Akitaka Suzurigi (硯木 秋隆, Suzurigi Akitaka?) is a loyal servant of the Ryougi family in Kara no Kyoukai.



Akitaka was a former yakuza in his early thirties who was hired by the Ryougi family as a the butler in charge of Shiki Ryougi's education.[1][2] He was trusted with handling all of the household affairs, following Shiki around like a shadow.[1][2]


Akitaka's wardrobe consists entirely of black suits.[1]


Akitaka is described as a "role model of a butler who served Shiki come rain or shine." He is constantly kept busy by Shiki's "willfulness and lack of common sense." He gets along well with Mikiya Kokutou.[1] He is perceptive of Shiki's moods, able to tell when she has a "'I wanna go shopping' sort of aura" and make proper arrangements.[3] Often while shopping, he'll find Shiki's choice of clothing costs the equivalent of two months of his wages. [4]


Kara no KyoukaiEdit

Murder Speculation (Part 1)Edit

Aktaka keeps Shiki's parents aware in her goings on during her high school years, so they are somewhat aware of the situation once she is taken to the hospital.[5] He is the one who took care of the constant blood splatter on her clothes as well.[6]


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