The Agartha Singularity is Subspecies Singularity II (亜種特異点 II, Ashu Tokuiten II?, localized as "Subspecies Singularity II") of the Remnant Order dealing with the aftermath of the Human Order Incineration Incident in Fate/Grand Order. It occurred in Central Asia in A.D. 2000.

The events of Chaldea's visit to this Singularity are covered in the second chapter of Epic of Remnant; The Mythical Subterranean Society: Agartha (伝承地底世界 アガルタ, Denshō Chitei Sekai?, localized as "Subterranean World of Folkore: Agartha"), alternatively The Woman of Agartha (アガルタの女, Agaruta no Onna?).

Setting[edit | edit source]

FGO Agartha.png

After escaping the Time Temple, Phenex summoned Scheherazade, and sympathized with her fear of death. Together they conspired to reduce the world's Mystery to render the Servant Summoning System and other related existences obsolete.[1] Phenex empowered Scheherazade's Noble Phantasm, Alf Layla wa-Layla, to make the stories she created real.[2] Using her newly enhanced Noble Phantasm, she created the Singularity by blending several stories together (Ys, The Peach Blossom Spring, Nightless City, El Dorado, and the Dragon Palace) in a underground space, as ordered by Phenex. Afterwards she was ordered to summon Heroic Spirits into the Singularity, either summoning them herself, or taking them from Chaldea. In order to increase fictional nature of the Singularity, she placed the Servants she summoned as the rulers of cities they had no connection to in life. Penthesilea was made to rule El Dorado while Wu Zetian was made to rule the Nightless City. The exception to this rule was Dahut, whose existence is akin to a Phantom prevented Scheherazade from summoning her as Servant, so she altered Francis Drake's Saint Graph to play the role.[2] Scheherazade also unconsciously made the entire population female due to her fear of men.[1] While the means of their reproduction is akin to asexual reproduction, the women still needed men to reproduce, so they kidnapped them from the surface.[3]

After Scheherazade summoned these Heroic Spirits, Phenex ordered her to incite conflict. As a base for this conflict, she summoned Christopher Columbus with amnesia.[1] While he had no memories, Columbus still followed his dream of becoming rich through slave trading, and sought to conquer Agartha to sell its female population. Needing a hideout, he eventually found the Peach Blossom Spring. There he met and presumably murdered Helena Blavatsky. After establishing the spring as his hideout, Columbus began recruiting men to use as soldiers in his conquest under the pretense of forming a resistance to free the men from the women of Agartha, and return them to their families on the surface.[4] In order to create more chaos, Scheherazade altered Heracles's Saint Graph to make him into the more monstrous and ever-rampaging Megalos. She also intended to summon Fergus mac Róich as a teenager, believing his increased lust at that age would cause more chaos, but he ended up as a young boy whose anxious around women.[2] The impending conflict between the Servants would eventually form a vortex of magical energy, and the enclosed nature of Agartha would trap the souls of the vanquished Servants. Agartha would then exploit the energy generated by the souls as they try to return to the Throne. Eventually the energy would be used to make the fictional nature of the Singularity into reality. Once this is achieved it would be used to destroy a real city to damage human understanding to destroy the concept of Mystery, thereby rendering all existences related to it obsolete. Phenex believed doing this would eventually result in humanity's destruction.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Ritsuka learns of the discovery of another Singularity created by one of the four Demon God survivors. Leonardo da Vinci decides to call the operation to destroy the Demon God survivors and their Singularities, Remnant Order. She explains the Singularity is located in Central Asia in 2000 AD. Strangely though, its coordinates are a deep underground hollow the size of a country. Ritsuka is then rayshifted to the Singularity.[5]


Ritsuka arrives in the Singularity to find it lush and hospitable despite being underground. Da Vinci theorizes the subterranean space is its own independent world, as it doesn’t accurately adhere to the laws of physics. She then names it Agartha after the subterranean kingdom of the same name from occult myth. Mash reveals several Chaldean Servants went missing when Agartha was discovered. Those missing are Helena Blavatsky, Heracles, Fergus mac Róich, and Francis Drake. Astolfo and Fou then suddenly appear, having been secretly stowed away with Ritsuka with the help of Jingle Abel Meuniere. Chevalier d’Eon then appears, having also stowed away with Ritsuka with Meuniere’s help. Wild beasts then attack the group. After the beasts are slain, Ritsuka observes the topography has features and environ not expected to be in a single landmass. D’Eon says they should search for the Demon God, but Mash reveals its signal became muddled after Ritsuka arrived. Da Vinci explains the overall readings of Agartha are oddly blurred and unexplained, like the result of the topographical scans. The data collected on Agartha changes sometimes to different values with no continuity. However, the continuity is stable where Ritsuka is, and the results are more accurate the closer they are to the observation target. Da Vinci then detects artificial structures nearby, so the group prepare to investigate. However, they’re forced to kill the Demon Boars that Astolfo ended up attracting first. They then follow the boars’ tracks to find a boy on the ground. He introduces himself as Fergus.[6] He manifested as a child though, with even his memories being those of his childhood.[7]

