Alice (ありす, Arisu?) is the Master of Caster in the Moon Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA.



Her real name is unknown. When she was young, she lived in England. Before Alice passed away, a foreign army invaded her country. In an air raid at the end of World War IIWP she was gravely injured and her remaining days were said to be numbered, and ended up in a vegetative state in the hospital. However it was discovered that she had Magic Circuits, and after that she was kept alive as-is for research purposes. After a few years of experiencing continual pain and suffering, her physical body finally died. However her mind that was connected to the net remains, and she continues to live as a cyber Magus.[2]

Her true identity is a net-ghost that wanders around the cyber world. She had run from a reality which held only pain for her into a cyber "Dream World." As she wandered around the network she came across Moon Cell, and then made a contract with the only friend she'd ever had; Caster. After formally becoming a Master, she did not immediately participate in the Holy Grail War, she just gazed upon the world of SE.RA.PH. Occasionally she would find another Master who she thought was similar to herself, and in order to speak with him/her she would descend upon the grounds of the final tournament.[2]


Alice is a young lady with doll-like limbs and light pink eyes. Her long, pure white hair is divided in to braided pigtails that are tied off with a white and blue ribbon for each. Her clothing consists of a white hat that has a blue ribbon on each side, a light blue Victorian era dress and black Mary Jane shoes. Her dress is trimmed with white lace and decorated with two ribbons; one around her neck and the other tied around her waist.


« Well, I saw a lot of people I didn't know get together, and it looked like fun. »


Alice is a bright, playful child and also very shy. She is desperate for friends and people to care for her. Because of her innocent nature, she never recognizes the fact she is in a war and never acknowledges the harm of "playing" in battle with her peers.

The innocent Alice does not understand what killing is or how cruel a life-or-death battle can be. In spite of this, in order to forget the sad memories of the reality from which she ran away, she indistinctly embraces a desire to play with someone.[2]



Alice first appears within the preliminaries as the "wandering girl", a rumored female ghost that will suck out a victim's soul if they respond to her. As a Cyber ghost, she hopes someone to notice her. Sensing a strange presence staring from behind, she appears before the Initial Protagonist without any footsteps or sound of breathing once he looks back. She quickly fades away without saying anything. Meeting her again, she asks if he isn't afraid of her, and introduces herself as Alice. She has a faint smile on her face afterward, and invites them to have tea sometime.

Alice is the third Master Hakuno Kishinami faces during the Holy Grail War, although she is first introduced as a ghost haunting the 3rd floor of the school during the prologue. Alice and her Servant (who also refers to herself as Alice) appear to be identical twins, even dressing in the same style of clothing. Until encountering Alice, Hakuno had only fought against stronger opponents, but now Hakuno faces a Master that is weaker than them, and also friendly.[2]

Throughout the week, they convince Hakuno to "play games" with them, noting two people named Yamada and Suzuki as previous "playmates." On the first floor of the arena, Alice and Alice summon a monster that is initially believed to be a Berserker class Servant. After the "Servant" is defeated by a newly created Vorpal Blade only Alice and Alice remain. It is then deduced that the monster was not the children's Servant at all. On the second floor of the arena, the two girls change the area around them in to a place where all intruders forget who they are over time, eventually dying. When Hakuno survives this encounter the first time, it is revealed a powerful Reality Marble has been put in place. The hero is able to diffuse the area of effect by saying their name out loud. It is this, and helpful advice from Touko Aozaki , that imply Alice's Servant is of the Caster class and is actually the second Alice.

It is revealed soon after that Alice's Servant is Nursery Rhyme, the embodiment of the world of picture books for children. Because Nursery Rhyme does not have its own body, it manifests itself as the will of its current Master; in this case a mirror version of Alice herself, who wished for a friend to ease her loneliness.

In Alice's final moments, she confirms what had been insinuated the entire time: Alice is already dead in the real world. However, her spirit is able to live on in the Moon Cell as a "cyber ghost". As she and Caster lay dying, Alice held her Servant's hand and told her it would be okay. With a final smile, she disappeared.

Last Encore[]

Alice is a cyber ghost that resides on the third floor and is technically the floor's Master. Despite being dead, ALice is able to manifest thanks to the help of her Servant, Caster, who allows her to manifest through a dream.

The Moon Cell can't get rid of Alice, allowing (or more accurately, forcing) Alice to remain on the third floor mostly by herself.

At one point, an unnamed male Master arrived on the third floor and was able to see Alice, unlike other Masters. This Master, whom Alice referred to as "Onii-chan," spent considerable time with Alice, such as reading a book or playing hide and seek with her.

Eventually, this Master asked Alice to forfeit the match and allow the Master to ascend to the next floor. When Alice begged the Master not to leave, her "Onii-chan" promised to return once he had obtained the Holy Grail.

Alice began to wait patiently for Onii-chan's return. Her time spent waiting was filled with loneliness as several new arrivals to the third floor decided to head back down. No one would explain to Alice what was happening because they could not see her, leading Alice to assume the Chakravartin, which had appeared in the sky, was the cause of everyone's absence.

Alice gradually began to fade and, in a desperate attempt to stay on the third floor until Onii-chan's return, began supplementing herself with various objects on the third floor. Doing so eventually morphed her innocent, little girl form into a grotesque being that easily devoured any Master unlucky enough to encounter it. Alice also ended up forgetting about her promise to her Onii-chan.

