Alter Ego (アルターエゴ, Arutā Ego?) is an Alter Ego-class Servant working as one of the three Alter Ego apostles of the Alien God in the Lostbelts of Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt. They are working in tangent with the seven Crypters attempting to supplant the Greater History of Man with the Lostbelts.



Alter Ego's True Name is Ashiya Douman (蘆屋 道満, Ashiya Dōman?), the Beautiful Carnivore, the All-Ridiculing (美しき肉食獣?). Douman is an Onmyouji in the Heian period and rival to Abe no Seimei.



He is described as a voracious, carnivorous beast whose voice is akin to a ghost of an evil king who devours gods, rips them apart, and makes their flesh his own. An ego guided by a greater existence, whose core brims with evil and malice.[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Shimousa Province: The Stage of Rivers of Blood and Mountains of CorpsesEdit

  • Great Spirit of Limbo

At some point, he met an alternative version of Amakusa, and both agreed to execute a plan to exterminate humanity.

He appears in the story as the Caster-class Caster Limbo (キャスター・リンボ, Kyasutā Rinbo?), being one of those responsible for the events in Shimousa, using black arts to corrupt several servants and turn them into beings that spread destruction across Shimousa. His silhouette is seen for the first time when the Seven Heroic Spirit Swordmasters appear to welcome the last member. He is the one who personally carves the Curse of Annihilation and transforms him into the remaining swordmaster.[2] He is the one who reactivates a certain puppet, which he dispatches to accompany the Chaldea faction in order to lure them into a trap.

At the climax of the story, on the arrival of the Onri Edo, he is seen as responsible for the strange phenomenon of the of sudden day/night shift, as the one who summons the monsters that appear at night. He decides to appear in the castle gardens, where he presents himself as Abe-no-Seimei before the group, to their disbelief. When Musashi attacks him, he decides to reactivate a version of the Curse of Annihilation in Danzou, causing the puppet to attack Chaldea against her will, as well as to release the horde of monsters he had saved for that moment. Seeing that it didn't work, Limbo decides to use the Curse of Annihilation on Musashi to transform her into a Heroic Spirit Swordmaster, but she is saved by the Chaldea Master. Surprised that his empowered sorcery was easily undone, he was injured by Musashi who took advantage of his confusion. Now angry to the point his face distorts, he decides to summon the Great Spirit of Limbo to defeat Chaldea, but to no avail. He is caught off guard by Fuuma who slashes him, presumably killing him.[3]

Later, his silhouette is seen on the upper floors of Edo castle. He survived and had hidden his presence to attack Musashi by surprise, but is stabbed by Empireo at the last moment, who states how disgusted he is with Limbo's existence in his sight before apparently disposing of him for good.[4]

At the end of these events, a surprisingly alive Limbo appears annoyed about the outcome of the entire setting. After calming himself, he claims that, even if he failed to invade Chaldea, he has finally succeeded in finding the Lost History (Missing Belt). He then mentions that the "Satan" he was following was just a false name, a ridiculous joke that he got onboard with a bit too far, before sincerely apologizing to ■■■■■■■■■.[1]

SIN: Land of Unified KnowledgeEdit

It was stated by Koyanskaya that Douman had found something interesting in the Indian Lostbelt, so it's unlikely he would budge for a while.[5]

Yuga Kshetra: The Black Final GodEdit

At some moment, he appeared in the Indian Lostbelt and convinced God Arjuna to accelerate the Maha Yuga in order to attain the flawless world the Lostbelt King seeks. He also helped him in summoning servants who, upon receiving divine authorities, they became Arjuna's Divine Generals.[6]

He is seen alongside Koyanskaya, amused at the way Black Final God remakes the world, stating that no matter how many times he experiences it, he always finds it fascinating. In response to Koyanskaya's comment about how sluggish it was because Chaldea could escape from it, he warns her about trying to provoke God's wrath: even they wouldn't be able to escape if Arjuna deemed as unnecessary in the next cycle. He finishes expressing his wish of seeing the perfection that God is slowly reaching through the Yugas.[6] Later, when the Priestess appeared next to him and he was somehow told about Koyanskaya's actions, Douman advises Arjuna about taking actions against her before it could develop into a danger to his world.[7]

After noticing Nezha's disappearance, Limbo is displeased for losing a pawn. He decides to summon another Heroic Spirit to replace the previous Lokapala, but Arjuna tells him that it is not necessary; the end of the Mahayuga is near. Limbo flatters Arjuna, claiming that his actions of speeding up the cycle will bring him the world beffiting of a perfect god and that it only takes a few cycles to reach the expected result. Asclepius, annoyed by Ashiya's monologue, asks him not to deviate from the main topic about Nezha. As the doctor prepares to leave, God Arjuna stops him, saying that he has to tell them something. Limbo finds this curious, wondering if there is still a fragment of humanity in the final god.[8]