The group discovers a nearby campsite, where they’re beset by Amazons. After defeating the Amazons, D’Eon notices wagon tracks leading away from the camp and down the road. The group then follows the tracks to see where they go.[7]

The group arrive in a town where they see Amazons keeping men as slaves. This makes everyone realize why the Amazons attacked them at the campsite when they saw Fergus. D’Eon suggests they leave before anyone notices when they’re discovered. They defeat the Amazons when their queen arrives. She attacks the group with other Amazons. During the fight, Mash reveals the Amazon queen is a Berserker. Berserker decides to take the group as slaves. She prepares to capture them when an Amazon reports a certain man has appeared in the nearby town. This news sends Berserker into a rage, and she rushes off to kill him. Half of the Amazons go with her, while the rest try to capture the group. As they continue fighting, a man leading a group of other men, who are identified as the Resistance, arrives to help. After the Amazons are defeated, the Resistance free the enslave men. The Resistance leader reveals Agartha is under an oppressive matriarchy, and claims the Resistance fights against it. He introduces himself as Rider. He has no memories of his life though, so he can’t use his Noble Phantasm.[8]

The Resistance hideout

The group arrives in the Resistance hideout in the Peach Blossom Spring. As they observe that the men all wear clothes from different era, Rider explains the men found themselves in Agartha after a hole appeared beneath them. Da Vinci assumes it’s a trap meant to teleport men to Agartha. Rider states the Amazons suddenly appeared in Agartha for some reason. The group then learn of an attack on the hideout by monsters. After the monsters are slain, Rider reveals there are three warring cities each ruled by a Servant. The three cities fight for control of Agartha, with borders changing daily. One of the three cities is El Dorado in the jungle, ruled by Berserker. Another city is the Nightless City, a fortress city perpetually lit by lanterns, ruled by a fearsome empress Servant. The last major city is the City of Water on the bank of the lake to the east. Da Vinci suggests the Demon God assimilated with one of the ruling Servants that serve as the Singularity’s core. The group join with the Resistance since their goals align. After slaying monsters attacking the peach trees, the group relax while Mash and Da Vinci analyze the new info. Later, Rider declares the City of Water is the Resistance’s next target. There is also a Resistance resupply camp on the edge of the city’s territory. Rider reveals the city is called Ys.[3]

As the group head for the camp, Rider explains all of Agartha’s rivers flow into the lake Ys is located, and the people of Ys sail these rivers to attack and plunder their enemies. The Resistance is targeting Ys to stop these attacks and take control of the rivers. The group eventually reaches the camp to find it under attack by pirates. After killing the pirates, Rider has the survivors and relief group to take care of the camp. Meanwhile, the group will sneak into Ys and kill the Pirate Princess, who Ritsuka and Mash expect to be Drake.[9]


After sneaking into Ys, the group finds it to be both filthy and violent. The group eventually notices pirates abusing men at a tavern. They defeat the pirates, but a previously absent one alerts the city before Rider knocks her out. The group run to find somewhere to hide when D’Eon notices they’re near the city’s largest mansion. A girl offers to show them a secret path into the mansion. They follow her through the secret path, and eventually reach the mansion’s rear garden. After the girl is gone now, the group enters the mansion.[10]

Inside the mansion, the group head toward its central room. There they’re met by a woman they assume to be Drake, but with different clothes and mannerisms. Da Vinci confirms she is Drake through a Spirit Origin analysis. The woman denies being Drake, and says her name is Dahut, the Pirate Princess. The group then fight Dahut and her pirates. However, after a few pirates are killed, she orders the other pirates to give birth. Unlike regular childbirth, though, the pirates split themselves apart to make clones of themselves. After more pirates are produced, the group fight once again. Dahut is defeated, but she tries to escape. More pirates are produced to stop the group from giving chase when everything shakes. A pirate reports the city’s floodgates have been opened, and the city is now being flooded. Dahut realizes someone stole her key from her person while she was fighting. The girl from before then appears; Dahut identifies her as the Empress of the Nightless City, Assassin. Dahut realizes her previous confidant, Caster, told Assassin where she kept the floodgate key. The mansion then becomes flooded, and Dahut is washed away. The group escape the mansion to find Ys flooded. Mash and Da Vinci confirm Dahut wasn’t the Demon God host since she didn’t follow the previous patterns of becoming a Demon God when on the brink of defeat. Still needing to find the Demon God, the group goes to the Nightless City.[10]

