Amaterasu (天照
?), Golden White Face (金色白面, Konjiki Hakumen?), is the deification of the sun.



Amaterasu (天照
?) is a deity of the Japanese myth cycle and also a major deity of the Shinto religion.


She appears as a large, nine-tailed being similar to Tamamo, but those entering the mausoleum while not in a dream would only see a huge sun.[1][2]




  • Female Hakuno encountering Amaterasu
  • Male Hakuno encountering Amaterasu

Upon obtaining her Origin Form, Tamamo's mythological formal wear resembles her clothing. After Hakuno Kishinami touched Tamamo's origin, Amaterasu saw the future and decided to kidnap her future self's Master from the future spacetime to the past in the Age of Gods, during a dream-like state, ignoring any possible time paradoxes.[3] While someone entering her mausoleum would normally be burnt to a cinder, Hakuno Kishinami display their usual "reckless bravery" to converse with her.[1][2][3]


A Divine Spirit of such great class that the time axis has almost no bearing on her.[1][2] She called herself an Evil of Man, candidate for the Beast-class and Hakuno Kishinami perceived her as something much more fiendish than a Divine Spirit.[3] She is the distantly ancient, but still existing source of Tamamo-no-Mae. While Tamamo has reduced her own power to manifest as a Servant in the Moon Cell, she would not become Amaterasu upon returning to her full power.

She is very powerful being who could only be overcome through the strength of several Servants, Arcueid Brunestud is about the only one alone capable of bringing her down "to circumstances where its possible to defeat her, however little the chances may be."[4][5] While most Divine Spirit come from Earth, the sun gods came from the universe.[6] Amaterasu holds the power level of (387,420,489), possessing the energy on the level of a sun.[7] Therefore Amaterasu is as powerful as the Velber in term of power, and thus together with Sefar.


Creation and ConceptionEdit

The original design for her was to be a "naked nine-tails spin on the naked apron", but was given formalwear to keep the "ethical barrier" from being breached.[1][2] However, the concept appears to be later used for Tamamo Cat's design with her wearing the naked apron in her final ascensions.


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