Akira Seo (瀬尾 晶, Seo Akira?) is an underclassman and friend of Akiha Tohno's at Asagami Private Girls Academy in Tsukihime PLUS-DISC and Kagetsu Tohya.



Akira was from a well-off family that runs a large liquor store in Aomori. She was sent to Asagami Private Girls Academy. She met Akiha in middle school as a member of the student council. They since shared a comparatively long relationship as underclassman and upperclassman.[1]


Akira idolizes Akiha, but she as a "somewhat comical position" of knowing enough about Akiha's terrifying aspects to be afraid of her as well. She has a hobby of writing doujinshi in her spare time, kept as a secret of which few people of the academy are aware. She sneaks into the school bathrooms at night to work on it, and Akiha is the only person who knows that fact.[1]

Akira is more attracted by voices than looks when it comes to men. When speaking with Shiki over the phone, his voice was a "dead-center 150 kph fastball strike." She has an adoration for Shiki, but does not call him due to fearing Akiha. Shiki feels like it would be great to have her as a younger sister, but the thought would not end well for either of them if Akiha ever found out.[1]

She can hold alcohol really well due to her upbringing in a household involved with liquor.[1]


Alliance of Illusionary EyesEdit

Akira Seo is the main character of the Alliance of Illusionary Eyes short story in Tsukihime PLUS-DISC. She meets Fake Shiki, believing him to be Shiki Tohno. She is drawn into a murder case due to her special ability. The real Shiki later stops Fake Shiki's plot.

Kagetsu TohyaEdit


Akira has the power of future sight, seeing predictions of the future as images.[1]


Nasu notes that "By the way, in kanji "Akira" is written with the character for "crystal". As in, a crystal ball that sees the future. "[1]


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