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All Around Type-Moon (ALL AROUND TYPE-MOON ~アーネンエルベの一日~?) is a drama CD released at Comiket 72 in 2007. It has a manga adaptation, All Around Type-Moon - Ahnenerbe no Nichijou (ALL AROUND TYPE-MOON~アーネンエルベの日常?), written by B-suke for TYPE-MOON Ace. Various TYPE-MOON characters interact within Ahnenerbe and find themselves in comedic situations. The first chapter adapts part of the drama CD, while the rest are original stories. The first four chapters and one new original chapter were collected in a volume, and three more have been published in issues of Ace.

Chapter listEdit

Volume 1 was published January 9, 2010.

# Title Original publishing date
01 A Day of Ahnenerbe
April 21, 2008
(TYPE-MOON Ace Volume 1) Saber, Shiki Ryougi and Arcueid end up in Ahnenerbe together and discuss the works they appeared in. As they talk, various other characters such as the other heroines of Fate and Tsukihime arrive and end up causing more than a little calamity. In this time, Shiki Nanaya claims when he walked in he was shot by Neko-Arc with a strange beam, and Shiki Ryougi takes the book she had and finds plans to take over Type-Moon. Everyone helps to take down Neko-Arc, and the cafe is destroyed in the process. As everyone leaves, the main heroines promise to meet each other again another time.
02 Another Day of Ahnenerbe
January 21st, 2009
(TYPE-MOON Ace Volume 2) Caren and Ciel come to Ahnenerbe to take a relic with Nasu's picture on it that makes people laugh when they breath the gas it emits back to the church, but chaos ensues when no one can get it into the bag without laughing. Eventually, it lands in Len's hands, and as she never laughs it has no effect on her. However, George returns and is furious for them destroying Ahnenerbe (again) and everyone involved with the event was forced to work at Ahnenerbe for a week.
03 The Magical, Terrible Ahnenerbe
August 21st, 2009
(TYPE-MOON Ace Volume 3) Shiki Ryougi meets Saber and Arcueid again when they are working at Ahnenerbe (Saber because she was getting worried about a glare Rider was sending her way and Arcueid because she felt like helping Saber). At that moment, Magical Amber arrives and pulls out various things to keep them occupied, including a button that makes the three heroines switch bodies. As various other people come into the cafe and get confused, Magical Amber comes back and tries to fix the problem, only to accidentally make them switch bodies with everyone else in the cafe (except her). Finally, Kohaku comes in with another drug and returns everyone to their bodies...except Magical Amber and herself, who switch with each other.
04 I Am Neco-Arc
December 24, 2009
(TYPE-MOON Ace Volume 4) Neko-Arc has amnesia and comes to work at Ahnenerbe. All goes well until the three main heroines return and accidentally restore her memories. She immediately tries to take revenge on them, but her army of cats refuses to come out. Lancer quickly covers for her before Arcueid can make her attack, however, and the heroines leave. Arcueid leaves Ahnenerbe on a journey to find herself, while Lancer eagerly awaits her return.
05 Type Michelin ~The Trial of Hibi-Chika~
January 9, 2010
(Volume release) Features Hibino Hibiki and Katsuragi Chikagi on their first day. People especially compliment Hibiki's cooking, but then Saber Alter arrives and Hibiki completely fails to satisfy her, wearing herself out in her attempts. Finally, Chikagi makes something incredibly simple and Saber Alter declares it to be superb before falling asleep just as Shirou arrives to take her back home. He initially panics the moment he sees his classmates sitting at a table, but they quickly promise not to say anything they saw. Meanwhile, Hibiki tries Chikagi's sandwich and suddenly falls asleep, while Saber (who has returned to normal) wonders why she has a giant stomachache.
06 Fairy Busters
June 21, 2010
(TYPE-MOON Ace Volume 5) Arcueid feels to lazy to do anything one day when Shiki Ryougi and Azaka come in and swipe a fairy off of her, revealing Touko asked them to look for them because apparently some other people had been bitten by them. Then Shinji arrives and claims to be controlling them. He causes Shiki (Tohno and Ryougi) as well as Saber and Lancer to fall asleep from other fairies, then goes for Akiha, the Tohsaka sisteres, and Azaka. However, Azaka finds out they can sense the heat of the fairies, and they proceed to wipe them out. Unfortunately, one more bites Taiga who just walked in, and turns into a bizarre monster. Azaka and Rin knock out Shinji and destroy the monster, which sends out a substance that wakes up all the people that fell asleep. Touko traps the last fairy and gets rid of it, while Sakura asks for Shinji to be forgiven and she will reprimand him (very painfully). Before they leave, Arcueid writes "Seaweed" on his forehead (it was what everyone referred to Shinji as other than the Fate characters). Taiga didn't wake up, though.