Travelling to the Nightless City, Rider reveals he ordered the Resistance to find any seaworthy vessel among Ys’ ruins. He also says there is something akin to a natural disaster outside the threat of the ruling Servants and monsters. He describes the Nightless City as being reserved and defensive compared to the Amazons and pirates. With Ys gone, he suspects there have been changes in the Nightless City, and suggests doing recon. Ritsuka and Mash wonder if the Caster Dahut mentioned is Helena. Rider also warns the city is home to monsters he refers as dogs.[11]

Nightless City

As the group near the Nightless City, Rider returns to the hideout, so he can return with a proper force to take city after Assassin is defeated. After the group infiltrates the city, D’Eon decides to take measures to ensure the operation remains undeterred by first gathering information. Once they gain information on the city, its threats, and Assassin’s location, the group will move in together. D’Eon decides they and Astolfo will gather the info since they can pass as citizens. They then grab outfits from a nearby house to use as disguises. While D’Eon and Astolfo gather info, Ritsuka and Fergus are attacked by dog-like monsters. Their keeper arrives to find the dogs slain. Fergus tries to ask for his help, but the man is terrified of the executioners who are certain to arrive soon.[12]

As D’Eon and Astolfo continue their reconnaissance, they find the men aren’t physically restrained. D’Eon considers the possibility that they’re bound by a spell. They decide to ask a man about it, but Astolfo points they’re all accompanied by a woman at all times. The pair then notice a woman accompanied by two men, so they follow them. While the woman leaves the men to relieve herself, one man tells the other about his desire to flee the city and join the Resistance. D’Eon tries to go talk to the men when the other man loudly reports the other is disturbing the peace by trying to flee the city.[12]

Meawhile with Ritsuka and Fergus, the Keeper says the executioners are the Empress’ official Torturers who serve as the city’s police force. After he flees, a Torturer arrives to find the slain dogs. She correctly surmises Ritsuka and Fergus are the culprits and intruders, and she goes to carry out their punishment. Unlike his previous inability to fight women, Fergus fights and defeats the Torturer. The keeper returns to see the Torturer defeated, and decides to help the group. He relays his knowledge of the city and the Torturers when a loud noise in the distance interrupts him.[12]

Simultaneously in the plaza, D’Eon and Astolfo witness a Torturer carryout the public execution of the man who tried to flee by Langchi. They decide to stop the execution, but the Torturer is tougher than she looks, with more incoming. Ritsuka and Fergus then arrive to help. After defeating the Torturers, the group flees to find a hiding place. D’Eon assumes the Torturers are actually women who’ve been chosen to become one. The group eventually escape their pursuers, and D’Eon and Astolfo return to their regular outfits. D’Eon asks the keeper if he knows where Assassin is. He cannot answer because men are only slaves to women. Ritsuka asks him if he heard rumors that may lead to Assassin. He recalls hearing about an underground facility that only Toruturers and higher may enter. He reveals the entrance is behind the executioner’s sacaffold in the plaza. The group goes there, but they activate a trap to find themselves surrounded by Torturers. The keeper confesses he reported the group’s location for his own survival. An absent Assassin has him tortured before rewarding him. She then invites the group into her palace, the underground facility, and decides to reveal the city’s true form. An extremely bright castle then emerges from where the scaffolding was, which Assassin calls Yaoguang Hall. The Torturers emerge from its entrance while more appear behind the group to prevent their escape. Fighting their way through, the group enters the castle.[12]

Wu Zetian's throne room

Inside the castle, the group enters Assassin’s throne room to find her and an unknown female Servant. The woman introduces herself as Caster, who serve as the Nightless City’s tactician. It was her plan to flood Ys. She previously served Dahut, but left to serve Assassin when she feared for her life. Enraged at the group criticizing her policies, Assassin fights them with her Torturers. Da Vinci soon reveals her True Name is Wu Zetian. Wu Zetian tries to convince the group to be her subjects, but they refuse. In response, she orders Caster to call in more Torturers, and she orders them to clone themselves. She and the group then fight again.[12]