While Arjuna is preparing his Noble Phantasm, Limbo comments that this time Chaldea will not be able to escape from it. William Tell shows before them, annoyed with God Arjuna for erasing his memories. This act of insubordination is considered evil, so Arjuna decides to eliminate it for the next cycle. Limbo agrees with the god, since it is necessary to eradicate all the imperfect aspects and he doubt that William can be an ally once again. When Tell decides to release his Noble Phantasm to shoot Arjuna, Douman commits the futility of his actions against a god, but is shocked to see the arrow hit Arjuna. Recognizing him as a Noble Phantasm who distorts the casuality to sucessfully hit the target, he knows that even if he failed to harm Arjuna, it would be enough to distract him and give Chaldea time to escape. William mocks Limbo's silence after realizing it, proud to know that his rebellious actions were not in vain.[9]

Limbo managed to pinpoint Chaldea's goal: the Sky Stone, so he recommends Arjuna to strike them down from the heavens, but he is puzzled to learn the god has no idea about that structure, since he never noticed it, leaving Douman wondering why that stone is in the lostbelt.[10]

Arjuna and Limbo decide to descend on the Sky Stone, intercepting Chaldea. Limbo is recognized by Ritsuka and Holmes as the caster who spread chaos in Shimousa. Sherlock ask him if he is the famous Abe no Seimei and if he is one of the Alien God's apostles. Limbo confess he is indeed one of it's servants and he was indeed the one who caused havoc in the pseudo-singularity, but he clarifies that he doesn't want to be mistaken for such a despicable onmyouji as Abe. He realizes that Koyanskaya is no longer on Chaldea's team so, although he cannot forgive her actions of siding with Chaldea, he won't inform his master about her whims. He tells that, even his body isn't suited for combat, he won't let Chaldea to reach Arjuna, less when his goal is so close. At some point of the fight, Arjuna began to lose his composure due to Karna, forcing Limbo to intervene to ask him to calm down, since the power of a perfect god is still necessary. Pointing that the time of the finale is near, Arjuna and Limbo decide to head to the Fantasy Tree.[11]

Before the final fight, after hearing the argument between Karna and Arjuna, Limbo decides there has been enough blasphemies against god and that it is time to accomplish his goals. Upon referring to the Fantasy Tree as the Empty Rhetoric Tree, he commands Spiral to activate and bloom so God Arjuna can make use of it's vast energy to defeat Chaldea's renmants. While Karna and Arjuna are fighting, Limbo remains near the Tree watching from afar. He decides it's time to end the fight by tarjeting and disposing of the Master of Chaldea, but before he can make a move, he is suddenly attacked. Douman recognizes the one behind the attack: Asclepius, who managed to resurrect himself in a state prior to being given the divine autorithies. The god of the medicine comments how much he is disgusted by Douman's actions, comparing him to a tumor who latches onto everyone to use them for his own sake, so he, as doctor, have the responsability to get rid of him before engaging the onmyouji in a battle.[11]

After the fight, Peperoncino manages to notice Limbo's actual state, asking him if he was at least trying. He already realized Douman's body wasn't the real one but his Saint Graph engraved on a shikigami clone. Douman replies the tree has failed, so he doesn't have business in the Indian Lostbelt anymore. Peperoncino ask him about his alliance, to which the onmyouji answer they aren't enemies as long they have the same goal. Bidding his farewell, he turned his shikigami body into dust.[11]

Olympus: Interstellar Mountain CityEdit

Douman and Rasputin were called by Zeus to a meeting, to check on the Fantasy Tree's status. As Zeus finishes, Douman stated that the Tree in the Atlantic Lostbelt is growing abnormally but is also far more stable than the tree in India. He feels happy about this, claiming that it won't be long until the advent of the Alien God. This upsets Aphrodite, who finds it disrespectful, as Douman is talking about another god before the mighty Zeus. Limbo proceeds to make fun of her, angering her further. He is unfazed about the goddess' intent of attacking him, pointing at the fact even the most beautiful of the goddess is bound to listen and obey Wodime. Rasputin intervenes to stop him, telling him to behave himself, reminding him of the fact that he failed on his duty back in the Indian Lostbelt. Douman then sarcastically apologizes to ease the mood. As a proof of his sincere apologies, he brutally punishes himself, to Hera's surprise. Later on, Zeus claims that the Greek gods rely on the Fantasy Tree to thrive. The onmyouji affirms that as long as they nurture the Tree until its maturity, he couldn't care less about their goals. He asks Zeus if he truly thinks he can overcome the Tree, to which the latter admits that it is a problem beyond his limitations, as he made a pact with Kirschtaria.[12]

