Akhilleus Kosmos: The Miniature World Enclosed by the Azure Sky  (蒼天囲みし小世界
, Sōten Kakomishi Shō Sekai
Akireusu Kosumosu
?) is the shield of Achilles, a Divine Construct forged by the Greek smithing god Hephaestus.[2] It is a defensive type, Bounded Field Noble Phantasm comparable to Rho Aias, said to be able to stand against nearly any attack by deploying a miniature world.[2][1] Described within a hundred lines of text in Book 18 of the Iliad, it is the world Achilles lived in that was reproduced by Hephaestus into a miniature form in the shield, featuring swirling ocean currents on the outer circumference due to the sea god.[2][1] It is said that "to oppose this shield is the same as making the world your opponent", allowing it to protect against Anti-Unit, Anti-Army, Anti-Divine, Anti-Fortress and Anti-Country Noble Phantasms[2][1][3]. Something that Hephaestus likely never devised, the shield can be used to "attack", Achilles aiming to crush the opponent with the miniature world by continuously pushing forward after its deployment.[2]

Achilles himself never utilizes it during the Great Holy Grail War, instead giving it to Astolfo. Due to Achilles being known for giving Noble Phantasms in his legend and Astolfo being known for receiving them, it is able to be smoothly loaned despite such things not normally being possible. It is a Noble Phantasm that does not require great skill or power to activate, but the borrower cannot use Achilles' method of attack with the shield.[2] In Fate/Apocrypha Volume 5 it is shown that the shield was destroyed after being hit by Vasavi Shakti, though canceling the attack in the process.


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