07 Thousand Key In Love
December 24, 2010
(TYPE-MOON Ace Volume 6) Kohaku claims Chikagi is in love out of the blue, and produces a love potion that Akiha and Hisui try to claim for themselves, but Kohaku reveals it specifically will not work between siblings unrelated by blood and between maids and their masters, so she offers it to Chikagi. Caren and Sakura conveniently end up in Ahnenerbe and try offering methods to make people fall in love with them. Gilgamesh (child version) gives her gloves that will let her divine her fate more easily. Chikagi tries it even though she has no idea about any of it, and just as Hibiki comes in, everyone who was giving her advice suddenly stops, saying it only works on males, while causing Chikagi massive embarrassment because it means she loves Hibiki.
08 ~Saber x Saber~
December 15, 2011
(TYPE-MOON Ace Volume 7) Rin is learning to use a laptop when Archer comes in and asks her to perform numerous tasks which she finds too complicated, and somehow ends up transporting Fate/EXTRA's Saber to Ahnenerbe from the Moon Cell through the laptop. Many people mistake her for Saber from Fate/Stay Night, though Archer and Lancer notice she isn't the same servant. Conveniently, the moment Saber tries to walk out, Sion and Saber (Stay Night) walk in, to which Saber panics that someone swapped bodies with her again. Red Saber (dubbed this by Sion) speaks with the others about the Holy Grail War under SE.RA.PH. while Sion tries to open a path to the Moon Cell. Then Rani appears on the screen with Red Saber's master nearby when the arena gate opens and tons of monsters flood in. While they fight the monsters off, both Sabers mysteriously get dragged into the Arena, where they fight another giant horde of monsters. Finally, Sion and Rani prepare to get the Sabers of their respective worlds out of the Arena. One giant monster appears right in front of them, and out of fury Red Saber activates Aestus Domus Aurea to take on the giant monster, and Blue Saber uses Excalibur to destroy the source of the monsters spawning. Both Sabers say their goodbyes and return to their respective worlds with stories of their adventure. Unfortunately for Ahnenerbe, various servants from Fate/EXTRA end up teleported in through Rin making another error.
09 Magical Girl vs Magical Lady
Illya and Miyu from Fate/kaleid are working at Ahnenerbe, acompanied by Ruby and Sapphire until they are interrupted by Fate/stay night Rin who is chasing her version of Ruby. After a moment of shock both Ruby's explain to the group that Rin is from another reality and Illya explainshow she obtained her version of Ruby. She also introduces Miyu to her, who feels happy for her making a friend (which leads Illya to comment that she's nicer than her counterpart), and at that moment Fate/stay night Shirou appears and becomes shocked at seeing both Ruby's, and after explaining everything to him, Illya tells them that she's working to buy her Shirou's a birthday present and Rin suggests that she buys him some cooking ware, until they're once again interrupted, this time by Fate/stay night version of Luvia Edelfelt who engages in a fist fight with Rin, until she accidentaly grabs F/sn Ruby, who turns her into Magical Lady Kaleido Edelfelt in order to take revenge at Rin's locking him up and she sets up a magical space which turns dangerous objects into non-dangerous ones. After failing to attack her, Rin asks Shiki Ryougi (who was with them at the cafe) to cut the space open but she refuses as, apparently, the lines of death have a heart shape and she decides to sleep until the battle ends and just after that Luvia knocks Shirou out with a backdrop (she tried to attack Rin but she used a substitution spell and switched places with Shirou) and traps Rin with a magical rope. Then Illya and Miyu turn into magical girls and fight Luvia, who manages to overwhelm them so Miyu uses the Saber class card to distract her while Illya uses an attack to free Rin, who defeats Luvia using her backdrop technique, defeating her and Ruby. However Ruby tries to target the now awake Shiki, only to be grabbed by Rin before Ruby got hit by Shiki's knife, so he leaves peacefully with Rin and Shirou (who is carrying an injured Luvia). At the end Illya relaxes after the day ends but Miyu correctly guesses that the next day will be worse, because the next day Fate/stay night Illya enters the shop looking for her other self (which Miyu had predicted).
10 10 years
Saber from the fifth Holy Grail war meets her old master Kiritsugu Emiya. She tells him that Shirou spoke to her about the true nature of Kiritsugu's actions and she had come to accept them, then left without Kiritsugu even understanding anything. Kiritsugu decides to leave the shop at that moment, and passes Archer on his way, who is more than a little surprised about who he just bumped into.

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