Innate characteristics of a being can allow for another to have an innate advantage over them.

Dead ApostlesEdit

Dead Apostles and other vampires are weak against sunlight and holy symbols. Executors of the Church, holy sacraments, and other holy weapons are conceptually strong against them.[1] Compared to a multitude of human-wielded Noble Phantasms that pose no harm to one, one executor poses a great threat to a regular Dead Apostle.[2]

As an organization, The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors are weak against the forces of the Church, while strong against the Mage's Association due to being similar in nature as longer-lived magi. The Association in turn has an advantage over the Church in terms of manpower.[3]


Those who possess a dragon attribute will find it difficult to compete with existences associated with "dragon extermination", "dragon-slaying magecraft", and weapons created to slay dragons.[4][5]

Heroic SpiritsEdit

Heroic Spirits often possess fatal weaknesses to what killed them in life, from general things like poison and arrows, specific weaknesses held on their person, and the very weapon that struck them down.[5] Gilgamesh, who possesses the means to exploit the weaknesses of all such heroes, will possess a great advantage over them.[6]


Those who possess a "monster" attribute will find it difficult to compete with existences associated with monster extermination.[7]

Noble PhantasmsEdit

Noble Phantasms are wielded by Heroic Spirits who "validate human history", while Dead Apostles "deny human history." Dead Apostles can "deny" the power of Noble Phantasms made by man or those the gods prepared for man, rendering them useless. Such a compatibility advantage comes only against humans wielding such weapons, so Heroic Spirits wielding the same Noble Phantasms and Noble Phantasms made by the gods for the gods will work against them.[2]


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