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Alcides (アルケイデス, Arukeidesu?), Class Name True Archer (真アーチャー, Shin Āchā?), is the "True" Archer-class Servant of Bazdilot Cordelion in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake. He has also been granted attributes of an Avenger-class Servant through the machinations of his Master.



The human side of Heracles whose divinity and immortality has been lost through interference from his Master's Command Spells awakening past memories from his life and mud from the Fuyuki Grail. In a way, he could be called Heracles Alter, although he refuses to be called as such.[2]


Although both younger and transformed from his normal counterpart, he doesn't exactly fall under the Lily or Alter classifications.[3] After having undergone his transformation from being exposed to the mud of the Fuyuki Grail, Alcides' flesh has been dyed red and he has shrunk from his standard size. Over his chest near his heart, his skin has been dyed white, much like a scar from ripping out his own heart, and donning a black and gold shroud to cover his face.

After stealing From Hell from False Berserker using Reincarnation Pandora, Alcides sprouted horns poking from under his cloth and wings like black smoke that are similar to False Berserker in his demon form, along with being shrouded in magical energy several times stronger than he had previously.


Normally of noble bearing, his personality has changed due to his exposure to the dark red mud from the Fuyuki Grail. Being forced to remember all the faces of those "humans" who he had passed or known in life, and recalling the terrible sins of his past, he has taken to wearing a shroud over his face as punishment, saying he will never again look upon the works of man. He has agreed to use his Master to obtain the Holy Grail, but declares that the minute he ceases to be of use, he will kill him. His wish for the Grail is the erasure of his posthumous name, taking the name "Alcides" in place of it.

Alcides boasts great hatred for the Gods, to the extent Gilgamesh believes he wishes to kill them. He cites his reason for not taking the power of his War Belt, is due to this hatred, calling it a power that should be made to submit, be trampled upon, and ruled over by the power of Man.


Fate/strange Fake[]

Day 0[]

True Archer, Alcides, is a twisted form of the original True Archer, Heracles, brought forth by his Master Bazdilot Cordelion after using all three of his Command Seals and the mud of the Grail from Fuyuki. Before Heracles was exposed to the mud, Bazildot commanded him to not makes excuses, followed by a command to remember the humans he has seen and a command to accept human nature. Alcides is far more immoral and uncaring, even ready to kill children to further his conquest against the gods, making him an ideal Servant for the cold Bazdilot.[2]

Day 1[]

True Archer is sent to attack False Archer and his Master, Tine Chelc, who are staying at a hotel. He shoots at them with his bow, aiming specifically for Tine and completely ignoring False Archer, even when he comes to confront him. This angers False Archer, who uses his Gate of Babylon to attack True Archer with multiple weapons. True Archer, however, is not shaken by the attack, going as far as calling False Archer weak. True Archer is even able to withstand a full assault of hundreds of weapons from all directions from False Archer, due to the Pelt of the Divine Beast summoned by his King's Order, that protects him from any weapon created by humans. Intrigued by his power, False Archer draws out the sword Merodach from his treasury, to truly test the might of his opponent. True Archer though comments that only the strongest weapon in his treasury can give him a chance, as he will die without it. True Archer then summons another Noble Phantasm, Goddess of War, with his King's Order, but before he can attack, he is knocked back by True Rider, who appears on the battlefield, using the same Noble Phantasm.[4] True Archer and True Rider then proceed to fight, while False Archer simply watches them for a time. She uses Goddess of War to power up her body and weapons with divine energy, but notices he only uses it to power his bow. He explains he doesn't want the divine energy to enter his body so he can win with the power of man alone. False Archer intervenes, informing True Rider that she is far weaker than either of them. However, True Rider says that she is aware of the difference in power between her and True Archer, as he was the one that killed her in life. True Rider then turns to True Archer, questioning why a noble hero like him would so mercilessly attack a child, like the Master of False Archer. True Archer, however, coldly responds that the hero she once knew is dead. They are about to continue their battle but are trapped in an illusion of True Caster, who has come to stop their battle. They all agree to stop their fight, but before departing, True Archer says to False Archer that they will meet again, telling him his name.[5]

