The Ainsworth Holy Grail War (エインズワースの聖杯戦争?) of Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA is a ritual started by the Ainsworth, Matou, and an unnamed family in the parallel world. Like in Fate/stay night, each of the family provided a container for the wishing device, a land with magical leylines and Heroic Spirit summoning system.[1]


Darius Ainsworth found Pandora and Pandora's Box one thousand years before modern day. Pandora, unable to open the box in the parallel world, was rendered immortal, seeking her own death. Staying together since then, Darius eventually turned himself into a conceptual existence that overwrites the bodies of his descendants. He later created the Holy Grail War system with the other families, seeking to open Pandora's Box, but lacked a suitable Holy Grail. He had spent much time collecting Mystic Codes, magical implements, and vessels from around the world to replace Noble Phantasms or the Holy Grail. The items were simply discarded in a large pile, deemed as failures.

Differing from the Fuyuki Holy Grail War in which Illyasviel von Einzbern was born to function as the Holy Grail, the Ainsworth Holy Grail War as created for the sake of an existing Holy Grail. Finding Miyu, a person born as a completed Holy Grail, allowed the ritual to properly proceed for the first time.


This Holy Grail War doesn't use the system of Master and Servants, but it uses a special system where a magus uses either a Mystic Code or their own body as mediums and to be granted with the powers of Heroic Spirits via Class Cards.[1]


The supervision of these Holy Grail Wars are again carried out by the Holy Church. However, unlike other wars, while Kirei Kotomine is still the supervisor, he stays as a mere observer and only watches events from the sidelines rather then actively participate.


First Holy Grail War through Third Holy Grail War[]

  • First Holy Grail War (第一次聖杯戦争?) - Ended in failure. No other details known.[1]
  • Second Holy Grail War (第二次聖杯戦争?) - Ended in failure. No other details known.[1]
  • Third Holy Grail War (第三次聖杯戦争?) - Ended in failure. No other details known.[1]

Fourth Holy Grail War[]

The Fourth Holy Grail War (第四次聖杯戦争?) had the worst outcome. Darius caused Fuyuki to be engulfed by darkness, causing Zachary Ainsworth, the previous Ainsworth head and the other two families to be completely destroyed.[1] The Sakatsuki family was also wiped out with Miyu Sakatsuki being the only survivor. Darius then moved onto Julian. It is known that both Kariya Matou[2] and Atrum Galliasta were participants in this Grail War, with the Caster Card also being Medea.[3]

Fifth Holy Grail War[]

The Fifth Holy Grail War (第五次聖杯戦争?) was managed by Julian Ainsworth influenced by Darius. However, unlike previous Holy Grail Wars, Julian used dolls which had the displaced souls of deceased Magi inside of them acting as the Masters, as there weren't very many people left in town. The other exceptions were Shirou Emiya and Sakura Matou who were the only living Masters. Julian then gave all of the Masters, Class Cards, to which they could install Heroic Spirits into their bodies and had them battle each other in a battle royale.

Shirou Emiya, though, was not originally one of the chosen masters, but rather chose to enter in order to save Miyu Sakatsuki who had been captured by Julian Ainsworth. After gaining the fake Archer card from Sakura and becoming able to install the soul of his future self, the Heroic Spirit, EMIYA, Shirou battled his way through the Holy Grail War, killing all the other masters (except Beatrice Flowerchild who was the user of the Berserker Class Card and managed to survive after their fight due to God Hand) and gaining their cards. Shirou then became the victor of the Holy Grail War and used his wish to send Miyu Sakatsuki to another dimension where she could have a share of happiness. During the time the Grail was working out to make his wish come true, Shirou restrained the true Archer Class Card user, Angelica Ainsworth, facing her with all his might and remaining energy before being ultimately beaten by Enuma Elish. The alternate world Miyu was sent would turn out to be Illyasviel von Einzbern's world, beginning the events of the Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA series.

Sixth Holy Grail War[]

Though Illya and everyone else (save Miyu) would be unaware of it at the time, their battles against the Blackened Servants incarnated from the eight Class Cards would technically be a Sixth Holy Grail War (第六次聖杯戦争?). Bazett Fraga McRemitz was initially assigned by the Mage's Association to retrieve the Class Cards and defeated the Archer and Lancer cards, but Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg would then reassign the task to Rin Tohsaka and Luviagelita Edelfelt,[4] giving them the Kaleidosticks Magical Ruby and Magical Sapphire to aid in the task. Eventually however, the Kaleidosticks grew tired of their respective master's endless bickering and set off to find more suitable masters,[5] which would end up being Illya and Miyu. Though frought with much danger and disagreements, the four girls eventually set aside their differences and defeated the remaining "five" Class Cards.