In the second meeting, when Demeter was given the authorization to use her Aletheia to annihilate Chaldea, Limbo laughs at her swearing on her daughter's name, telling her she will never suceed. Rasputin tries to correct him before the gods by saying what Limbo meant to say is there is not point for the alteregos to be in the meeting if they aren't allowed to act.[13]

At the third meeting, Douman mocks the gods again, saying that it must be pitiful that one of the Olympians has been defeated by mere humans. Rasputin steps in once again to tell him to behave himself. The priest tells him that, as the emissaries of the Alien God, the only concern should be the Fantasy Tree, so how the affairs of the lostbelt are handled is the decision of the inhabitants, not theirs.[14]

At some point Limbo starts to suspect about Hera, so he decides to tamper her outfits via spells to listen her conversations remotely and track her location. Having confirmation of the place that Chaldea uses as a refuge, he and the Dioscuri storm the place. Prometheus is surprised to learn about a servant who can peep upon his workshop without him noticing it, asking Limbo if he really is a proper heroic spirit, to which Douman replies that his techniques are blessings from his god. When Minerva tries to stop the Dioscuri, Limbo effortlessly destroys it, saying that he is already used to crush automatas, and that in the same way he will take care of the god of wisdom and forging, casting a spell that corrode Prometeus' brain unit. Ritsuka tries to undo Douman's spell through Mystic Codes, but he warns him that without Command Spells, it won't be easy to shatter it. Hera pleads him to stop, since Prometheus is necessary to keep Olympus. Limbo proceeds to kidnap her, letting it be known that he was sent by Zeus to bring her before him and that she can answer for her betrayal before disappearing with her.[15]

Douman brings the divine consort before Zeus so her punishment can begin. After Rasputin lets him know that he is interfering excessively in the affairs of the lostbelt, the Chief God asks both alteregos to leave the Altar.[16]

In the crypters' meeting room, when Kadoc is trying to deduce the truth about the Alien God, Douman suddenly appears before him. He expresses his admiration towards Kadoc for reaching to a good conclusion with only a bit of messy data left by his fellow crypters. Claiming that Kadoc is awfully close to the truth, he proceeds to mortally injure him. After mocking his lack of preparation to play the spy and his attempt to defend himself with a defensive barrier, Limbo asks the Crypter if he believes that Kirschtaria reached the same conclusion. The omnyouji acknowledges that Wodime was cautious about not trying to investigate the truth because he knew he would get disposed of due to the contract with the Alien God, so he just left the data there and never analyzed it. After putting Kadoc under a painful curse, he bids farewell and leaves.[16]

He reappears in the Machine God's Cloister, standing before the God-Breakers Alliance to prevent them from rescuing Hera from her sentence, using onmyouji arts to summon Cerberus and the Great Spirit of Limbo. After the battle, Musashi strikes a clean blow to his neck, but she doesn't feel like she's reached his core. As he regenerates, Limbo admits that he tried to manipulate Zeus in the same way as God Arjuna, but he turned out to be more paranoid than expected, so he hopes to see what will happen once Chaldea face the chief god of the Olympians. Caenis deals another fatal blow to him, but the result is no different. While laughing, Douman encourages them to continue attacking him, as all damage to a shikigami body is negligible, claiming that his Life Continuation is invincible. Peperoncino appears, happy because he already saw through the ritual, so as compensation for the mess the Alter Ego caused in the Indian Lostbelt, he casts an Abhijna-based spell on Douman to counter his pseudo-immortality, rendering unable to reincarnate into another shikigami body. Limbo is left perplexed once he realizes his ritual was redefined, so Peperoncino mocks him, advising him to wisely use the last life he has left as the clone turns to dust.[17]

One of Limbo's shikigami bodies is seen alongside Caenis and Kirschtaria on the Palace alongside the Fantasy Tree Atlas. Mash is surprised to see Douman alive, despite being beaten earlier. The Alter Ego comments that no matter what happens, he cannot die. Kirschtaria interrupts him saying that he does not have permission to speak and that he is not as merciful as Zeus would be. Douman challenges him, asking him what a crypter can do against him. It turns out the shikigami Limbo left to supervise the Tree was unaware that the connection between the shikigami bodies and the main body had been severed not so long ago, so Kirschtaria lets him know the shikigami he is currently using is the only and last clone of him available in Olympus. Ashiya claims only certain onmyouji can peform such a feat before confirming the connection between his clones was indeed cut. Apologizing to the Crypter, he decides to watch Kirschtaria and Chaldea's combat from afar.[18]