When HAKUNO Kishinami arrived on the third floor with Saber and Rin in tow, the trio discovered that they were having lapses in their memories and seeing visions as they explored the third floor's "Nameless Forest." HAKUNO, in particular, had visions of meeting with Alice, though these memories actually belonged to Alice's Onii-chan.

Alice, in her monster form, does encounter HAKUNO, Saber and Rin but gets defeated shortly after. However, Caster's powers causes the day to reset should Monster!Alice be defeated. HAKUNO, Saber and Rin find themselves back to where they started.

HAKUNO decides to visit the place where Alice and her Onii-chan used to spend time together, and discovers the book the Onii-chan once read to Alice.

In Monster!Alice's next encounter with HAKUNO and his friends, she proves durable enough to withstand an attack from Rin's Gáe Bolg and a slash from Saber's flaming sword, but once Monster!Alice sees HAKUNO carrying her precious book, she stops waiting and allows herself to be permanently killed by Saber.

HAKUNO, Saber and Rin proceed to leave the third floor. Alice watches the trio leave while addressing HAKUNO as "Onii-chan," seemingly realizing that HAKUNO is the same person as her disappeared Onii-chan.


Alice is one of the Masters who died on the near side that was transported to the far side; however, unlike most of these deceased Masters, Alice retained her Servant, Caster.

Alice is first encountered in Chapter 3. She convinces Hakuno to play tag with her. The two eventually arrive at the end of the arena, where Passionlip is being mocked by Caster. Both Alice and Caster decide to stuff objects into Passionlip's storage space in spite of her protests.

Hakuno will interrupt the duo and "rescue" Passionlip from the two girls, who promptly leave the scene.

By the time of Chapter 6, Alice and Caster have been captured by Meltryllis. Caster is turned into a doll and ripped to pieces, which renders Alice in a comatose state. When Hakuno arrives at Alice's location, Alice uses the last vestiges of her strength to beg Hakuno to rescue Caster.

Hakuno accomplishes this task and returns the doll-sized Caster to Alice's lap, which allows Alice to finally pass on and Caster to briefly materialize and thank Hakuno for saving them.

According to Caster, Alice had died three times by this point, but her second and third deaths were relatively peaceful thanks to Hakuno showing sympathy to them and being willing to play with Alice both times. Caster soon fades away and rejoins her Master in death.


Although she possesses great magic which was put together for her by SE.RA.PH, her Magus survival instinct is weaker than Hakuno's.[2]

  • Dragon Skillet (火吹きトカゲのフライパン, Hifuki Tokage no Furaipan?, lit. "Fire-breathing Lizard's Skillet") - Inflicts damage and Stun vs BREAK
  • March of the Black Tea (紅茶のマーチ, Kurocha no Māchi?) - Restores a small amount of Servant health.


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    • Height: 137cm
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    • Talents: Nothing in particular
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    マリスとありす Caster

    • 身長:137cm
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    • 誕生日:不明
    • イメージカラー:水色
    • 特技:とくになし
    • 好きな物:おいかけっこ、甘いお茶会
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    She did not participate in the Holy Grail War of her own will, she simply found herself as one of the Masters before she knew it. She is your opponent in the third round.
    She is a young girl around eight years old with a cute girlish appearance. Her personality matches her appearance; innocent and weak. Although she possesses great magic which was put together for her by SE.RA.PH, her Magus survival instinct is weaker than the protagonist’s.
    Until encountering Alice, the protagonist had only fought against stronger opponents, but now the protagonist faces a Master that is weaker than them, and also friendly.
    Her true identity is a net-ghost that wanders around the cyber world.
    Alice has no physical body.
    She wanders through SE.RA.PH as though in a dream, coming across new places to play.
    “Well, I saw a lot of people I didn’t know get together, and it looked like fun.”
    This little girl had played alone for a long, long time. She joined in on this life-or-death competition because she was lonely.
    The Holy Grail War is a cruel competition, and she fails to understand the importance or need to steal the lives of others.


    Before Alice passed away, she lived in England.
    In an air raid at the end of World War II she was gravely injured and her remaining days were said to be numbered. However it was discovered that she had magic circuits, and after that she was kept alive as-is for research purposes. After a few years of experiencing continual pain and suffering, her physical body finally died. However her mind that was connected to the net remains, and she continues to live as a cyber Magus.
    She had run from a reality which held only pain for her into a cyber “Dream World.”
    As she wandered around the network she came across Moon Cell, and then made a contract with the only friend she’d ever had; Caster.
    After formally becoming a Master, she did not immediately participate in the Holy Grail War, she just gazed upon the world of SE.RA.PH. Occasionally she would find another Master who she thought was similar to herself, and in order to speak with him/her she would descend upon the grounds of the final tournament.
    … However, upon entering the final tournament one cannot help but fight.
    Like this, the young girl who was chased from reality was once again embroiled in conflict in the cyber world.
    The innocent Alice does not understand what killing is or how cruel a life-or-death battle can be.
    In spite of this, in order to forget the sad memories of the reality from which she ran away, she indistinctly embraces a desire to play with someone.




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