash tell Abigail about Chaldea while she's in bed. The next moring, which is occupied by a blackened sky, Abigail is told Mash she needs to remain in bed since her fever isn't gone yet. Abigail asks Mash to find Lavinia, and ensure she gets on her ship. She then falls asleep, holding Mash to her promise that she will.[3]

She is later arrives at Sanson's trial to try and stop it. She is too late though since Sanson was already given a guilty verdict. Carter convinces the judge to ignore her. After Sanson is hanged, Abigail confesses she conducted dark rituals in the woods that she directed the other girls in. Nezha protects her from the villagers's stoning. However, Abigail suddenly transforms into a true witch, forcing the group to stop her. She returns to normal and falls unconscious. She, Circe, and Ritsuka are then taken into custody. Mash ensures Abigail is kept in Hopkin's mansion instead of prison.[3]

The next morning, Ritsuka and Circe's trial begins. There also non-hostile ghouls there, and the villagers aren't bothered. Abigail tries to defend Ritsuka by pointing out that she is a known witch. Carter stops her though, and convinces the judge to let him lead the proceedings. Throughout he details how Abigail's actions turned Salem into what it is now, addressing them as her sins. He admits he inadvertently allowed Chaldea to enter the second Salem when SHEBA detected him and alerted Chadea. It then overloaded the Fate System and used itself as catalyst to summon Sheba into Salem. By that point, the Singularity consumed the magical energy of 50,000 people within, and it was proceeding at 105,000 times normal speed. Sheba slowed down it, but it exhausted her and reduced her powers. Lavinia soon enters and splashes Carter with the Powder of Ibn-Ghazi, designed to make spirits materialize, turning his head into that of a raven. This disables the town hall's bounded field, allowing Sheba to enter in her true form. The villagers then turn into ghouls, having been so the entire time. Abigail transforms upon seeing Sheba. Raum addreses Abigail's fourth sin, summoning the participants of the Salem Witch Trials. The group hold Abigail off when Lavinia reveals Sut-Typhon is about to descend. Raum addresses Abigail's fifth sin, placing trust in others that removed any distinction between good and evil. He then transforms into his true self. Due to Sut-Typhon's impending descension, Salem's Bounded Field rapidly dissipates, and magical energy is being rapidly consumed across the continent, primarily in heavily populated areas. The group then fight and defeat Raum.[5]

Raum transforms back into his raven-headed Carter self. His head tears itself off, transforming into a full raven. He mortally wounds Lavinia, and Robin fatally shoots him. He warns dimensional gates are already open everywhere. Abigail then crushes him under her heel. With the last of her humanity gone, she is now possessed by Sut-Typhon. She declares she will bring eternal pain to everyone to redeem them. She realizes though she can't breakthrough the Bounded Fields yet. She states she cannot leave Salem due to her sins, so she'll make everywhere part of Salem. The group fight her to stop her plan to connect everyone to each other and her so she can bring eternal pain to them. Abigail then breaks through the bounded fields that were keeping her from the rest of the world, effectively giving her an unlimited source of magical energy. Sheba realizes Abigail isn't using the gates to their fullest potential, as she isn't tfully fused with Sut-Typhon. She and Circe then create a barrier inside the town hall, dispelling the spell that weakened the group. With their full power restored, they fight Abigail again. After she is defeated, Abigail is disconnected from Sut-Typhon. She reaffirms with Lavinia that they were always friend before the latter dies.[5]

The next day, the group help Abigail bury Lavinia. Salem's Bounded Field is also dissipating. Mata Hari deduces Raum used Abigail as the core of his fake Salem. Sheba reveals the people of modern Salem are weakened, but they'll return to normal once they cross the Mist. Circe reveals Abigail will vanish once the fake Salem does. Carter then appears, though he introduces himself as the "Gentleman Who Travels Through Time and Space". He explains that while he was dealing with another threat through his sleep, Raum possessed body. He assumes it was done to ensure no one could infiltrate Salem due his deep connection to the land. He then reveals he came to Salem because of Abigail. The fake Salem then begins to crumble, so the group head to the town center where they'll have more time. There the Gentleman tells Abigail about her powers. He offers to seal her powers away, erase some of her memories, and take her to any period she desires. He also offers to let her come with him, and travel across space and time. After much consideration, Abigail chooses to travel with him. She thanks the group for their kindness before leaving with the Gentleman.[4]

Later, she confronts Sanson in a unknown space. She tells him that he can either return to the Throne, or even restart with a clean slate. She'll open the gate for whatever chose he makes. Sanson asserts he doesn't need to go back, believing he did what he set out to. Abigail responds that he already has the key to the gate he needs to open in that case.[4]


A Dream of a Thousand Stars and One Hundred Nights[]

The Abigail of "that Salem" uses the alignment of the stars to connect with the Abigail of Chaldea. Having foreseen Ritsuka's journey into Imaginary Number Space, where even she would not be able to reach, Abigail attempts to take Ritsuka away, only to be stopped by Geronimo and Nezha.

