Amelia Levitt (アメリア・レヴィット, Ameria Revitto?) is the doctor in charge of Tsubaki Kuruoka's care in Fate/strange Fake.



Amelia was born into a magus family, but she showed no magical aptitude. Raised in ignorance of the existence of Magecraft, her younger sister Vera Levitt instead became the inheritor of their family's knowledge. She pursued the medical field, eventually becoming a doctor in Snowfield Central Hospital. After Mr. and Mrs. Kuruoka's experimental magecraft caused their daughter, Tsubaki Kuruoka, to fall into a coma, Amelia became her primary doctor.




Fate/strange FakeEdit

One year after Tsubaki's hospitalization, Amelia meets with Mr. and Mrs. Kuruoka to discuss her status. Amelia states that Tsubaki regaining consciousness is unlikely, stating that recovery becomes more difficult as the duration increases. Despite encouraging them to not to lose hope for her recovery, she is confused when they ask about the status of her reproductive system over her consciousness. She explains that the rest of her body is uninhibited, which delights the couple. Amelia is greatly confused as they rejoice over that fact, and they depart the hospital. She attributes it to the shock of the diagnosis, going to check on Tsubaki.

Amelia declares to the unconscious Tsubaki that she will never abandon her even if her parents should. She notices the Command Spells that have manifested on Tsubaki's hand, shocked to think that someone may have somehow tattooed Tsubaki. As they have just suddenly manifested, she can only think of it as a prank. She later decides that it must be a bruise after examining it. Tsubaki's condition improves after the False Holy Grail War starts, and Amelia thinks she could awaken any day. After Bazdilot Cordelion plans to attack the hospital to kill Tsubaki, Vera calls Amelia to secretly confirm information that Tsubaki is a Master.


Amelia has no magical aptitude despite being born into a magus family.


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