Outside the city, Rider and the Resistance are waiting for their chance to take the city. He then gets a report of a force approaching the city from the west. He and the Resistance then notice something monstrous approach, but they still decide to standby until they get the signal.[12]

The group defeat Wu Zetian, but she refuses to give up. A monstrous giant then suddenly crashes through the ceiling, crushing her. Ritsuka recognizes it as Heracles, albeit more monstrous than before. He attacks everyone, so the group considers fighting him. Caster convinces them not to and escapes the castle with them after surrendering now that Wu Zetian is dead. The group finds the city being besieged by Amazons. Rider and the Resistance then arrive to helpthem escape the city through the front gate. Waiting there though is Berserker while Heracles is exiting the castle. However, she rushes past the group to fight Heracles. Using this opportunity, the group escapes the city.[12]

Returning to the hideout, Rider informs the others that Heracles left after finishing his rampage, and the Amazons took over what was left of the Nightless City. Da Vinci decides they should call Heracles Megalos due to how much more powerful and monstrous he is now. She also deduces the Amazons, pirates, and Torturers are akin to familiars, given their reproduction method, created by their respective method. Caster then pleads for her life to allow her to serve the group, explaining her previous actions all stemmed from her desire not to die. Then to prove her willingness to help, she reveals her rue Name to be Scheherazade. After the group accepts her, Scheherazade alerts them of Lamia attacking the peach trees by mere scent. She then helps them to slay the monsters. Afterwards, the group ponder the possibility of Megalos of being the Demon God host. Rider however believes its more sensible for Berserker to be the host since she completely adheres to Agartha’s matriarchy. He then asks Scheherazade the best way to fight El Dorado.[13]

Following her advice, the group travel through the jungle to infiltrate El Dorado since the Amazons will be split between there and the Nightless City. After killing an Amazon scouting party, the group finds themselves surrounded by more. Berserker becomes impressed by their tenacity, so she orders the Amazons to perform their synchronized war cry. This grants them increased strength, agility, and durability, and the inability to feel pain. The group tries to fight but is eventually forced to retreat.[14]

Returning to the hideout, everyone sees they lost half their forces. Seeing how terrified the men are, Rider tells everyone to rest. The next day, however, everyone finds the hideout on fire, seemingly set by the Amazons. The group sent out to save as many men and supplies as possible. After the fire dies, Rider encourages his men to keep fighting. Schecherazade advises they launch another sneak attack, but this time using a ship taken from Ys. She explains Dahut’s ships were enchanted to let them sail forward regardless of wind direction. Given their small numbers, she states they only need one ship to sail through a river that leads to the heart of the jungle to launch an attack on El Dorado.[15]

The group sail through the jungle when they come across a bridge acting as a barrier. Rider orders Astolfo to sail on through while the others deal with the Amazons. Breaking through two barriers, the group spot the central temple of El Dorado. They prepare to set anchor on the shore nearest the temple when the ship shakes. Megalos then emerges from the river and boards the ship. The group tries to fight him, but they’re unable to even scratch him. But having regained his memories, Rider activates his Noble Phantasm, Santa Maria - Drop Anchor to summon another ship to hold Megalos, allowing Da Vanci to deduce his True Name as Christopher Columbus. With him now chained up, the group fight Megalos again. They prepare to finish him off when Berserker and her Amazons board the ship. She attacks Megalos while calling him Achilles, allowing Da Vinci to deduce her True Name as Penthesilea. Penthesilea decides to kill the group, believing they’re keeping her from killing Megalos. At the same time, Megalos breaks free of Columbus’s chains, so the group is forced to fight both Berserkers. The ship is destroyed in the aftermath, sending everyone overboard.[15]

Dragon Palace

The group finds themselves in the Dragon Palace inside the eastern lake. Megalos is also there, but he is inactive. Astolfo suggests exploring while Ritsuka suggests contacting Mash for a way out. D’Eon however reveals communications with Chaldea were cut when they arrived at the Dragon Palace. They convince Ritsuka to explore for the time being when a still living Dahut appears. Dahut reveals the Dragon Palace is her last bastion in the case Ys was ever destroyed. She planned to wait while her injuries healed and her magical energy replenished. That plan was ruined, though, by the group’s arrival. Dahut attacks the group, but they defeat her. She gives them a treasure box that she found earlier and used in the battle before disappearing. Scheherazade deduces it is the Tamatebako from the tale of Urashima Tarou. She surmises it has the power to grant a single wish. A mage or Servant can use it to enhance themselves, similar to a Command Spell. Columbus surmises that there are more in the Dragon Palace based on what Dahut said. He then asks Scheherazade to use a Tamatebako to create a contract that allows Megalos to follow simple commands, and discern friend from foe. So to not risk Ritsuka’s life, Columbus decides he’ll be Megalos’ contractor. Scheherazade then opens the Tamatebako and creates the contract between Columbus and Megalos. Meanwhile, Astolfo reveals he found a lifeboat that they can use to return to the surface. The group then prepares to return to the surface.[16]