Ritsuka later finds her in the room of Abigail of Chaldea, bringing an offering of pancakes to console her. In tears, Abigail admits that she misses Lavinia greatly, prompting Ritsuka to share that there is also someone they miss. The conceptual entities of the Sanson who died in Salem and Lavinia watch over them as they cry themselves to sleep, briefly meeting the Gentleman as he emerges to collect Abigail.


Despite Abigail possessing a high aptitude as a witch, she doesn't fit the description of an Anti-Hero. Raum claims she's better suited as a medium, and although Lavinia Whateley had that rare talent as well, Abigail is leaps and bounds beyond her.[12] Abigail is a living Silver Key, meaning she can open gates between space and time, and travel between them.[13] Raum used her to summon Sut-Typhon, an Outer God capable of controlling the evil tree Qliphoth, which opens a “gate” that leads to an alien world that is incompatible with humanity.[1]

When Abigail first released her Spirit Origin in the Salem Singularity, Ritsuka Fujimaru claimed that her Magical Energy was off the charts. Right after, Circe said that Abigail is a real witch, and that she would have to give her a lesson of "true witchcraft". However, despite Fujimaru ordering Robin Hood, Nezha, and Circe to keep their attacks down a few notches to avoid hurting Abigail they were able to overpower her nonetheless.[12] In this form, Abigail can easily block Robin's arrows, and Nezha claims bolts cannot reach her, to which he agrees.[14]

In Abigail's true Outer form, her power surpasses that of a Demon God by becoming a FALSE god, in every sense of the word. However, she's still a Servant, and the only difference between her and the other servants aiding Ritsuka is that she had all of Salem's incredible and unlimited magical energy at her disposal. Although in this form the Outer God seems to have gained complete control over her, she's still not using the gates at their full potential due to her not having completely fused with it yet. Without holding back, she's able to destroy the barriers that had been set upon her, however, she seems to be unable to punch through the one created by the Queen of Sheba. As such, taking advantage of Abigail's limitations, Queen of Sheba and Circe decide to seal off her gates from the inside. Once their combined barrier gets rid of the spell that had been weakening the servants of Chaldea, they defeat her. Circe claims Abigail is nothing compared to Hecate, the Greek goddess of witchcraft and necromancy.[14]

It was initially believed that Abigail would fade from existence along with the Salem Singularity, but as the Cosmic-Travelling Gentleman explains, her nature as a living Silver Key allows her to ignore this. As a Pseudo-Servant with a fragment of Sut-Typhon within her, Abigail's direct connection to her Outer God provides both the anchor and the mana she needs to continue living as a Servant. So long as she doesn't give into Sut-Typhon, Abigail as she is now can persist indefinitely—a true Stray Servant, having none of their usual limitations. Preserving this miracle was part of the the reason why the Gentleman sought Abigail out. Even when the Chaldean Servant version of Abigail is summoned, the original from the Salem Singularity lives on with no issues, happily journeying through space and time with the Gentleman. Should the stars come into a proper alignment, Salem Abigail can even connect with Chaldea Abigail through her dreams.


Abigail primarily attacks by summoning otherworldly tentacle tendrils from portals, using them to hit her opponents. In her first Ascension, the tentacles take a translucent white colour; While in her second and third ascensions, they take a physical shape with a more eldritch form to them. In her second and third ascension, she can fire multiple laser beams from the tentacles. In her first ascension, Abigail hits opponents with her teddy bear named Hugo. She has another teddy bear named Migo that she gave to Lavinia as a sign of friendship, and her second and third ascensions have her use both of them to attack enemies.

She also shoots a beam out of the keyhole in her head for one of her Arts attacks in her first ascension, and also does so for the second and third ascensions. In her second and third ascensions, Abigail wields two giant black keys as weapons; usually she just turns them like keys to open gates for her other attacks. She can also conjure a swarm of butterflies from otherworldly portals to attack.

