Alter Ego (アルターエゴ, Arutā Ego?) is an Alter Ego-class Servant working as one of the three Alter Ego apostles of the Alien God in the Lostbelts of Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt. They are working in tangent with the seven Crypters attempting to supplant the Greater History of Man with the Lostbelts. He previously appears in the story as the Caster-class Caster Limbo (キャスター・リンボ, Kyasutā Rinbo?).



Alter Ego's True Name is Ashiya Douman (蘆屋 道満, Ashiya Dōman?). Douman is an Onmyouji in the Heian period and rival to Abe no Seimei.




Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Shimosa Province: The Stage of Rivers of Blood and Mountains of CorpsesEdit

At the end of these events, Douman claims to have finally succeeded in finding the Lost History (Missing Belt). He then mentions that the "Satan" he was following was just a false name, a ridiculous joke that he got onboard with a bit too far, before sincerely apologizing to ■■■■■■■■■.[1]

SIN: Land of Unified KnowledgeEdit

It was stated by Koyanskaya that Douman had found something interesting in the Indian Lostbelt, so it's unlikely he would budge for a while.[2]



Creation and ConceptionEdit

Shouichi Furumi is the character designer for Ashiya Douman.


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