El Dorado

Upon returning to the surface, communications with Chaldea are restored. The group then enters Penthesilea’s palace. In her madness, Penthesilea sees everyone as Achilles, and uses the synchronized war cry. D’Eon and Astolfo leave to hold back the Amazons. They use a Tamatebako to allow the use of their secret Noble Phantasm. Astolfo uses La Black Luna to neutralize the war cry, and D’Eon uses Fleur de Lys in preparation for fighting the Amazons. With none of her soldiers rallying, Penthesilea boosts her stats in her rage. She is killed in the ensuing fight, but disappears without a Demonic God manifesting. Fergus then blocks gunfire from Columbus when he tried to kill Ritsuka. Da Vinci reveals she told everyone to expect his betray after telling them of his history as a conquistador.[17]

Columbus reveals his true intentions are to rule Agartha himself, and to sell its women into slavery. He further reveals that Dahut, Wu Zetian, and Penthesilea already ruled Agartha when he was first summoned. Despite his amnesia, he still had his dream as a slave trader. He eventually found the Peach Blossom Spring to serve as his hideout. There he encountered Helena and killed her since her intelligence would be a liability. He then commands Megalos to kill the group. The group struggle against Columbus and Megalos when D’Eon and Astolfo return to help. Columbus confesses he set fire to the hideout in order to spur the men into fighting again. He also reveals the Resistance was a ruse to recruit soldiers for his conquest after he established his hideout. Now joined by D’Eon and Astolfo, the group fight Columbus and Megalos again. After being defeated, Columbus tries to use a Tamatebako to heal Megalos, but a Resistance member shoots it out his hand. Fergus then deals a fatal blow to him, expecting a Demon God to emerge. However, both he and Megalos disappear without a Demon God emerging. Sherlock Holmes asks the group who was the one surviving Servant they met in Agartha that has absolutely no connection to Chaldea. Everyone then realizes that it is Scheherazade.[4]

Scheherazade reveals she created Agartha with her Noble Phantasm; essentially everyone is inside a story of her making. Such a feat is comparable to a Reality Marble, only possible with the aid of a Demon God. Sherlock explains that once Agartha was created, Heroic Spirits were summoned to it changed to serve a role in to the story. Ritsuka and Mash then recall the inauthenticities they experienced: Columbus’s amnesia, Heracles being Megalos, and Drake being Dahut. Scheherazade reveals Dahut is akin to a Phantom, so she can’t be summoned as a Servant. Da Vinci reveals Wu Zetian ruling the Nightless City is another inauthenticity, as she’s from the Yan Dynasty while it is from the Han. Sherlock explains the Amazons never protected El Dorado, as they only served as the model for those that did. Fergus realizes he is another inauthenticity. Scheherazade reveals she originally intended to summon him as a teenager, hoping to take advantage of his increase lust to cause chaos in Agartha. However, he ended up as a boy whose anxious of women. Scheherazade reveals her actions all stem from her fear of death. The man who summoned her taught her that the only way to end her existence as a Heroic Spirit is to destroy the world. Ritsuka realizes he was a Demon God, but Mash didn’t get such a response when she scanned Scheherazade upon first meeting her. Scheherazade reveals the Demon God strengthened her Noble Phantasm so her stories would be made real. After she declares the story of Agartha will become its true form, Agartha raises in the sky.[2]

