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AmaterasuWP (天照WP(アマテラス)?), Golden White Face (金色白面, Konjiki Hakumen?), is the deification of the sun.[2]



Amaterasu is a deity of the Japanese myth cycle and also a major deity of the ShintoWP religion. She is the goddess of the sun and Chief God of Shinto.

Tamamo-no-Mae and Daji are Divided Spirits of Amaterasu.


She appears as a large, nine-tailed being similar to Tamamo, but those entering the mausoleum while not in a dream would only see a huge sun.[3][4]


Amaterasu is gleefully bloodthirsty when interacting with Hakuno. Amaterasu had originally intended to eat Hakuno, but their refusal to be intimidated and sheer audacity impresses her enough to spare them and send them back to the present.[3][4][2]

Amaterasu finds her one-tailed future self so utterly pathetic that she expresses the desire to reach through space-time and smite her after she's through eating Caster's beloved Master. The feeling is mutual, as Caster is disdainful towards her past self and went out of her way to avoid becoming her again even if she were to regain her full power.[3][4][2]



Upon obtaining her Origin Form, Tamamo's mythological formal wear resembles her clothing. After Hakuno Kishinami touched Tamamo's origin, Amaterasu saw the future and decided to kidnap her future self's Master from the future spacetime to the past in the Age of Gods, during a dream-like state, ignoring any possible time paradoxes.[2] While someone entering her mausoleum would normally be burnt to a cinder, Hakuno Kishinami display their usual "reckless bravery" to converse with her.[3][4][2]

Fate/Grand Order[]

During the Tunguska Event, an Oriental Sun Goddess (implied to have been Amaterasu) and Dobrynya Nikitich were there to witness the birth of a new nature spirit Tamamo Vitch Koyanskaya. While the Sun Goddess deems her to be her child as anyone born from celestial phenomena would be, she gives all of the responsibility of dealing with her to Dobrynya. And while Dobrynya is the one to name the nature spirit, him being a Servant means that he disappears shortly after the event, leaving the now Koyanskaya alone.[5][6]


Amaterasu is perceived by Hakuno Kishinami as something much more fiendish than a Divine Spirit, much less a Heroic Spirit. In fact, she calls herself an Evil of Man, candidate for the Beast-class.[2] As with Kingprotea, Amaterasu is a very powerful being who could only be overcome through the strength of several Servants.[7] In fact, Amaterasu is an Evil Spirit capable of easily defeating 100 or more Heroic Spirits.[2] Tamamo-no-Mae states that if she were to regain her past strength by regrowing her nine tails, she would become a great demon strong enough to destroy 3,000 worlds. An avatar of the apocalypse itself and a threat great enough to rival the King of Magecraft and his Human Incineration Order.[8] In Fate/EXTRA and CCC, Arcueid Brunestud (Berserker) with her sanity restored is stated to be about the only one who is capable of bringing Golden White Face down to a level where "it’s possible to defeat her no matter how slim the possibility", thanks to being able to reduce the power of her opponents to a sixth of their usual. This confirms that Amaterasu's power reigns supreme, and that not even Buddha, Kiara Sessyoin, BB or Hakuno's Servants (Nero Claudius, No Name, Tamamo-no-Mae or Gilgamesh depending on the player's preferences) empowered by the Mythological Mystic Code would be able to face her.[7][9]

