Ado Edem (アド・エデム, Ado Edemu?) is the strongest of the Ether Liners, enhanced humans that create Knight Arms from their own bones. He originally didn't stand out within the war with the A-Rays, but became a prominent key figure and a trump card once the Aristoteles appeared and sliced Type Jupiter in a single strike. His whereabouts after the Type Saturn destruction are unknown.



Slash Emperor and its growth process

Edem's Knight Arm is a sword known as Slash Emperor (斬撃皇帝, Zangeki Kōtei?), "that which consumes planets"[1], which increases its own length to match the size of the target. The sword takes an unimaginable amount of True Ether in order to take form, which requires a massive convertible energy source. It uses the Earth itself in order to increase its size, and as it gets larger, the more of the Earth is simultaneously chipped away. Similarly to the old world, wherein the land was turned into particles to gain resources, Slash Emperor can be called the embodiment of human nature in that it destroys the world to protect humanity. It stays in a compact seed state while not in use, and once Edem awakens it by striking it into the Earth, it can be expanded and reinforced at the speed of his thoughts. While it seems to be emitting a blue aura, in actuality, it is showing the real blue sky by ripping apart the blood sky in order to show the barren world a glimpse of the "Truth." The glimpse of the "Truth" is supposedly very similar to the nature of Ea.

The sword is capable of slashing through Type Jupiter, an Aristoteles without a normal concept of death, in a single blow, and it later allows him to destroy Type Saturn. At one point, he was imprisoned in the Witch Swift Umbrella (魔女の大傘ウィッチ・スフィフト・アンブレラ, Majo no Dai KasaUitchi Sufifuto Anburera?), a disposal yard made in the Great Rift, due the A-Rays, Liners, and Knights believing his ability is too powerful and only was released to get his help in the fight against Type Saturn. The prison is described as a castle with many impenetrable doors and a single throne deep inside where a prisoner is bound by a thousand chains that connect to the ceiling and walls like spiderwebs. Nasu later used this as a basis for the design of Millennium Castle Brunestud.


  1. "星" in 星を食うもの (Hoshi o Kuumono) is usually translated as "star", but it merely carries the connotation of "celestial body". In Notes this is related to Aristoteles, who are "ultimate beings of their celestial bodies" i.e. planets.