As Agartha flies upwards into sky, Scheherazade reveals it is now its final form, the floating city of Laputa. She announces to Laputa to continue raising and then plummet towards the earth. She also declares it to be the last of the mythical cities, and the destroyer of the world's natural laws.[2] Astolfo tells the Resistance to save and gather the men enslaved in El Dorado, and rendezvous at the ship. Scheherazade reveals her intention to crash Laputa into any heavily populated city. Laputa then sets course for somewhere. Da Vinci explains the damage it will cause will not be limited to the physical world since the world hasn’t stabilized yet from the Incineration of Humanity. Scheherazade reveals the reasoning behind having a fictional city destroy a real one is to destroy the concept of Mystery. When people everywhere witness Laputa destroy a real city, they’ll be forced to accept it as reality. Once that happens, everyone will learn to accept the existence of the mystical, which will become a regular part of their lives. That would result in Mystery being rendered moot, so all things related to it would become obsolete. The group fight Scheherazade to stop her plan, but her Counter King skill renders Astolfo and Fergus’s efforts worthless. Scheherazade reveals the Demon God ordered her to summon Servants to Agartha, and have them fight each other. Wanting to incite chaos, she summoned Columbus to serve as base. The conflict between Servants would result in a vortex of magical energy, and Agartha’s enclosed nature would trap their vanquished souls. Agartha would then continuously exploit the energy generated from the souls trying to return to the Throne, and use said energy to make its story into reality. Scheherazade then releases Phenex from her body. Mash realizes she couldn’t detect a Demon God from her was because Phenex was already dead, an ability unique to him as the Demon God of death and rebirth. The group fight and kills him, though at the cost of Fergus being severely injured.[1]

Fergus unleashing Caledfwlch Caladbolg on Laputa.
Laputa crumbling away.

However, despite Phenex’s death, and Scheherazade being near death, Laputa continues to exist. Fergus deduces Scheherazade made Agartha into an oppressive matriarchy because of her experiences with King Shahryar. Suddenly a corpse of a Resistance member speaks, revealing himself to be Phenex. He declares Laputa will continue its descent even if he’s killed. He reveals his true ambition of having Laputa destroy a real city is to damage human understanding in the hopes of it would eventually result in humanity’s destruction. Understanding Scheherazade is near death, Phenex fights the group. They’re unable to kill him, but Wu Zetian appears to attack him. She reveals she couldn’t kill Scheherazade because of her Counter King skill, and she couldn’t kill Phenex since he was bonded with Scheherazade. Because of this truth, she had no choice but to hide and bide her time until Phenex and Scheherazade separated. Mash reveals Wu Zetian’s signal didn’t disappear when she was crushed by Megalos and assumes she used Presence Concealment skill. Wu Zetain then uses her Noble Phantasm, Manual of Accusation, to torture Phenex, who severely wounds her in retaliation. She tells the group to finish him off now that he’s in a constant state of life and death. Fergus walks into her Noble Phantasm to use its concept of mixing life and death together to essentially resummon himself through the use of Columbus’s Tamatebako. He soon achieves his goal when his short sword turns into Caladbolg, and unleashes Caledfwlch Caladbolg on both Phenex and Laputa. With Phenex being constantly damaged by both Fergus and Wu Zetian’s Noble Phantasms, the group fight him once more. Phenex extends tiny tentacles from himself and implores Scheherazade to give him more energy. She refuses, though, not wanting to be killed by him. Phenex is then finished off by Fergus.[1]

Wu Zetian disappears, having exerted the last of her strength,. Scheherazade then disappears, followed by Fergus. Da Vinci tells the group that thanks to Fergus destroying Laputa’s landscape, it has come to a halt. However, the Singularity also disappeared, meaning Laputa is going to break apart. Mash assures Da Vinci that Laputa will crash on the unpopulated Tibetan Plateau. Astolfo mounts Hippogriff to rescue any remaining men when he bumps into Helena’s UFO. She survived Columbus’s murder attempt and hid herself underground to heal self. After recovering, she explored Agartha, and eventually found a Holy Grail. She used to it empower herself, and confesses she came because she thought she caused Laputa’s tremors. Helena then rescues the men with her UFO, while Ritsuka and D’Eon ride on Hippogriff. After they land, the men eventually return to their families, and Laputa finally collapses completely. The group then returns to Chaldea. There Fergus is back to normal, and Scheherazade has now joined.[1]

Participants[edit | edit source]


Designation Identity Affiliation
Rider Astolfo Ritsuka Fujimaru
Saber Chevalier d'Eon Ritsuka Fujimaru
N/A Fergus mac Róich (Child) Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker of El-Dorado Penthesilea El Dorado
Rider of Resistance Christopher Columbus Resistance
Rider of Ys Dahut (modified Francis Drake) Ys
Assassin of the Nightless City Wu Zetian Nightless City
Caster of the Nightless City Scheherazade Phenex (true)
Berserker Megalos (modified Heracles) N/A
Caster Helena Blavatsky Chaldea


Designation Identity Affiliation
Demon God Phenex Scheherazade

References[edit | edit source]

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