Amaterasu is a Divine Spirit of such great class that the time axis has almost no bearing on her.[3][4] Way back in an era far in the past, long before 2030 AC, Amaterasu felt a disturbance when she was fast asleep, due to Hakuno Kishinami coming into contact with Tamamo-no-Mae's Origin, the Mythological Mystic Code of the Sun. By looking into the future, she saw the stupidity of her future self, and decided to summon her Master to the past in order to meet them. When standing before her inside her temple, Hakuno stated that the atmosphere was filled with True Ether, a type of Magical Energy completely alien to a Magus of the virtual spiritron world. They state that anyone with just a bit of intelligence would immediately understand that that place is an impenetrable sanctuary, a cannibalistic demonic temple of no return. Her tails are also described as a massive vortex of magical energy which emit the golden light of the Sun.[2] Being Tamamo-no-Mae's true nature, the incarnation of a nation ruining harlot, Amaterasu transcends human knowledge and comprehension.[2][10] This is only natural, as the foundation of her being comes from an offering to the sun. Thus, the scale of her existence is equivalent to it.[10] Her mere gaze is enough to turn people to ash. Hakuno describes her as an impossible existence, and believes that she cannot be described easily. Her titanic and overwhelming presence disoriented Hakuno's sense of distance, and even though she seemed gigantic, it was obvious that they were still far way from her.[2]

In terms of raw strength, the White Titan Sefar is stated to be comparable to Amaterasu, due to posseessing a power level of 300,000,000 in her seventh stage, whereas the legendary Golden White Face’s nine-tailed form stands at 387,420,489,[11] just like Tamamo-no-Mae in her nine-tailed form.[10] Altera has a bonus modifier against the world, so gods who embody the aspects of nature are at a disadvantage against her. Most god's Divinity comes from Earth, but the Sun belongs to the universe. In terms of raw force, Tamamo-no-Mae states that She could be on par with Velber.[12] However, Tamamo stated twice that she was among the gods that were vanquished by Sefar.[13][14] When Sefar was finally released in the Moon Cell, she stated that there is no way to stop Sefar, and that she had known she wouldn't be able to save Hakuno Kishinami all along. As the embodiment of the Sun, Tamamo knows everything that happened 14,000 years ago. Thus, she admitted having lost to the White Titan before, and that she knew in her very bones that they would be no match for the Umbral Star.[13] Out of all the gods that fought Sefar, none were able to bypass her Magical Energy Absorption skill, which converts the Magical Energy of her opponent's attacks into fuel and energy for Sefar's use. Only the Holy Sword was powerful enough to defeat Sefar,[15] and Zeus after combining with the other Olympians was only able to repel the White Titan in close fight that was approximately a draw.[16]

True Name Raw Power
Amaterasu/Tamamo-no-Mae (9 Tails) 387,420,489
Sefar (7th Stage) 300,000,000
A rank Servant 100
Tamamo-no-Mae (1 Tail) 9


Creation and Conception[]

The original design for her was to be a "naked nine-tails spin on the naked apron", but was given formalwear to keep the "ethical barrier" from being breached.[3][4] However, the concept appears to be later used for Tamamo Cat's design with her wearing the naked apron in her final ascensions.


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    Normally someone entering the mausoleum would be burnt to a cinder, but our Xavier, meeting our expectations like always, not only is not incinerated, but demonstrates his usual reckless bravery (stupid menu choices).
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    When Cas-ko goes into nine-tails mode this is what she will……not be. This form is Cas-ko’s origin, and is now just something that’s been part of her since long ago and continues to be a part of her. When she becomes this high level of a divine spirit, the time axis is no longer a limiting factor to her.
    Normally someone entering the mausoleum would be burnt to a crisp, but as expected of our Zabio/Zabiko [nicknames for the male/female protagonist] he or she flaunts their recklessness in the face of danger (stupid menu choices), and somehow pull through.
    Originally we wanted to feature her without clothing (in her lovely nine-tailed divine spirit form wearing only an apron [naked-apron]), however, unable to break through the ethical wall that is our consciences, she appears properly clad in her ceremonial attire.
    By the way, when someone who has no dream enters the mausoleum, the only thing that can be seen is a giant sun.


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    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Strength: EX
    Endurance: EX
    Agility: A
    Magic: D
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: -

    Alter Ego of thirst of love.
    G means gigantism, growing, greed.
    It was formerly sealed at the ends of the imaginary number space.
    Alter Egos are complexes made from several goddesses, however Protea is created from the essence of the great Mother Goddess that is common throughout all mythologies. Her self can be treated as a Noble Phantasm as she does not possess a Noble Phantasm. As with the Golden White Face, she's a hazard that can only be overcome in battle through the combined strength of several servants.

