Alter Ego (アルターエゴ, Arutā Ego?) is an Alter Ego-class Servant working as one of the three Alter Ego apostles of the Alien God in the Lostbelts of Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt. They are working in tangent with the seven Crypters attempting to supplant the Greater History of Man with the Lostbelts. He first appears under the name Kirei Kotomine (言峰 綺礼, Kotomine Kirei?), acting as an a Executor from the Church tasked with overseeing the investigation into the dissolution of the previous staff of Chaldea for the incoming director Goldolf Musik.



Alter Ego's True Name is Grigori Rasputin (グリゴリー・ラスプーチン, Gurigorī Rasupūchin?),  known as the monster responsible for the Romanov Dynasty's collapse. He is a Pseudo-Servant in the human corpse of Kirei Kotomine, who died in Japan in around 2004. 



As of the end of the Anastasia Lostbelt, Rasputin has given up control of the body over Kotomine Kirei after having allowed Anastasia to take rule as Tzar. He is mentioned in Fate/Grand Order material III in Caster Irisviel's profile. There is only a single line of Irisviel saying "Eh? First thing first, could you die for me?"  Grigori doesn't mind using any form of deceitful methods where he initially pretends that his True Name was Metropolitan Marcius, the trusted mentor of Ivan the Terrible. 


Fate/Grand OrderEdit


Kirei was seen walking alongside with Koyanskaya‎.

Second PrologueEdit

Kirei was introduced by Goldolf Musik as the representative of the Church in charge of assisting the investigation committee.[1] Days after the arrest of the old Chaldea staff, he appears before the Chaldea Master and the others to have a brief talk. He informs them about the investigations made by the committee and about the releasing of the old Chaldea staff. When asked about Da Vinci, he replies that Leonardo is a servant, so he cannot be released and he will be forced to dematerialize due to the criterion that there is no need for Heroic Spirits of the past in the present world. He explains that Leonardo has been in the Control Room performing the A-Team thawing operation, and that as soon as he finishes, they will have to say goodbye to him. Given Ritsuka's refusal to leave with him, Kirei replies that answer was expected before being interrupted to be informed that the thawing was successful. He flatters Da Vinci and Ritsuka for their efforts, but concludes that in the end such efforts and results will be for naught.[2]

When the Oprichniki begins to invade Chaldea, he comments that it's time to leave and says goodbye to Ritsuka, but not before recommending to others not to leave the room.[3] Later, he suddenly appears behind Da Vinci, single-handely piercing his heart, claiming that he did out of habit after seeing so many openings in Da Vinci's defense. When he tries to withdraw his arm, Da Vinci pushes his back onto him to hold him, buying time for Chaldea members to escape. After confirming the destruction of Leonardo's Saint Graph, he tells Koyanskaya that there was unlisted servant among them, a possibility she had foreseen. He leaves her the job of getting rid of the remaining staff.[4]

He appears in the Control Room along with the Imperial Princess. He comments about his sadness for trampling on the child-like dream of the Animusphere of reaching the Root, but is his work as an adult to teach children about reality. He asks the Princess to accomplish the Tsar's wishes, freezing the Pseudo-Globe Chaldeas for rendering the rayshifting unable to be perfomed and shutting down Chaldea for a undefinite time.[4]

Anastasia: The Permafrost EmpireEdit

Under the name Macarius, he takes the role of the Tsar's advisor. He is seen interrupting the conversation between Kadoc and the Princess, to the annoyance of the latter, who sees it disrespectful that the Priest speaks to her so casually just for being the Tsar's instructor. The Priest responds that she is misunderstanding the matter, correcting that he is respectful to all members of the Russian royal family, regardless of whether it is the princess in which a certain tragedy fell, angering her even more. Kadoc gets in the way to calm her down, asking what his business with him is, since the Priest should be keeping the Tsar pleased with the repairs of the great cathedral, not talking to the princess, to which he replies that there is an urgent report: Chaldea has finally appeared. He recommends Kadoc to attack them immediately, but Kadoc says he cannot leave Tsar aside yet, so he will leave them to the Oprichniki and Koyanskaya. Kadoc asks him if he is going to help her, to which the Priest replies that he cannot abandon the Tsar too, apart that Koyanskaya is busy with his hobbies. After talking about Koyanskaya's careless conduct and his love for humanity, the Priest is tasked with letting him know the orders to eliminate the remaining forces of Chaldea, which he accepts. Noting Kadoc's anxiety, he advises him to rest a bit and to have a little more consideration about himself before leaving.[5]