Once the Tree is activated, Limbo reappears, ecstatic as the expected moment has arrived. He admits that he was suspecting that Kirschtaria would breach his contract with Alien God at some point, but since the outcome is clear, the descent is imminent. When Ritsuka tries to stop Wodime, Limbo intercedes, saying that he will be the opponent while his god manifests within the Tree. Suddenly, Kirschtaria announces that the Alien God's descent place will not be in Olympus and tells Limbo to look closely at the Tree. He realizes that the empty space for his god to manifest is already occupied by someone else. Caenis remarks once again that Kirschtaria renamed the Fantasy Tree Magellan to Atlas for a reason, so Douman concludes that at some point Wodime summoned Titan Atlas and integrated it into the Tree. Limbo asks the crypter if said action doesn't constitute a violation of the terms of the contract, to which Wodime responds that the Alien God entrusted him to nurture the Tree, but he was never specified to do or not with the void of its interior. After considering Kirschtaria a traitor, Caenis proceeds to attack him, manifesting his rebellion against the emissaries of the Alien God, with an angry Ashiya commenting on how reckless a false divine spirit can be before initiating combat.[18]

Limbo is overpowered by Caenis, amused that a low-classed existence can best him. Before the fight can continue, the Fantasy Tree Atlas begins to burn. Caenis asks if this is a distraction from the Alien God, but Limbo answers that was Beryl's doing, whom he sees as a venomous worm but he never thought he was so poisonous. Declaring Olympus as a lost cause and the descent of the Alien God as postponed, he decides in advance that his role came to an end before brutally finishing himself off.[19]

Somewhere, Ashiya Douman's main body awakens, with time having passed since the last time he was in control of it. He laughs uncontrollably at the fall of Olympus and his people, being the act of mocking his praises to Chaldea. He ends saying his patience is already at the limit and that he will personally invite them to his place, the Mandala of the Infernal World (地獄界曼荼羅, Jigoku-kai Mandara?).[20]


Caster of Limbo is a very powerful being that boasts tremendous powerful sorcery. Berserker of Saṃghāta Hell claims she wouldn't dare mess with Saber of Empireo and Caster of Limbo due to her having a "weak little Spirit Origin". If Rider of Kālasūtra Hell and her had to fight them, she'd want to at least have the same bodies and power that they did when we were alive.[21] According to Danzou, even Miyamoto Mushashi, who possesses an innate resistance to magic would not be able to escape unscathed if she received a direct hit of any of his attacks. His magic can also have special effects which in some cases can be directly compared to swords that have reached the demonic realm. For example, he's able to inflict wounds that never heal even refusing Ritsuka Fujimaru's Mystic Code.[3]

Ashiya is surprisingly an extremely powerful combatant in close quarters, capable of easily stopping one of Mushashi's brilliant slashes that according to Muramasa should have taken his head clean off.[3]

He is also able to erase his presence so completely he's able to sneak behind Musashi without her noticing, even though she never leaves her guard down.[4]

The Karma of the Absolute Massacre (一切鏖殺の宿業, Issai Ōsatsu No Shukugō?, localized as Curse of Annihilation), is a spell with which he can turn servants, humans or automata into genocidal beings who cannot avoid bringing death and destruction to all human life in the vicinity known as Heroic Spirit Swordmasters.[2] Those under the effects of the curse become undead beings that cannot be shot down by conventional methods, even with attacks from servants.[22] Due to this, Caster of Limbo claims only Muramasa's finest katana, Myoujingiri Muramasa, can wound them. Later own, Kotarou was also shown to be able to hurt them with his kunai, after he had absorbed Danzou's magical energy.[3]

He has the ability to change day and night at will, as well as summon a Crimson Moon, which can randomly transform humans into monsters.[3]

Life Continuation (生活続命, Seikatsu Zoku Inochi?) is the name of the ritual in which he engraves his saint graph in countless shikigami bodies, rendering him able to control them remotely and scatter them at will, gaining a form of immortality.[11][17] Seeing it as an imitation of the reincarnation cycle, Peperoncino used a spell based on Asavakkhaya-nana (漏尽通, Rōjintsū?, the Knowledge of the Destruction of Defilements) which allows the practitioner to reach Nirvana by excluding himself from Samsara, to render him to his main body and make him unable to reincarnate into his clones.[17]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Shouichi Furumi is the character designer for Ashiya Douman.


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