    Class Skills
    Huge Scale - EX
    A cheat skill that evolved from Self-Modification.
    There is no limit to how large she can get. Once the upper limit is reached, the upper limit is further increased. This is infinitely repeated. Basically infinite growth of infinite growth.
    Anywho, she's a planet destroying universe level disaster, but giant transformation makes her lose complex intelligence and function. This skill cannot bear common sense, so one completely self-destructs.

    Grow Up Grow - EX
    Cheat Skill evolving from Experience Point Bonus.
    Experience Point Bonus allows one to gain a bonus percentage of experience points after a battle. King Protea's skill cheats and changes it to "Always gaining Experience Points."

    Personal Skills
    Self-Suggestion - EX
    Suggestion applied to oneself.
    A skill that raises resistance against mental interference. At A rank "I do not age = Truly stops aging" level of assumption is possible. At EX level, whatever is going on in that mental world is outside of understanding.

    アルターエゴ G


    アルターエゴは複数の女神の複合体だが、プロテアはあらゆる神話に共通する大母神のエッセンスから創られた 。彼女自身が宝具扱いである為、宝具は所持していない。

    限界のない規模拡大を可能とする。レベルが上限に達すると自らの規格を巨大化させ、さらなるレベル上限を設 定。これを無限に繰り返す。無限増殖とも。
    いずれは星を破壊する宇宙レベルの災害だが、巨大化すれ場するほど知性・機能の複雑化が失われていくだめ、 通常の知性体ではこのスキルに耐えられず、自己崩壊してしまう。

    「経験値ボーナス」は戦闘によって得る経験値に何パーセントかの追加ボーナスが入るものだが、キングプロテ アはこのスキルをされにチート化、「常時、経験値を取得する」ものに変えてしまった。

    精神攻撃への耐性をあげるスキルで、Aランクにまでなると ”私は歳を取らない=本当に老化が止まる ”レ ベルの思い込みが可能となる。EXレベルになると、もう心象世界では何がおきているか理解の外 である。

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    She is a Funny Vamp [localized as Temptress] with tousled blond hair and crimson eyes.
    She is a fan service character.
    Technically not a wizard, she is just some strange creature that Gatou brought along from Earth. Sometimes a cat, sometimes Yuzu-nee, sometimes a silicon creature, Berserker is a princess that doesn’t seem to have a proper place in the game. She desperately awaits a redesign.
    Incidentally, in the world of EXTRA where the information world (digital) takes precedence over the physical world, she is no longer the strongest.
    This is because in the information world legend becomes reality, and natural phenomena that have been incarnated as “Gods” can often hold more power than their original natural existence does.
    Well even with that being said, if Berserker regained her sanity she would easily be considered a cheat-tier Servant. Her power, “The stage is the Moon, so all targets have their power reduced to a sixth of their usual.” would be extremely useful against other similar cheat-tier Servants.
    It’s a conceptual numerical alteration, so it is unavoidable when on the Moon. Even the Moon Cell transformed version of BB would be limited by it.
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    She is always smiling and has quite the precocious tongue. She is the trademark beauty of Extra with those lovely fox ears. She is usually called Cas-ko.
    Just as the class name Caster implies, she is a magic user. She also features a Japanese-style design. “I’m gonna zap you ☆!”
    She refers to herself with 私 (watakushi). She is unreserved like a gal (gyaru), and when trying to be cute for a boy she uses アタシ (atashi).
    Unusual for a Fate game, she is so smitten with the protagonist that you might do a double take,
    “Damn they even put this in?”
    Her goal is to become the protagonist’s wife. She’s a realist and also devilishly cute in all areas unrelated to her goals or dreams.
    She has a carefree attitude and always has love on the mind. She is an admittedly gal-esque Servant. However, fundamentally she is a logical realist. For example, she treats “god” as a system like existence. Sometimes this trips her up and she blurts out lines which don’t suit her usual carefree mentality.
    According to Red Saber “She puts up a loose airhead front, but that girl’s true nature is really sharp.”