True Archer returns to Bazdilot and expresses curiosity on how the man is able to fuel his extensive mana requirements without being drained. Bazdilot shows him his system where he sacrifices many human lives to produce mana crystals and uses these crystals to fuel True Archer instead of his own reserves. True Archer is not bothered by the fact many lives were sacrificed for the crystals.[6]

Day 2[]

While Bazdilot and True Archer are staying in the workshop of Bazdilot, Bazdilot receives a shared dream of Archer's past, when he traveled with Jason and the Argonauts. Jason acknowledged True Archer as a comrade, going on about his future kingdom, where all will be treated equally and everything will be amazing. When he wakes up, Bazdilot talks with True Archer about Jason, with Bazdilot calling him a worthless man, who would be used by more powerful people like himself. Though True Archer agrees with Bazdilot, he warns him not to mock the man, as he was his friend and the most humane man he knew.[7]

However, as they finish their conversation, they are attacked by the Master of True Berserker, Haruri Borzak, and Fillia, an Eizenbern homunculus who supports Haruri. As True Archer confronts Fillia, she declares that "she" is a goddess that has possessed the homunculus. This angers Archer, who immediately attacks Fillia, while Bazdilot attacks Haruri. Archer then uses his King's Order to change his arrows into the Stymphalian Birds, which attack Fillia. Before the birds can reach her though they are destroyed by the enormous True Berserker, who is a mechanical spider-monster who is atop the workshop. True Berserker then begins to destroy the workshop and the meat processing plant around it. True Archer engages him, being allowed by Bazdilot to use enough power to even destroy the workshop himself. Before the battle can go on, however, the ground beneath them disappears due to True Caster's Noble Phantasm, Grand Illusion, that tricks the world itself. As they are all falling, True Caster manages to make a temporary truce between them, restoring the ground after they have come to an agreement. Fillia, Haruri, and Berserker then leave.[8]

Bazdilot and True Archer then move to a different location, where Bazdilot talks with Archer about their previous encounter, being surprised that Archer would let Fillia go, as she claimed to be a goddess. Archer explains that Fillia was not a real goddess, but simply a malediction of them, which is secondary to Archer. Archer is then sent to the hospital of the city, where the Master of False Rider, Tsubaki Kuruoka who is a young comatose girl, resides. Bazdilot gained this information from his spies among the police officers, who have also been informed of the young Master by Flat Escardos, another Master, and intend to take her to safety. Bazdilot orders True Archer to kill Tsubaki in order to get rid of False Rider.

Once True Archer arrives at the hospital, he summons Cerberus, the three-headed dog of the Underworld, that then confronts Clan Calatin, driving them back. However, Cerberus is stalled by False Berserker, who is able to multiply himself with his Noble Phantasm, Natural Born Killers. Berserker then confronts Archer, recognizing him as a hero who has forsaken his divinity and reducing himself to the level of normal men. However, this makes him able to be hunted and killed by a murderer like Berserker, whose identity is Jack the Ripper. Berserker then transforms himself and all his duplicates into demonic beings with another Noble Phantasm, From Hell, that then overwhelm Archer. However, Archer is able to get back up and uses a Noble Phantasm of his own, Reincarnation Pandora, which allows him to steal Berserker's From Hell and transform himself into a demonic being. After acknowledging Berserker as a worthy opponent and promising to remember their battle, he prepares to kill Berserker though Berserker is teleported away by his Master, Flat, with a Command Seal. The battle having finished, False Archer makes his presence known, mocking True Archer's new appearance. Also, Saber, False Assassin and Sigma, another Master, arrive to the battlefield, ready to take part in the battle.[9]

Before True Archer can confront them, False Archer becomes offended by Saber and attacks him instead. True Archer observes their battle, impressed by Saber's prowess and the fact his power is natural and not granted by the gods. He then turns back to the Clan Calatin officers and says he has no quarrel with them, so if they will stand aside and let him murder Tsubaki, he'll spare their lives. John Wingard declares he will fight to the end to defend the child. True Archer says John is brave, and for that, he pities him. He strikes John with his bow, launching him into a building and breaking his neck.[10]