He appears next to Koyanskaya, commenting on the relationship between Kadoc and Anastasia, as if asking his partner not to disturb them, since as Tsar's assistant, he cannot allow that, to which Koyanskaya responds sarcastically if that is due to his patriotism. She comments that she has already done her business and that she has nothing else to do in this Lostbelt, to which the Priest replies that in Russia there is no the kind of entertainment she is looking for, which disappoints her even more. He jokes asking if he can pray for her safe journey, which Koyanskaya refuses, answering that his prayers achieve the opposite effect and bringing misfortune. After her departure, Rasputin remarks the hypocrisy of his actions, comparing his way of living like that of a mice trying to escape from a sinking ship.[6]

He is called by the Princess, who inform him the Tsar calls him, to which he replies that he will go immediately. The Princess warns him about not making him angry or he will not show mercy to him, to which he disagrees. His role as a priest is to object to the actions of the Tsar, so he cannot speak to please him. The Princess, asks what her goal is, to which he replies that he wishes to carry out his duties, even if he has to become another's tool for the purpose of Russia' survival. After the conversation, he goes to the Tsar's room, meeting "Amadeus", who asks him if he is here to wake the Tsar from his dream and make him angry. The Priest replies that reporting foreign affairs is also a cardinal's duty, so it will be brief. He asks "Amadeus" about how it feels to have been summoned to the present world while commenting on how convenient it can be to be a Servant. He orders "Amadeus" to resume his original duty and to go with the Oprichniki to eliminate the resistance as quickly as possible, commenting that otherwise the world will face a worse hell, which makes "Amadeus" ask if he wasn't summoned for the sake of maintaining said hell.[7]

He encounters with the Tsar, who after exchanging formalities, asks about the current situation of Russia in his absence, to which the Cardinal replies that he has done what he could to make the glory of the Tsar expand as far as posible and that would be better if the Tsar could recover as quickly as possible to bring calm to his people with his visage. After asking him to increase the number of Oprichniki for patrolling, Rasputin is surprised to hear that the Tsar is afraid of leaving the room, since his anger can bring the worst out of him, which in the past resulted in the destruction of a village. He also comments that, although he is grateful for the opportunity offered by the Alien God to Russia through the blessings of the Fantasy Tree, he does not like relying on that power and that the only one who must reign over Russia is him alone. The Priest replies that isn't the time for him to wake up yet, that the day his wounds heal, that will be the day where a new Russia will flourish. He agrees with Macarius and return to his slumbers. Rasputin feels relieved that the fear of the Fantasy Tree being destroyed in an outburst of the Tsar's rage has disappeared, asking the mysterious woman if that was enough, which disappears without saying words, leaving Macarius wondering if she was happy or sad since he can't read her expression.[7]

He appears before of a yaga captured by the Oprichniki to tell him that it must be divine luck that those hounds have not gotten rid of him. The yaga mentions that he is just a new recruit and doesn't remember anything else. The Priest praises the strength and will of the yagas, so it would be perfect to clarify his memories as soon as possible. He rejects the proposal of the yaga to kill him, since he wants to avoid taking a life if possible, so he decides to test him.[8] He tries to get information concerning the lair of the rebels in exchange for his freedom, without avail. But the Priest was already expected those answers and comments that the mental strength can be easily broken and that he will understand it firsthand.[9]

Once, in the Tsar's room, when the yaga asks the Priest why they are here, the latter responds that for his amusement, because he does not have a jester for it. After explaining him the reason of why is brought before the Tsar, he tells the Yaga to shoot, since he will never have a better chance to shoot the Tsar. Having the silence as an answer, the Priest takes the gun and shoots without hesitation. The noise attracts the Oprichniki, which the Priest calms, saying them that something like that could never hurt the Tsar. When asked if he was crazy, the Priest answers that one should not be a prisoner of madness. Asking him if he is prepared for what is coming, he opens the curtains, revealing before the yaga the true form of the absolute existence of Russia, causing him an immeasurable fear. When the Tsar asks about the identity of the yaga before him, the latter cannot avoid howling in fear, so the Priest answer in his place. When the yaga asks about what is the thing before him, the Priest affirms that this is the form of the supreme Yaga that will save the nation. He reveals that the Tsar has the dream of continuing to govern a peaceful country, but if a rebellion occurs, things will not be so easy, so the Tsar will have to crush each of the rebels with his own hands, remarking that if the Rebel Army was quickly annihilated, they would not have to contemplate the glory of the Tsar in their own flesh, prompting the yaga to reveal everything he needs to know about the resistence's whereabouts.[10]

He appears before Chaldea with the Oprichniki, who explains the nature of Ivan's Noble Phantasm and confirming Chaldea's suspicions about him being a pseudo-servant taking the body of a participant of the Holy Grail War. He is asked if he was responsible for capturing the Rebel Army and killing the children, which he indifferently confirms. He is asked if he allowed that as a priest, being a servant of God, to which he replies that they were enemies of the Tsar and of God, for whom he could not show them consideration. He reveals it was Patxi who spoke about the hiding place of the rebels once he surrendered before the Tsar's glory. He expresses his desire to show Chaldea the true form of the Tsar too, but the latter is not in a state for allowing visitors, so he will have to make them disappear here. He proceeds to summons the Minotauros and make him fight the remaining rebels.[11]