    Cas-ko’s true form is an anti-heroic spirit, God-class… she is more or less a god.
    Having lost most of her power, she is now on the same level as other human heroic spirits, however when the number of her tails increases and her spirit rank goes up to the highest level, it’s impossible for humans to comprehend her full power.
    This is only natural, as the foundation of her being came from an offering to the sun. Thus, the scale of her existence is equivalent to that of the sun.
    By the way, for each tail that returns, Cas-ko’s power increases by 9x. This means that in her max power state with all nine tails her power has increased by 99.

    Supposing that we represent an A rank Servant with a numerical power level of, say, 100 (not including Noble Phantasms), Cas-ko with 1 tail has a power of about 9, and as you can see could never defeat an A rank Servant. But, as the number of tails increases… well it’s silly to even try comparing.
    Her true name, which is something that should remain a secret, is quickly revealed from the start of the game. Having no interest in the Holy Grail War, and with a unique perspective of the world, she is clearly different from the other servants. Not to mention she is essentially a cheat character. She is the embodiment of a natural phenomenon: a god-class spirit. Why does she posses such a low spirit rank in game? Why does her behavior mimic that of humans? Please refer to her Special My Room to find out.

    Despite being such a great god-class spirit, in the game she is the weakest Servant.
    With her paper thin armor and inability to use Noble Phantasms it’s an easy game-over if you let your guard down. I understand, I understand, if only the setting had been made so that she was your childhood friend, then she would’ve truly been the best character, right!?
    In any case, I would like players who choose Cas-ko to have the resolve to surmount the border of life and death.
    On the other hand, after Cas-ko’s stats are upgraded, the second half of the game is a sure-victory cakewalk, regardless if the enemy is a weakling or a boss. The alteration of her soul boosts her magic power like crazy!
    She likes trips to hot spring resorts (but not hot spring baths), and love-filled cooking (at least while doing the cooking), and giving presents to herself.
    She hates dogs, only somewhat handsome guys, and people who disrupt her time alone with her Master.
    She’s not too fond of loveable 100% airhead characters. She seems to have well learned the lesson that her half-baked airhead act never seems to come out ahead of the real deal. Dear Cas-ko, what happened in your past?


    In CCC Cas-ko appears featuring an S&M bondage style + Goth Loli dress fusion design.
    Even though she puts up a front pretending to dislike her attire she actually loves it, “As long as it’s cute, anything’s okay!”
    The Heroic Spirit of Sweets doesn’t have the same pride that the other few Japanese style Servants do.
    In CCC her rival is Passionlip.
    Under normal circumstances Cas-ko is on the verge of death after taking a normal punch attack, so Passionlip’s huge one-shot lip attack means that she is an instant death monster as far as Cas-ko is concerned.
    Furthermore, it seems that a narrow-minded tendency lingers from Passionlip’s yandere past, and this can prove to be quite irritating to Cas-ko.
    Also, when talking about Cas-ko it’s impossible to skip over the amazing preferential treatment we gave her ending.
    Who who imagine that she’d get a two CG ending event!? What is this recklessness?
    And that ultra special final CG!!
    Not to mention the ending differs depending on whether your character is male or female!
    The “Say Aahhh” ending CG wasn’t in the plan from start, but after a developer meeting it was decided that the final event CG would be the Tamamo Nine. At that point we were short on time and budget but after consulting with Wada Arco we were able to make something out of nothing and helped us realize the “Say Aahhh” ending CG.