Enraged by John's seeming demise, Clan Calatin attacks True Archer with their Noble Phantasms, but their attacks either bounce off the Pelt of the Divine Beast or are too weak to damage him when they hit his unprotected areas. Seeing them as no threat, he slowly advances, wary of False Archer or Saber returning. Vera Levitt tries to buy time with a smokescreen, but he simply flies into the air with his new demonic wings. Suddenly, a lone figure charges at him. His battle instincts tell him not to look away from the threat, even when he senses Saber's mighty Excalibur blasts in the distance. He becomes shocked when he recognizes the figure as John Wingard. John hits him with a flying knee to the face and knocks him back. He then learns John's name when the other officers cry it out in surprise. John then attacks him with punches and kicks. He blocks them and notes that John's strength now rivals some of his opponents from Ancient Greece. Though John's blows are not strong enough to cause serious damage, they cause damage all the same. He deduces that False Caster enchanced his body. John then draws a dagger laced with Hydra venom from his prosthetic hand. Recognizing the venom and completely horrified, since Hydra venom contributed to his original death, True Archer jumps back and draws his bow, then declares John a worthy opponent.

While True Archer battles John, Clan Calatin tries to support John, only to be scattered by arrows. False Berserker takes the form of a squad of police officers and tries to attack him from behind, only for True Archer to slash through them with his demonic wings without having to turn around. False Berserker turns into an assortment of ordinary people (young and old, men and women) and rushes him. Seeing how sluggish they are, True Archer calls it absurd, but is shocked when countless black arms form out of the people's shadows and wrap around his body.

True Archer realizes the shadows are Magecraft from False Berserker's Master, Flat Escardos, whom he learned about from his own Master. He summons the Stymphalian Birds to attack Flat after spotting him and then shoots him with three arrows while he was trying to fend the birds off. However, this Flat is revealed to be one of False Berserker's duplicates and the real Flat was hidden in the assortment of ordinary people. Flat uses a spell to disrupt True Archer's flow of magical energy. He is put in extreme agony as parts of his body start exploding and his horns and talons fall off. He stomps the street to break it apart and separate them, then uses all his strength and concentration to hold himself together. He tells himself it shouldn't be possible for Flat to affect him because of his high Magic Resistance, then realizes Flat targeted the From Hell he stole from False Berserker. John then runs up and stabs him in the side with his dagger so hard the dagger breaks.

As the Hydra venom slowly eats away at him, he asks False Berserker why he risked his Master on the battlefield. False Berserker explains there are some things only his Master can do as Flat reveals he used his second Command Spell to affect From Hell. True Archer congratulates all three of them for doing all this damage to him without divine aid, but then says it is not enough. To their horror, Black Mud erupts from his wound and absorbs the venom before flowing back inside him and healing the wound. A tornado of magical energy erupts from him, knocking them back.

Suddenly deciding they are beneath his notice, he leaps away and fires an arrow at False Archer, who was about to kill Saber. False Archer blocks the arrow and berates him for interfering with his affairs. False Archer says he can defeat him and the corruption of the Black Mud, but True Archer says he can defeat him even though he is already dead.

False Archer fires a barrage of weapons at True Archer, but True Archer either shoots them out of the air or expertly twists his body to protect himself with the Pelt of the Divine Beast. True Archer then loads an arrow coated in Hydra venom into his bow and fires it while using the Noble Phantasm Nine Lives, causing the arrow to turn into nine arrows that twist through the air seeking their target. False Archer says he can easily counter the attack, but is shocked when his Gate of Babylon portals suddenly close. He gathers the weapons he has already summoned and tries to deflect the arrows, but a loud roar sounds that distracts him with fear. An arrow pierces his shoulder, arm, and leg before spears of earth rise from the ground to deflect the rest.

