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"No matter where, the flower of Protea shall grow. Sink into the Sea of Life."
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(Alter Ego)

Airavata King Size: Colossal Figure, Emerge from the Sea of Life (巨影、生命の海より出ずる
, Kyoei, Seimei no Umi yori Dezuru
Airāvata Kingu Saizu
?) is the Noble Phantasm possessed by Kingprotea when manifesting in the material world of Earth. Normally within the digital world of the Moon Cell, she herself is treated as a Noble Phantasm due to her limitless growth potential. She lacks a typical Noble Phantasm due to that, but has obtained the ability to utilize this Noble Phantasm due to her Saint Graph being ranked down upon her summoning in Chaldea. Summoned with limits to how large she can grow, she is constantly "pressured" by both the Counter Force and the natural physics of the material world that inhibit growth past a certain point.

The Noble Phantasm is a Reality Marble that utilizes the myths of Indian mythology as a motif. It temporarily removes the "pressure" on Kingprotea, allowing her to return to her original size, "that can’t be seen completely at once by humans." With that size, she can annihilate the enemy with just one simple attack of swinging her limbs against them. The Noble Phantasm uses the anecdote of the churning of the Ocean of Milk, the gods churning the ocean that covers the world for the purpose of making a miraculous medicine of immortality, Amrita. Requiring the medicine due to living on the devastated ground, they cooperated with their enemy, the Asura, to stir the ocean by spinning the world with Mount Mandara as its axis. This act birthed several lives and elixirs, including the enormous white elephant Airavata.


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