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    A skill unique to Titan Altera and the key skill in her character design.
    It allows her to take on a giant form in order to destroy civilization.
    This is a passive skill that allows Altera to absorb the lives, creations, and concepts she destroys as spiritron-information, making her grow even larger. It is not a skill that she can remove of her own volition.
    Her HP increases by an order of magnitude2 when she absorbs the same amount of mana as her current HP.
    When her body reaches a size that is twice as large as her previous proportions (at 16, 32, 64,128, 256, 512, and 1024 meters), all her parameters increase by one level as she transitions to the next part of her titan adjustment.
    (For example, her Strength is A-rank, so if you think of it as 150 points, adding one level at A+ rank would double that number, putting it at 300 points.)
    And if the Titan adjustment is added to that, 300 points at the first stage would become 3,000 at the second stage, 30,000 at the third stage, and so on. At the seventh stage, it would be 300,000,000.
    This is an energy mass on the scale of a star, comparable to the power level of the legendary Golden White Face’s nine-tailed form (387,420,489).
    This is just some extra trivia, but the “Crest of the Star” skill possessed by the Altera in Fate/Grand Order is missing one character.


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    Techniques equate to skills, knowledge, and civilization. To an Anti Cell, there is no better form of nourishment.
    Any form of attack (interference) designed by intellect - however undeveloped the theory behind it may be - will only grant more power to Altera.
    The large firepower of greater magecraft and strategic weapons of science and technology will fuel the fire further.
    On the other hand, while pure magical energy - what can be called life-force itself - will also be mostly absorbed, it can still exert its regular effect.
    Facing against an Anti Cell, it comes down to simply "bludgeoning" it.
    Although this is a troublesome skill that can absorb even physical attacks boosted with Mana Burst, one thing can deal an effective blow. The energy discharge of the holy sword.
    The White Titan that had once appeared upon the surface was repulsed by the holy sword tempered in the inner sea of the Earth.

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    Q: Can you explain a bit more about how the Atlantis Civilization ended?

    Nasu: Well that is the Type Moon World story right? In the Type Moon World, 14000 Years ago, Sefar came in and went around breaking down everything. Gods from other sect of divinity when Sefar arrived reacted it "Oh no a threat beyond the sky came down, what do we do?" and panic-ed and started making plans. While Atlantis because they were from space too, they were looking down at them a bit (laugh). They were acting very high and mighty, until they were easily defeated because of Sefar being an Anti-Foreign Civilization Specialty Weapon. Meanwhile, in the Greece Lostbelt, Zeus alone recognized "This is Dangerous" and immediately recognized, and forced the other 12 gods who didn't wanted to fuse, and forced them all with "If we don't fuse now, what do you think is gonna happen", fighting Sefar in what was approximately a draw and chasing it away. But in a normal Type Moon Senki World, the 12 Machine Gods didn't become serious and as a result Atlantis Civilization ended. And surviving remnant flowed to the Aegean Sea, which later became the foundation of the Greek Civilization, type of almost forceful story happened.

    Translated by: INKD and Fallacies


    奈須もちろんTYPE-MOON世界でのお話ですよね? TYPE-MOON世界においては、1万4千年前にセファールがやってきて、ボコボコにされたからです。ほかの神話体系の連中は、セファールがやってきたときに「空からヤバいのが降ってきたぞ。どうする?」と慌てて対策をねっていたのですが、アトランティスは自分たちもほかの宇宙からやってきたので、舐めていたんです(笑)。そうしたら、セファールは本当に対異星文明特化型の兵器だったので、あっさりやられちゃったんです。一方、ゼウスが「これはヤバい!」といち早く気づいて、ほかの十一機神が合体したくないのを「今ここで合体しないでどうする」と無理やり合体して、ほぼ相打ち状態になってセファールを追い返したのが、異聞帯になった世界です。十二機神が本気にならなかったほうが、普通の型月伝奇世界なんです。それでアトランティスが滅んで、生き残りの残骸たちがエーゲ海まで流れ着いて、後のギリシャ文明の下地になったという。無理やりだけど、そういう伝奇感になっています。

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