In the palace, he is seen informing Salieri that he was forgiven because Kadoc wants to have as many pawns as possible in order to complete his ambition. Salieri recalls that he was told that his memories had been manipulated and that he would be granted an audience with Amadeus. He deduces that as Mozart was not between the Chaldea lines or the rebels, so he must have been in the palace. The Priest tells him that even he himself was guided to his room before, to Salieri's surprise. He decides to remind him what happened in the fateful encounter.[12][13]

After dispatching Salieri, he is seen walking through the palace, talking about the condition of Ivan the Terrible as something beyond a yaga, something that, merged with the largest primordial organism discovered in Russia led him to a state of change, mutation and growth; and that due to his Tsar bloodline or hero qualities, he was able to overcome extinction. Concluding that the Tsar is now not a revered existence, but a beast of the gods to be feared, he opens the curtains to presence the imminent awakening of the Tsar.[13]

In the battle between Anastasia and the Tsar, Macarius appears before Kadoc in response to his complaint. He asks to the Crypter if he has no more plans and wants to escape from Russia, to which the latter replies that he has not given up. Kadoc points out that Macarius is hiding a trump card and that he should not keep hiding it as if it were time to pretend that this matter does not concern him, which the Priest agrees. He admits that the plan to use Salieri to pacify the Tsar was brilliant, but that it did not solve the problem at fundamental levels. Lecturing Kadoc about how unnecessary it is to have talent or regrets when it comes to reach the goal, he urges Salieri to play the piano with all his hatred.[13]

After the battle against the Thunder Emperor, Kadoc calls Macarius once again. He expresses pride and happiness in seeing the Tsar on his last pilgrimage. Kadoc reveals that he doesn't need to hide under the name of Macarius, revealing his true identity as Rasputin, who shocks Anastasia. Kadoc explains the reason she couldn't recognize him was because he was a pseudo-servant. Rasputin admits that he was right, but that role ended in the moment Tsar was beaten: Rasputin's desire was to place Anastasia on the throne and turning her into the new Tsar. Since Anastasia assumed the title, Rasputin had no reason to remain in this world, returning the body control to his original owner. Now that he has no relationship with the lostbelt, he wants to carry out his work: to bless a new life born in the world. Before he can leave, Anastasia stops him to express her gratitude, as to ask him for a certain favor, which he accepts before leaving Russia.[14]

Götterdämmerung: The Eternal Flame CenturyEdit

In order to retrieve Kadoc, he chased and bombarded the Shadow Border several times. Reaching to the deck and rendering Kadoc unconscious, he congratulates Chaldea for conquering the Russian Lostbelt. Having no intention in eliminate Chaldea, he states his True Name and after instigating the group in solving the actual mystery about the whitened earth and the Lostbelts so he could hear their conclusions by himself, he takes Kadoc and jump out the Shadow Border, successfully retrieving him.[15]

When Kadoc regains consciousness and whined about feeling like his heart was stopped, Rasputin admits it indeed was stopped, because the possibility of Chaldea wanting to take back Kadoc due to knowing he was alive would trouble him somehow. The mission was bring Kadoc to Olympus. When Kadoc mentions about the pettiness of those actions, Rasputin answers that his job would be easier if that man would be a different kind of people, but given the fact Kadoc still has the Sirius Light, his life can still be used for the convenience of the Alien God.[15]

SIN: Land of Unified KnowledgeEdit

It was stated by Koyanskaya that Rasputin is fighting against the Heroic Spirits from the Greater History of Man who manifested in the Greek Lostbelt.[16]

Atlantis: Ocean in the Age of TitansEdit

He is seen telling Muramasa about the arrival of the remaining servants of Panhuman history in Atlantis. He is confident that both of them are enough to defeat the opposition without reinforcements.[17]

Olympus: Interstellar Mountain CityEdit

Alongside Douman, they were called by Zeus to a meeting. He is seen admonishing his fellow alterego for going too far in upsetting Aphrodite, reminding him his previous failures in the Indian Lostbelt and asking him to stop embarrassing himself before the gods, to which Limbo sarcastically acquiesce.[18]


Rasputin displays the ability to kill a Servant with a melee strike, striking all the way through da Vinci's chest and piercing her heart. As she does not die immediately, she is able to hold him in place to prevent him from moving until she fades away.[4]

He is able to run at 90km/h in order to catch up to the Shadow Border while carrying and firing an RPG, somehow enhanced to be able to damage it. He states that he only has jurisdiction over Russia and has no means of traveling between Lostbelts like Koyanskaya. Instead he has to take similar methods to Chaldea. He also cannot move to another Lostbelt without the Alien God's permission.[15]



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