Ahnenerbe (アーネンエルベ, Ānen'erube?), meaning "heritage" in German,[1] is one of the three Magician’s Box locations created by Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg.[2] It is a coffee shop where parallel worlds can converge.[1]

The shop often is used as the primary setting for TYPE-MOON metafictionWP involving characters from two or more of the Mahou Tsukai no Hako, Fate, Tsukihime, and Kara no Kyoukai worlds.


The manager George bakes as a hobby, frequently experimenting with "new and whimsical flavors." The blueberry pie is considered to be the shop's specialty,[3] and the strawberry pie is called "unmatched". [4]

Known Staff[]



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    Ahnenerbe [Shop]
    Ahnenerbe is a coffee shop. The name means “heritage” in German. Chikagi and Hibiki start working part-time at the shop after they enter high school. Although we decided some rules for how to handle parallel worlds, since we did this drama CD the rules seem to be rapidly fading out of use. Slippery slopes are scary.


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    Three buildings, each with a singularity, are said to have been built by a certain Magician in different locations around the world. Huge, advanced magic circles stretche all the way down to the underground level, it is said that to pass this location one must dash past various troublesome mechanisms in first-person view. Even dimensions used to replace its surroundings have become a mess, creating many problems. That old man really isn’t good for anything!


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    Q: What is Café Ahnenerbe’s specialty?

    Q: What is Café Ahnenerbe’s specialty?

    Takeuchi: Without a doubt, it’s the blueberry pie.
    Nasu: Basically, you can’t go wrong with the pie. The shop owner bakes as a hobby, so he’s always experimenting with new and whimsical flavors.

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    Ahnenerbe [Place name]
    A cafe where meetings and dates takes place. The strawberry pie there is said to be unmatched.
    The only link with another tale.
    Sometimes, foreign vampires and habit-wearing nuns come to have tea.

    待ち合わせに使われる喫茶《きっさ 》店。ストロベリーパイが絶品だとか。

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    Shizune Seo [Person's name]
    A girl in her late teens. A student of Reien Girls' Academy. Kokutou Azaka's roommate. Future sight.
    A timid, introverted girl. She was incorporated into the story since the early draft in preparation of acting as the protagonist of Gospel of the Future.
    Although she was not very active in the main story of Kara no Kyoukai, a character of similar concept emerged in the side story of Tsukihime.
    Gospel of the Future would be a story about her chat with Mikiya. The setting would be Ahnenerbe. The planned length was about 30 pages.
    In terms of chronological order, Gospel of the Future would take place before Paradox Spiral. In it, Shizune would advice Mikiya "if you keep going like this, you could die very soon". In Paradox Spiral, the content of Mikiya's reply to Enjou Tomoe was the exact opposite of that. It seemed Mikiya was lying there.

    おどおどした引っ込み思案の少女で、プロット段階で予備の話として組み込まれていた『未来福音《み らいふくいん》』の主役。
    『未来福音』は彼女が幹也と軽いお喋りをするだけの話。場所はアーネンエルベで、三十|頁《ページ》程度の閑話《かんわ 》として予定されていた。