Agrius Metamorphosis: Boar of Divine Punishment (神罰の野猪
, Shinbatsu no Yacho
Aguriosu Metamorōze
?) is the pelt of the Calydonian Boar, the Magical Beast of Calydon that was let loose upon the earth by Artemis and was brought down by Atalanta.[3][1] Dispatched as a divine punishment by the angry goddess when the king of the city-state of Calydon forgot offerings to her in a harvest festival, it was a large and brutal beast that completely destroyed the crops of Calydon. During the Calydonian Boar Hunt, it rampaged without pause, killing many Greek heroes who came from all over the country. The hero Meleager, in love with Atalanta, was the one who finished it off, but surrendered the merit to Atalanta and brought great discord to the country in doing such.[4] While it looked like a wild boar, the life-form used as its basis just happened to be a boar.[3]

It is a cursed Noble Phantasm where Atalanta possesses the power of the Magical Beast by wearing the pelt on her body.[1] Rather than becoming a Monstrous Beast herself, wearing the pelt causes Atalanta to become a Monstrous Human.[3] In exchange for sealing Tauropolos, all parameters except for Luck rises, and she gets a condition almost equivalent to a Berserker that possesses A Rank Mad Enhancement and an A Rank Transformation Skill, able to bestow various characteristics depending on the environment.[3][1] She shows the ability to transform the pelt into bird wings and fuse with her bow to shoot arrows weaved from magical energy.[3] The power is gained in exchange for losing her reason, and it can be possible to even become unable to discern the identity of her Master in certain situations.[3] It can be said to equal self-destruction of the Servant if it is used, so, as it is impossible to utilize in a regular Holy Grail War, it can be said Phoebus Catastrophe is her only practical Noble Phantasm.[5][3] Within all the Subcategory Holy Grail Wars, its usage by Atalanta was never once confirmed.[3] She only utilizes it during the Great Holy Grail War after a number of circumstances drive her to use it.

Tauropolos Anime Exclusive
Within the anime adaptation, by shouting Tauropolos: Bow of Heaven (天穹の弓
, Tenkō no Yumi
?), she uses an attack similar to Phoebus Catastrophe, except it is not dedicated to either Artemis or Apollo.[6] It is unknown if this is another Noble Phantasm or just a general attack.

When Atalanta is summoned in her Alter form, she is wearing the pelt by default though it is stated that once the pelt is peeled off, she will revert to her normal Archer self.


The Noble Phantasm was two separate Noble Phantasms in her original design displayed in Fate/complete material IV. The Disputed Spoils of War (諍いの戦利品, Isakai no Senrihin?) was the name of the pelt, and Agrius Metamorphosis, originally only called The Beast of Divine Punishment (神罰の野獣, Shinbatsu no Yajū?), was the act of donning the pelt over her body. The pelt itself granted the ability to travel long distances in a straight line at high speeds by releasing magical energy. Anyone within that line would enter into disorder and attack each other in confusion. The Beast of Divine Punishment granted the strength, endurance, and speed of the boar itself, along with the recovery of life force equating to the amount of damage dealt to the enemy.[4]


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