True Archer watches and listens passively as Filla, riding on True Berserker, appears and takes credit for closing the Gate of Babylon and causing False Archer to lose. As False Archer struggles to resist the Hydra venom, he identifies the goddess possessing Fillia to be Ishtar. Ishtar leaves, but as a parting shot, has True Berserker impale False Archer. Suddenly, a wave of blackness washes over the entire street. When it passes, True Archer and all the other combatants have vanished, to the shock of those observing.[11]

However, True Archer really used King's Order to summon the four Mares of Diomedes and rode one of them to escape the wave of blackness. The other three Mares are consumed by the wave and he senses he has also lost contact with Cerberus. True Rider ambushed him. While continuing to evade the wave of blackness, he duels her on his Mare of Diomedes while she rides her own horse, Kalion. Like in their first fight, he uses the Goddess of War sash to power his bow with divine energy while she uses it to power herself and her weapons. He deduces that she was observing his earlier battles and protected John, Flat, and the others with her divine energy, which is why they survived his energy wave. He also deduces that she has somehow become more powerful than normal. As they fight, he taunts her by accusing her of throwing away her people's philosophy and of betraying him when they met in life. She says she will not fall for his taunts and stabs him in the arm with her spear. He says a divine being like her will never defeat him and knocks her back, then Black Mud emerges from his wound. Shocked, she asks what that mud is, and he says he does not know nor care; what is important is that it came from the power of man. He commands the mud to attack her and the mud comes to life and chases her. Before it can reach her, her Master powers her with a Command Spell and she releases an explosion of energy that disperses the mud and the wave of blackness. While she was distracted doing that, he escapes.[12]

Day 3[]

Healed of his injuries, True Archer appears in Bazdilot's workshop to find him playing a piano, commenting he did not expect that. Bazdilot explains Galvarosso Scladio had just died and he had sworn an oath to play a song for him if that happened. Bazdilot asks how much time he has left. True Archer explains that he survived the Hydra venom by using King's Order to activate Chiron's Immortality. Though it revived him, he still feels the pain of the venom. Though he is using the Black Mud to convert his pain into strength, he can only last three to four days before the pain drives him to madness.

Bazdilot asks him if he regrets killing Chiron, and he says he does not because he freed Chiron from the "curse" of immortality. Bazdilot tells him he simply has to kill the other Servants and win the Holy Grail War before he runs out of time. True Archer says he thought Bazdilot was not interested in the Holy Grail. Bazdilot says he is not, but letting True Archer get his wish of erasing the name Heracles from history by destroying everything the gods have built will help him get revenge on Galvarosso's killers.[13]

True Archer tells Bazdilot that Cerberus and three of the Mares of Diomedes were consumed by the wave of blackness. Though he cannot call them to his side, they are still alive, but under someone else's control. He speculates that whoever controlled the wave of blackness may be related to Hades in some way. He then says under his breath so Bazdilot cannot hear, with a sense of pity, "In that case... even if I do not harm her... its Master is fated to be hunted eventually. Hunted by the true heroes... who safeguard the people."[14]


Heracles (Archer) getting corrupted by the black mud.

Originally, Alcides was a Heroic Spirit summoned as an Archer, one of the Three Knight Classes. However, after being corrupted with the black mud by his Master, he was transmuted into the Extra Class Avenger.[15] Having lost his former Divinity and immortality,[1] his essence has totally changed.[5] Francesca Prelati states that although his class is still Archer, it'd make sense to say he's about half Avenger now.[5]

