The unnamed Alien God (異星の神, Isei no Kami?, lit. "God of Another Planet") is the being behind the events of Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt.[1]



The Alien God is a currently unnamed entity who intends to descend upon Earth. Its background is largely unknown, though it described itself as a being from a different star.[2]

It is unknown if it is related to the unnamed being called Satan by Ashiya Dōman, given Ashiya Dōman's search for the lost history, or if they are in fact the same being.[3]


The Alien God is described as having an indifferent voice, and was fine with the Crypters chosing either eternal sleep or resurrection. It seeks to descend upon the world and wishes for the Greater History of Man to be crushed to achieve that end.[2]


Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the LostbeltEdit

The Alien God was the one who instigated the blanking of the world of the Greater History of Man and the invasion of the Lostbelts, as well as reviving the Crypters.[1]

It initially only approached Kirschtaria Wodime, but was convinced to extend its offer to the other members of the A-Team as well.[4] It approached them with a proposal - to chose between resurrection and glory or eternal sleep and idleness. Wishing to survive, they all chose resurrection and were each granted a Lostbelt as territory as well as a Servant.[2] It also bestowed them with a special Command Spell, carved onto their souls.[4] The Crypters were tasked with nurturing the Fantasy Trees and expanding the Lostbelts, eventually creating the stage for the Alien God's descent.[2]

At an unknown point, the Alien God had three Servants summoned to act as its emissaries, including Rasputin and Koyanskaya.[1]

On December 31st 2017, the Earth's surface was turned into a blank slate and the planet isolated. During the next three months, the Alien God rewrote the world's Texture and fixed seven Lostbelts to the surface, to eventually expand and engulf the planet, usurping the Greater History of Man.[1]


The Alien God is an immensely powerful entity, capable of wiping an entire planet's surface and completely destroying Earth's governments in mere days, as well as isolating the planet from signals, cosmic rays and other emissions from celestial bodies except the Sun. It is also capable of rewriting the Texture of a world and fixing existences such as the Lostbelts to it. The Alien God and the Fantasy Trees which originate from it can maintain the existence of a Lostbelt, which would normally be pruned as a dead-end history.[1][2]

It is capable of reviving individuals close to the point of death, such as the Crypters.[2] It can also bestow certain privileges on other entities, such as the special Command Spell it carved onto the Crypters' souls, and the ability to freely travel between the Lostbelts, which it granted to the Servants it had summoned to act as its emissaries.[1][4]

Quotes Edit

-----A change in the situation has been confirmed. A proposal for you chosen ones, a suggestion for you abandoned ones. If you desire glory, then choose the ressurection. If you desire idleness, then choose the eternal sleep. God is fine with either one. - To Crypters.   

I am the being from a different star that will descend upon this star. The tree of fantasy will initialize this planet. It'll build up a new myth. Crush down the Greater History of Man, and construct God with your own hands. Build up the allows to receive me. - To Kadoc Zemlupus 


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