Abyssus Draconis: Thou Shalt a Serpent Become (汝は竜なり
, Nanji wa Ryū Nari
Avisusu Dorakōnisu
?) is an ability possessed by Saint George where he first establishes whether the target is good or evil, before temporarily transfiguring the target into a draconian being.[2] In function, it appears to be associated with his red cross-emblazoned surcoat (St. George's Cross) or his paludamentum (the mantle and overcoat attached over his armor), but these are just a focus. The phenomenon is initiated through his unshakable faith, and the surcoat nor the paludamentum can be used to independently activate it as a Noble Phantasm.[1]

This Noble Phantasm was not used in Fate/Grand Order but the ability was granted to Ascalon.[1]


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