Alcides is an extraordinary Servant,[10] whose strength far exceeds Clan Calatin's expectations of Heroic Spirits.[11] Assuming that such strength must be unique to Gilgamesh and possibly Enkidu, is being naïve.[11] Alcides is appraised by Enkidu's Presence Detection as being a strong individual with a powerful aura equal to that of Gilgamesh. In fact, in terms of pure parametric values, he could even be said to surpass Gilgamesh, making Tiné Chelc initially believe that he must be a Berserker boosted by Mad Enhancement.[4] Even Hippolyta's Saint Graph, which is on the same level as that of Richard I, perhaps a little lower, doesn't seem to be a match for Alcides or Gilgamesh.[10] Although Hippolyta is also appraised by Enkidu as being a strong individual comparable to Alcides,[4] as Heroic Spirits, they belong to different orders.[5] Since Alcides was the man who killed Hippolyta back when she was alive, she states to be fully aware that he outclasses him. In comparison to Gilgamesh and Alcides, whose six parameters are described as "swiftly flowing rivers" through the usage of Tiné's Master's Perspective, the rivers representing Hippolyta's parameters flow at a more gentle pace, that of her Luck parameter noticeably slower than the rest.[5] Although Alcides is certainly a formidable enemy, Tiné is sure that Gilgamesh is even more powerful. Despite having seen Alcides defend himself from Gate of Babylon without much difficulty, and defeat Jack the Ripper (Berserker), Tine had no doubt that Gilgamesh would win through to the end of the True and False Holy Grail Wars. Enkidu is widely considered to be the only one that can truly challenge Gilgamesh.[10] It is also stated that even a Heroic Spirit as great as Alcides has no choice but to flee when meeting Pale Rider.[12]

The number and nature of Alcides' Noble Phantasms "crushes a convention of the Holy Grail War itself", so Magical Energy consumption is increased manifold as a result.[1][6] Under normal circumstances, any common Master would rapidly run dry when supporting Alcides in battle. During the True and False Holy Grail Wars, however, Alcides had access to extra Od he could extract in vast quantities from batteries provided by Bazdilot Cordelion. Alcides notes that these crystals have the same aura as the “Mana Crystals” that the Witches of Greece had once refined from the Mana in the very air when he was alive. Even with all the Mana Crystals in one of Bazdilot's workshop, Alcides would only be able to fight for half a day at full power. Thankfully for him, Bazdilot had several other identical workshops spread throughout Snowfield. If Bazdilot were to put together everything he had prepared for this War, Alcides should be able to fight continuously at full strength for several months. A total of twenty-four thousand nine hundred and seventy-six people were used to power these crystals. Only about half the number of the South American drug cartels that had been killed in the past few years.[6]


Alcides does not rely solely on physical strength, but also possesses great skill that he achieved through superhuman training.[10] Alcides possesses enough power and skill to easily repel Gate of Babylon, making Gilgamesh acknowledge his strength.[16] Although the Pelt of the Nemean Lion gives Alcides a great advantage over Gilgamesh, who fires man-made weapons, Gilgamesh would have condemned an ordinary Heroic Spirit who relied on the power of a Noble Phantasm to swat aside his treasures as irreverent. Realizing that Alcides himself was the one that skinned the beast, Gilgamesh has high hopes that he may possess strength to rival his own. Even without the pelt, sweeping Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasms aside with his bow is a feat of consummate skill. It is worthy of praise, although Gilgamesh claims that he would never be so common.[5]

The first time Alcides ever attacked Gilgamesh was as a surprise attack fired from over 20 kilometers away. The arrow flew far faster than the wind, and outstripped even the speed of sound. It plunged ahead like a laser, defying the laws of physics by never slowing or losing altitude. It produced shockwaves through the sky over the city that shattered the glass of every building below the arrow’s trajectory one after another. No human — no, not even a Heroic Spirit — could survive a direct hit from such a missile unscathed. The strike would reduce their entire upper body to mincemeat before it even pierced their skull. However, this great attack was intercepted by the Auto Defensor Noble Phantasms Gilgamesh had set up in anticipation of a surprise attack from Enkidu. But the second shot had already been fired. The Auto Defensors’ lightning activated to intercept the arrow, but although several bolts struck home, it slipped through the gaps in the bolts to fly straight at Gilgamesh. The speed at which these electric mechanisms travel through air — that is, the speed of lightning — while slower than light, still should have been more than sufficient to catch any ordinary arrow. The speed of that arrow, however, was beyond human limitations. Gilgamesh immediately materialized his Golden Armor, and swept the arrow aside with his left gauntlet. It seemed that it could not completely kill the shot’s momentum, however, because a portion of the armor cracked, and fragments of gold showered the floor.[4]

