Admirable Great Tactics

Admirable Great Tactics

Admirable Great Tactics (アドミラブル大戦略, Adomiraburu Dai Senryaku?) is a popular series of war video games. Set during World War II, the players control the Axis powers to combat the Allied powers. It is described as a "super popular" series that has an intensely dedicated small fanbase.



Admirable Great Tactics IV

  • Admirable Great Tactics IV: The Melancholy of Dr. Porsche (アドミラブル大戦略IV: ポルシェ博士の憂鬱, Adomiraburu Dai Senryaku IV: Porushe-hakase no Yūutsu?) adds more nations, stages, and maps to the game compared to previous editions due to the third installment reaching the limits of complexity and difficulty for the game systems. The inclusion of new units like the Focke-Wulf Triebflügel, the V-3 cannon, and "a clone of the Führer himself" makes the game "surpass the realm of war games and become a "chaotic melting pot that defies description"[1]


  • Shirt - Sold within the advertisement section of the magazine "World Military Monthly", it is a white T-shirt featuring the logo of the series printed over a world map on the front of the shirt.


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