Class Skills[]

  • Existence Outside the Domain (EX Rank): Denotes a being that descended from the void of outer space. Possessed by an evil god, Abigail houses a portent of the god’s Authority within herself and wields it.[1]
  • Insanity (B Rank): Anxiety and fear. Deviations from harmony and providence. Heterogeneous thinking that exerts an influence even on the worldviews within the mentality of the people in one’s surroundings.[1]
  • Divinity (B Rank): Having become the “Gate” for a higher-order existence lurking in outer space, Abigail is tinged with a strong divinity. An immeasurable threat that can even rewrite the image of the world. But as compensation, that Insanity cannot be removed.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Loss of Sanity (B Rank): The Insanity exuded by the evil god dwelling within the girl can very easily break down the fragile common sense and moral sense of humans.[1]
  • Witch Trial (A+ Rank): A person in question is made to draw out, from others, impulses of suspicion and jealousy towards themselves without intending to do so even once, giving rise to a chain of misfortune; a threat born because of their sincerity.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Abigail's Noble Phantasm is Qliphoth Rhizome.[1]

Forms and Alternate Versions[]


Dreams are true. Hatching from the swaying sword If it becomes a cage of truth that embraces and nurtures a hump. I'm a dreamy Adeptus, A servant of God the Father.

At the end of the 17th century. In the Massachusetts that was under British rule. There, a 12-year-old Puritan girl, Abigail Williams was the central figure of the gruesome incident known as the "Salem Witch Trials" where a large number of villagers were accused and hanged.

Abigail, who was summoned as a Servant, due to several factors overlapping, established a connection with an evil god from outer space────"The All-in-One and One-in-All" whose existence was yet to be proven in our universe.

The young girl wields the mighty power of Those Who Descend (Foreigners) as the "Gate of Dreams", the faithful vessel of an Outer God.

The modest wish such a girl conceals within her heart is to spend a quiet and graceful Summer holiday with the Master...

"...That's what a vacation is like, no? It would surely be something unavoidable if the hidden desires that have piled up day after day were to overflow..."

Those who crawl out from outer space──── Those Who Descend (Foreigners) are heretical and foreign to the Holy Grail War.

They say those who are blessed are obligated to wield their power for the sake of the world. However, the young girl does not agree. You can only see the madness in those who proclaim that this is just.

They also say that it is the duty of the knowledgeable to follow the road to revelation. However, the young girl does not believe in that. Instead of the wisdom slumbering the graveyard, there is more worth in the zeal of the visitor banging on the gate.

They say a king is among many people yet they are in solitude. Even so, the young girl does not wish for such a thing. She wishes to become the resort for a heart that refuses peace and repose.

The have-nots. Those without knowledge. Those who can not come in contact with others. She wants to guide the visitors hesitating at the boundary of the world that is divided like a beach ravaged by the waves.

Those Who Descend are heretical and foreign. Even these threats will spin the future that is interwoven with the people.


Although, in essence, her Saint Graph and personality are one and the same, based on her ascension, her character and preferences differ in a complex and diverse manner.

First Ascension:

If we were to liken her ascensions to three sisters, this ascension would be the eldest sister. Contrary to her terrifying appearance, she treats the Master with a magnanimous attitude. Sometimes she would also maturely relent when she needs to, so, unexpectedly, she might be someone with common sense??

Second Ascension:

In terms of the three sisters analogy, she would be the middle sister. With an earnest personality, she is the closest to the Puritan girl that is Abigail. She's brimming with curiosity and quite hardworking. She's also meticulous and reliable.

Third Ascension:

In terms of the three sisters analogy, she would be the youngest sister. One with a somewhat childish innocence. Consequently, that purity is adjoined with madness. A new face that Abigail hasn't shown before. A boon due to the magic of Summer.

The name of the black cat she takes along is "Nosh". The grey cat is "Luthar". When they are out of Abigail's sight, they are always getting along well with each other as they try to kill one another.


Class Skills

  • Insanity (Rank B+): No information available.
  • Divinity (Rank B+): No information available.

Personal Skills

  • Slumber of Roses (Rank B): A deep slumber that leads to the mystical depths of the land of dreams. The aroma of the fragrant roses and the waves of intense heat release the spirit from matter.
  • Loss of Sanity (Rank B+): The urge for madness and release that exerts its influence on the defenseless spirit that's lost in a dream. However, this can cause more than just harm. It can also turn into an opportunity to discover one's true self.
  • One Who Guides (Rank A): The servant of an Outer God who safeguards the final gate. It guides the holder of the Silver Key and gives them their final trial.

Noble Phantasm

Abigail's Noble Phantasm is Dreamlands.



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Ernest Gravehill
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