Gilgamesh flew with Vimana to meet Alcides while several arrows were coming at him periodically. The dozens of interception systems Gilgamesh had deployed around the ship were shooting them down perfectly. Once Gilgamesh got closer, the Alcides' bow was firing with such force that it threatened to pierce Vimana’s armor. Gilgamesh proceeded to attack him with Gate of Babylon, by firing dozens of Noble Phantasms, some of which were of high rank. Alcides, however, brandished his bow with his left hand, and went about sweeping aside the shower of Noble Phantasms with a speed that defied even a Heroic Spirit’s expectations, deflecting them without so much as a scratch. Gilgamesh then deployed the entrances to his treasury, so as to surround Alcides on all sides. He then poured down on Alcides tens, hundreds, thousands of Noble Phantasms. They were blades or wisdom; suffering or salvation. There were dragon-slaying long swords; cursed swords that bring ruin; hero-killing spears; formless thunderbolts. The originals of every Noble Phantasm that human hands had ever possessed or created were being hurled out unsparingly. A hellish rain of mankind’s legends, fired from every conceivable angle. However, thanks to the Pelt of the Nemean Lion, Alcides took no damage from the attack. He instead called Gilgamesh weak, and claimed that only by drawing his most powerful weapon would they be equal.[4]

Ishtar is able to parry Alcides' arrows with pure Magical Energy control. Thanks to the dense Od surrounding her body, she's able to send back his arrows without using special magecraft. Once Huwawa arrives and starts destroying Bazdilot Cordelion's workshop, he gives Alcides permission to go all out. The battle between these multiple beings is interrupted by François Prelati's Grand Illusion.[8]


By the second time he met Hippolyta after their fight at the ravine, her Saint Graph had been reinforced by her Master. Although this had increased her power, she was still struggling to bridge the gap in the Magical Energy contained in their Spirit Origins with skill alone. However, although Alcides had also grown more powerful due to stealing Jack the Ripper's From Hell, he had been worn down by consecutive battles and was in no condition to shake her off with brute force. While Alcides was riding Mares of Diomedes to escape from Pale Rider, Hippolyta intercepted him. Hippolyta fired her bow at the gaps in the Nemean lion’s pelt that protected him while occasionally switching to her spear and attacking his weapon directly. It was a ceaseless rain of blows, perfectly in sink with the movements of her galloping horse. She then concentrated the greater part of her divine aura into her spear and channeled the remainder into her mount. The queen and her prized steed had gone beyond unity of horse and Rider and become one with her weapon as well. They formed a single arrowhead, driving a ferocious blow into Alcides, wounding him severely. To escape, Alcides poured the black mud inside him over Hippolyta through his new wound. To save Hippolyta, her Master ordered her with a Command Spell to "Draw the dragon from the Ley Lines and release it with divine might." In that instant, not only the Magical Energy of Goddess of War, but the one inside Hippolyta swelled explosively and blasted away most of the oncoming “mud.” With Alcides nowhere to be seen, Hippolyta was able to surmise that it would have been impossible for her to completely shake off that “mud” mingled with his blood and an immense quantity of magical energy had her Saint Graph not been boosted by the Command Spell.[12]


Class Skills[]

Personal Skills[]

  • Distortion (A Rank): A Skill that forces the distortion of the class the Servant was originally called forth in. He or she would receive the other class' specialty as proof. Conversely, at least one among the set of the original Class Skills has declined. In Alcides' case, he gained the Avenger class, gaining Avenger as a Class Skill due to the exposition to the mud of the Fuyuki grail. In return, Independent Action was dropped to C Rank.[1]
  • Mind's Eye (True) (B Rank): Insight fostered through training and discipline. In Alcides's case, having his god-given abilities thrown away, the techniques he accumulated as a human make their appearance.[1]
  • Valor (E Rank): A skill that brushes aside mental interference and increases melee damage. The divine curse lodged inside him has been brought out by the Command Spell. The rank has decreased considerably.[1]
  • Battle Continuation (A+ Rank): Alcides can continue fighting even with wounds that place him on the verge of death. An ability representing his strong will to stay alive on the battlefield.[1]

Noble Phantasms[]

King's Order[]

