Ado Edem (アド・エデム, Ado Edemu?) is an Ether Liner in the Land of Steel of Notes.



Ado Edem was one of the seventy eight Ether Liners fighting during the Great War against the A-Rays. He did not stand out much during the battles with the A-rays, but he rose to prominence with the arrive of the Aristoteles.[1] Seven years before the events of Notes, Type Jupiter, several dozens of kilometers in size, ravaged the Western Continent, wiping out all their forces without a scratch. Ado Edem was dispatched with a team of Knights to face it, and it was sliced by Ado Edem's Knight Arm Slash Emperor with a single blow after a fierce battle. The artificial sun within Type Jupiter went berserk after being slashed, burning the whole of the continent.[2]

Due to seeing the power of Ado Edem's Knight Arm as too great, the A-Rays, Liners, and many of the Ether Liners united to imprison him in the Witch Swift Umbrella inside the Great Rift. As the war with the Aristoteles was approaching its end, he was released as the trump card of humanity. At some point after Type Saturn's assault of the city situated on top of Type Venus that resulted in the death of Gun God, Ado Edem managed to destroy it, triggering the final battle. His fate afterwards was unknown.[1]




Ado Edem is first described in the description of Type Jupiter in Notes. He was later given more detail and an illustration Character material.


Slash Emperor and its growth process

Ado Edem makes use of the Knight Arm Slash Emperor (斬撃皇帝, Zangeki Kōtei?), the sword that consumes planets (星を食うもの?). It is described as a "simple Knight Arm" that is able to grow according to the size of its opponent. It was not particularly notable against the A-Rays, only showing its real worth upon the arrival of the Aristoteles that are kilometers in size. While at rest, it is in a seed like state growing out of his right palm. He awakens it by driving it into the ground, and it begins to grow like a plant at the speed of his own thoughts. It makes use of large quantities of Grain to manifest itself, so it needs an enormous energy source from which to convert it.[1]

Slash Emperor, as it grows larger, chips away at the very earth for its energy. Its method of eroding the earth can be compared to the ways of the old world, which makes Slash Emperor something that can be called the "embodiment of human nature." It is something that "destroys the world in order to protect humans." When it is large enough in its battle state, it seems to give off a blue "aura-like" part, but it is not the Grain released by the blade. It is actually Slash Emperor splitting apart the Blood Sky, the blood of Type Pluto covering the planet, of the Land of Steel and displaying its true state. This act is the "dignity of Slash Emperor." The sword is able to cleave the Aristoteles in a single slash despite nothing else in the world aside from Black Barrel being able to harm them.[1]


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    An Aristoteles that appeared in the western continent.
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    It was actually a group of black photon gas, and theoretically its size can expand infinitely. It carries a unknown core in its center that can only be described as an artificial sun, and the gases are emitted from this object.
    Of the 8 Aristoteles, it eliminated the most living things. The western continent went on an all out battle, and it wiped them out without a scar. ... Although there's probably no such thing as a scar to this Aristoteles.
    After this incident, a team of Knights were sent to the western continent. After a fierce battle, it was sliced into half by the demonic sword of Knight Edem, the Slash Emperor. The chopped artificial sun went berserk and burned the whole western continent.