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« Behold my glory... Hear the thunderous applause... Sit down and praise... My Golden Theater! Kingdom of Heaven and Hell... My heaven, reconstructed! This is where the limelight shines! »

(Saber, Fate/EXTRA)

Aestus Domus Aurea: Invitation to the Golden Debauchery Theater (招き蕩う黄金劇場
, Maneki Ugou Ōgon Gekijō
Aesutusu Domusu Aurea
?, localized as Golden Theater of the Deranged) is the Domus Aurea, the theater designed by Nero and constructed in Rome during her lifetime, given form and reproduced through magical energy with a method extremely similar to that used by Reality Marbles.[1][4] It is different from a Reality Marble, which covered the current World with a different World. The Golden Theater could persist for long periods because it was built on top of the current World.[5] Rather than being a materialization of her inner world, it is High-Thaumaturgy that only Nero can perform, who believes without a doubt that before her status as an emperor, she is "an artist who rivals Apollo" and "a chariot driver that rivals Sol". It is an "Absolute Imperial Zone" which allows the owner to achieve their aspirations.[1][4]

This Noble Phantasm represents the explosion of her bothersome artistic talent. Its precise name was Aestus Estus Domus Aurea. In Latin, Aestus Estus meant "passion" and "heat", while Domus Aurea was the name of the theater that was constructed. It is a theater based on the palace Nero had built after her original one was burned to the ground. It was also a grand villa built upon the ruins of the homes of the aristocracy that once covered the famed Esquiline Hill. It was the manifestation of the tale of Nero declaring "Heed my song!" and locking everyone in the theater to listen to her singing.

It created a Golden Theater in which everything was advantageous to Nero, and made it into a battlefield. While deployed, enemies trapped are weakened and buildings can be customized by changing its shapes and functions. Putting it simply, she can ignore the building process and project the buildings instead, in which she can then invoke her own rules. When the Golden Theater activates, Nero's sword would be shrouded in flames like that of Mount Vesuvius, causing an inferno, and rose petals would dance in the air. It seemed that there was the Silver Workshop for Saber's artistic endeavors, and the "Blazing Kitchen" for cooking competitions. Such was the will of Her Majesty.[3][4][5]

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« Behold my talent! Listen to the thunderous applause! Here is the honor of the Imperium! Like a blooming flower... Opening! The Golden Theater!!"
"I shall offer this gift to a full moon... Dancing scatters the flowers, and cleaves open a star! Behold the supreme beauty... and praise it! Aestus Domus Aurea!! »

(Saber, Fate/EXTRA CCC)
  • Nero enjoying her theater
  • Nero singing

When the theater was first opened for business, many of the spectators left midway through the performance, causing an outraged Nero to blockade all doorways once the second performance began and not let even one person leave until the curtains of the stage were down.[1][4] As a result, escape - without Nero's permission or cessation of the Phantasm - is virtually impossible.

In the game, the ability causes Saber's attacks to ignore the opponent's defense, and the opponents are made progressively weaker over time.


Nuptiae Domus AureaEdit

Nupitae Domus Aurea (ヌプティアエ・ドムス・アウレア, Nuputiae Domusu Aurea?) is the marriage version of Aestus Domus Aurea utilized by Nero Claudius as Saber Bride. She has made a wedding ceremony for the Absolute Imperial Zone to achieve her aspirations.[6]

Charitas Domus AuroraEdit

Charitas Domus Aurora: Auroral Theater of the Delirium (掲げ蕩う極光劇場
, Kakage Torou Kyokkō Gekijō
Charitasu Domusu Aurōra
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Saber Venus. Nero first materializes Aestus Domus Aurea to entrap the target while preparing to attack with the Photon Ray sword she obtained from Altera by summoning an array of magic circles. She then makes a powerful strike that unleashes a pillar of light through the array of magic circles similar to Teardrop Photon Ray to destroy the target. It is powerful enough to even overcome the Velber Ark's multidimensional defenses set up by Archimedes.[7]

In game, this Noble Phantasm is only used during a cutscene, being unusable during gameplay.

Lauda Lentum Domus IllustriusEdit

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« Olympia Plaudere! Raise the stage of the festival!"
"The theatre rises from within the sea------Extravagant! Magnificent! And elegant!! Gaze upon it! This is the Illustrius, Praised in Song! That is, my Golden Theatre!! »


Lauda Lentum Domus Illustrius: Golden Threatre Praised in Song (誉れ歌う黄金劇場
, Homare Utau Kogane Gekijō
Raudarentoumu Domusu Irusuteriasu
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Nero Claudius in her swimsuit.

You thought that the additions to the Golden Theatre were wind instruments, but all the pipe organs are cannons. No matter how creative the task was, whether its designer was sane or not, pipe organs are cannon-like anyway. Such complicated circumstances are what led to the creation of this opera fortress.[8]

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« Are you ready? I will no longer stop!"
"Enjoy, this is the finest Aurora! Fufufu, what is that? A beauty!? Rome!? It’s me of course♪"
"Lauda Lentum Domus Illustrius!! »


For Nero who had acquired the Saint Graph as a "Singing One", this is the display of her full talents. The Golden Theatre is not restricted to its interior, it has become an outdoor stage to face its surroundings and allows Nero to bring across her singing voice.[8]


Laus Saint ClaudiusEdit

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« Open the gate! The curtain to the solo stage draws!"
"Behold my talent! Listen to the thunderous applause! Praise it! The Golden Theater!"
"Laus Saint Claudius!! »

(Saber, Fate/Grand Order)
Laus Saint Claudius: Imperium of the Maiden's Flowery Words (童女謳う華の帝政
, Dōjo Utau Hana no Teisei
Rausu Sento Kuraudiusu
?, localized as "Blossom of the Court") is a sword skill used by Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus in Aestus Domus Aurea, where she dashes forward and performs a slash that seems to create an effect of petals flowing with it, thus following her theme of flowers. It is registered as a Noble Phantasm within the Fate/Grand Order setting.[3]

Fax CaelestisEdit

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« Clear the way! The emperor makes her passage!"
"Sunlight of spring. Dancing of flowers. The fragrant winds of June brush against your cheeks, Blessing beyond the stars. Open, Nuptiae Domus Aurea!"
"Sing, Fax Caelestis! »

(Saber Bride, Fate/Grand Order)
Fax Caelestis: Closing Rose That Fames Stars (星馳せる終幕の薔薇
, Hoshi Haseru Shūmaku no Bara
Fakkusu Kaeresutisu
?) is a sword skill used by Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus in Aestus Domus Aurea. As she swings her sword in a circular motion, it gradually engulfs in flames. She then charges towards the enemy and a fire will burst out from the wound. It inflicts physical damage and burn status to the enemy. It is utilized as an attack skill within the Fate/EXTRA CCC setting.

It is registered as a Noble Phantasm within the Fate/Grand Order setting while she is in her Bride form, used in Nupitae Domus Aurea instead of Aestus Domus Aurea. While it is a skill derived from Aestus Domus Aurea and more of a sword art, she proclaims such flashy and beautiful move coupled with the overwhelming presence of her wedding dress can only be a Noble Phantasm.[9]


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