Alcides' main Noble Phantasm is King's Order, which he gained as a crystallization and proof of having completed the Twelve Labors, after having been altered and subsequently losing his Divinity and his immortality. In exchange for having lost his twelve lives, Alcides can now use twelve different Noble Phantasms, each one being the embodiment of one labor.[1] The most notable Noble Phantasms granted by King's Order are the following:

  • Pelt of the Divine Beast (First Labor): The pelt of the Nemean Lion draped over Alcides' face as a means of assuring that "works of man never again enter [his] sight."The cloth works as an armor that cannot be pierced by any tool created by Humans.[5] Since all the treasures in Gate of Babylon are ineffective against it, Alcides is able to go toe-to-toe against Gilgamesh, the “oldest and mightiest of heroes."[17] During their first fight, Gilgamesh hit him with anything and everything, not only with his first-class armaments, but even the Noble Phantasms of lower orders that he would ordinarily not even bother firing. Even after firing thousands of treasures, Alcides was unharmed.[5] During Alcides' rematch with Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh continuously fired hundreds of Noble Phantasms with Gate of Babylon. These were no longer the weak Noble Phantasms he had used during their first confrontation. Every one of these would be sure to smash Alcides' Saint Graph. If they had been fired with conceit, the myriad of Noble Phantasms would have fallen as a rain of vicious bloodlust with no thought for efficiency or any other consideration. Now, however, Gilgamesh had no conceit. His onslaught consisted of accurate Noble Phantasms aimed precisely at the parts of Alcides’ body that the Nemean Lion’s pelt did not cover. It was a lethal swarm that would have obliterated any ordinary Heroic Spirit. To block Gilgamesh's arrows, Alcides used Nine Lives. Those he could not completely evade, he blocked with the pelt by twisting his body, nullifying them.[11] The power of the Nemean lion’s hide has no effect on attack's not delivered with weapons. This is how Jack the Ripper (Berserker)'s hundreds of bodies all boosted by From Hell could assail Alcides. The inherent toughness of the pelt prevented it from being torn to shreds, but a portion of the attacks still pierced it, so that the claws and heat reached even Alcides’ guts. If there was such a thing as the pains of hell, it was certainly his current predicament. The ceaseless rain of blows no longer permitted Alcides to so much as stand.[9]
  • Chiron's immortality (Fourth Labor): The immortality of his mentor Chiron, who Heracles accidentally struck with an arrow tipped with Hydra poison. Unable to die but wracked with extreme pain, Chiron gave up his godhood, Heracles taking it to transfer it to Prometheus. As a Noble Phantasm, it acts as a single resurrection.[13]
  • Goddess of War (Ninth Labor): The sash of Ares that Heracles stole from Hippolyta that allows its user to greatly increase their own Divinity, Strength, Endurance, Agility, and Mana Parameters. Despite Alcides having a slight advantage over Hippolyta in a simple comparison of basic abilities, and being able to further increase his power with his own copy of her Noble Phantasm, the two of them are even when fighting for the first time. This is because whereas Hippolyta uses the sash to raise her natural power several ranks, Alcides only applies it to his weapons; but he never accepts the power into himself due to his hatred for the Twelve Olympians. When both of them enhance their respective bows, the Magical Energy of the opposing arrows clash, rebound and assail the surroundings with a great wind.[5] During his first fight with Gilgamesh, Alcides started to charge this Noble Phantasm to counter Merodach. Since their battle was interrupted by Hippolyta, it is unknown what would have happened if the two had clashed.[4]

Nine Lives[]

One of Alcides greatest trump cards is Nine Lives. An attack that can be performed in various ways with a weapon or perhaps even bare-handed. Drawing the maximum power from the weapon, from Anti-Unit to Anti-Army, up to sieging, various forms depending on the circumstances are on display.[1] Alcides states that he could have countered Jack the Ripper (Berserker) and his hundreds of doubles all boosted by From Hell had he used Nine Lives.[9]