This would've been the end of a mercifully-short war, were it not for a power struggle in the Mage's Association and the as-of-yet unknown Eighth Class Card snowballing into a new incident involving the Cards. Kickstarted by an attempt to repair Fuyuki City's Magical Ley Lines damaged by the Cards and their Mirror Worlds, the undiscovered Eighth Card causes a large magical recoil during the procedure, the mitigation of which causes a strange reaction from Illya and her installed Archer Class Card, resulting in the "birth" of Chloe von Einzbern with the EMIYA Card as her core.[6] This apparent clone of Illya starts as an antagonist, making several attempts on Illya's life and leading Illya to question who she really is.[7] Irisveil von Einzbern would stage a timely interruption in the climactic battle, explaining Illya and Chloe's true nature: Illya was originally meant to serve as the conduit for their Holy Grail for the Einzbern's own version of the Holy Grail War, and Chloe was Illya's original self before Irisveil and Kiritsugu Emiya sealed her memories away and ended the Holy Grail War for good, hoping that their child would have a normal life. Though distraught at her purpose being denied and dying from lack of mana, Chloe would be placated and saved by Illya.

With the chaos caused by Illya's new twin sister resolved, Rin went to investigate the Ley Lines and what caused the recoil. While Rin is finalizing her investigation however, Luvia is accosted by Bazett, who is taking advantage of the fractured state of the Mage's Association to complete her original mission of retrieving the Class Cards.[4] Illya, Miyu and Chloe engage her in a fierce battle, but end up on the losing end before Rin intervenes with her findings: she has discovered the Eighth Card, nestled in a major spot in the Ley Lines. This causes Bazett to forge an uneasy truce with the protagonists in the event that the Card's unfortunate landing spot has caused it to become too powerful. [8] This fear proves well-founded as it is none other than Gilgamesh, Angelica's Class Card, which comes with the startling revelation that it is incarnated from a duplicate Archer Card, contrasting everything they know of the Holy Grail War.

While all of these prior events played out in Illya's world, in the meantime in Miyu's world, Darius patiently began preparations for his own part in the Sixth War, waiting for the day when Miyu would be within his reach again. While Angelica refused to use any Class Card other than her original, Beatrice was given the Berserker Magni. A second Berserker, Lancelot, would be given to a resurrected Sakura not as a participant in the war, but as a deterrent against Shirou or the EMIYA Card should either resurface.

Darius' opportunity would eventually come when Illya defeated Gilgamesh at the Great Cavern, the aftermath of the climactic battle allowing Angelica (who promptly reclaims the Gilgamesh card) and Beatrice to bridge the gap between worlds and re-capture Miyu, but unwittingly bringing Illya and co. to Miyu's world in the process.[9] After confronting his newfound enemies, Darius boldly proclaims the resumption of the Sixth Holy Grail War, challenging Illya to rescue Miyu if it means consigning her world to death.


The events of the Ainsworth Holy Grail War are detailed in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA. All Class Cards from the Fifth Holy Grail War remained until the Sixth Holy Grail War. The Assassin Class Card's Hassan-i-Sabbah changes depending on the user.

[v]War Servant Card Identity Card User
4th Caster MedeaWP Atrum Galliasta
4th Unknown Unknown Kariya Matou
5th Archer GilgameshWP Angelica Ainsworth (Doll)
5th Archer (Second) EMIYA Shirou Emiya
5th Saber King Arthur Zachary Ainsworth (Doll)
5th Lancer Cú ChulainnWP Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald (Doll)
5th Rider MedusaWP Kariya Matou (Doll)
5th Caster MedeaWP Atrum Galliasta (Doll)
5th Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah Shinji Matou (Doll)
5th Berserker HeraclesWP Beatrice Flowerchild (Doll)
6th Assassin Hassan of the Hundred Faces Illyasviel von Einzbern
6th Assassin Hassan of Serenity Miyu Edelfelt
6th Assassin Unknown Julian Ainsworth
6th Berserker MagniWP Beatrice Flowerchild
6th Berserker LancelotWP Sakura Matou (Doll)
6th Apneic Beauty Class Card Unknown Darius Ainsworth
6th Authoritarian Personalism Class Card Unknown Darius Ainsworth
6th Unnamed Dagger Class Card Unknown Darius Ainsworth
6th Ninth Prayer Class Card Unknown Darius Ainsworth
6th Crown Undertaker Class Card Unknown Darius Ainsworth
None Nameless Class Cards None Ainsworth Family


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