During his second fight with Gilgamesh, Alcides was boosted by From Hell. Alcides used Nine Lives so that each arrow he released would shoot down multiple Noble Phantasms fired by Gate of Babylon, but even more shocking than their force were their unusual trajectories and the speed of the barrage. Alcides was nocking two or three arrows at once and drawing his bow too fast for the eye to follow. And that was not all. His arrows changed trajectory in midair as if each shaft had a will of its own, precisely shooting down Gilgamesh’s oncoming Noble Phantasms. He fires Nine Lives again, this time, drawing his bow back especially far until it seemed about to snap in two, charging it with his mud-like Magical Energy to deliver a fatal blow on Gilgamesh rather than block his attacks. If it had been his normal self, it would have been shrouded in pure divinity, a culmination of skill and divinity said to be “clad in dragons.” However, the shafts he fired wore an appearance that suggested vipers or evil dragons, nine outspread great serpent heads boring down. As Gilgamesh was readying a nameless Noble Phantasm to intercept the attack, his Gate of Babylon was closed by Ishtar with her Spare Key. Because of this, he was mortally wounded by Alcides.[11]

Reincarnation Pandora[]

Alcides third Noble Phantasm is Reincarnation Pandora, which he unlocked after being warped into the Avenger Class. It allows for Alcides to steal a Noble Phantasm from another Servant and use it as his own. Described by Alcides as "usurping" the opponent, Alcides is shown to call out the True Name of the Noble Phantasm, immediately ceasing the opponent's usage of their Noble Phantasm and conferring the effects onto Alcides. The exact conditions are not stated.[9] Although this makes Alcides one of the most dangerous opponents in the True and False Holy Grail Wars, Tiné Chelc was convinced that Gilgamesh would defeat him during their second fight, where Alcides was combining Nine Lives with From Hell. This is because the way things were going, Gilgamesh would not even need to draw Ea, the Sword of Rupture, to unleash Enuma Elish, so there would be no risk of it being stolen.[11]

The Noble Phantasms Alcides has stolen are the following:

  • From Hell: Although Alcides states that he could have defeated Jack the Ripper (Berserker) with Nine Lives, he said that his power was too valuable to merely defeat. Having never imagined that he would bring so much power to bear against a human opponent, he instead chose to steal it. This Noble Phantasm transforms Alcides into a pseudo-Demon, which not only grants him horns and wings among other abilities, but it also shrouds his body in Magical Energy several times stronger than the one he had previously.[9] Just like Gilgamesh, in this form, Alcides is so powerful that Richard I can tell at a glance that he would have no chance of winning if they fought head-on. Although Richard isn't strong enough to make Alcides' blood run cold, his great speed further reinforced by his court mage makes Alcides warry of him. He states that purely in terms of speed, Richard may outmatch him, and that depending on his Noble Phantasm, he merits caution.[10]


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    Eye of the Mind (True): B
    Insight fostered through training and discipline. In Alkeides's case, having his god given abilities thrown away, the techniques he accumulated as a human make their appearance.

    Bravery: E
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    The divine curse lodged inside him has be brought out by the Command Spell. The score has decreased considerably.

    Battle Continuation: A+
    Can continue fighting even with wounds that place him on the verge of death. An ability representing his strong will to stay alive on the battlefield.

    Noble Phantasms
    King's Order: Twelve Glories
    Rank: C~A++
    Type: -
    Range: -
    Losing his divinity along with his immortality meant obtaining [proof of crushing the labors]. Starting with [Pelt of the Divine Beast] and [War God's War Sash], this is the embodiment of [having owned the Noble Phantasms in one's legend]. One's own tools can be fully used. However, as using this crushes a convention of the Holy Grail itself, magical energy consumption is increased manifold.

    Nine Lives: The Shooting Hundred Heads
    Rank: C~A+
    Type: Unknown
    Range: As the occasion demands
    The technique that has become a Noble Phantasm is called [Style: Shooting the Hundred Heads], and can be performed in various ways with a weapon or perhaps even bare-handed. Drawing the maximum power from the weapon, from anti-unit to anti-army, up to sieging, various forms depending on the circumstances are on display.

    Reincarnation Pandora: Usurper of the Celestial Wind
    Rank: EX
    Max Targets:

    CLASS アヴェンジャー/真アーチャー
    身長・体重: 203cm 141kg






    心眼(真): B

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