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« The wheel tells time. All lives and all anguish shall return unto me. Under the great Enlightenment, humanity shall become one, "Amita Amitābha"!! »

(Saver, Fate/EXTRA)

Amita Amitābha: Transmigration into One (一に還る転生
, Ichi ni Kaeru Tensei
Amita Amitāba
?) is the ultimate “anti-individual” Noble Phantasm used by Saver. It is his major Noble Phantasm initialized over the course of a battle by utilizing his minor Noble Phantasm, Chakravartin.[2]

It is a kind of teaching to achieve final Moksha, where energies rivaling the law of man’s creation are made to converge on a single person and liberate him from suffering. All humans, according to the Indian idea of Brahman, are reincarnations of Brahma and all of humanity is the same individual. It is said that all of mankind will achieve buddhahood once the ideology is embraced because all humans ultimately transmigrate into the Buddha. It differs from normal ideologies of reincarnation and immortality, acting as the “Everyone Becomes Me wheel of reincarnation” that saves all sattva from suffering.[2]

As the length of human history increases, with its expanse becoming wider, the greater the damage of the attack, and the humanity of Earth has no way of withstanding the attack theoretically.[1] It deals damage that no living thing/human can withstand, but something not alive like Hakuno Kishinami has a small chance of withstanding it because they have yet to be afflicted by the suffering of life or the four noble truths (birth, disease, old age, death).[2] Those who achieve enlightenment through gaining strong convictions can overcome it. It is weaker against humans who are not quite human, and it cannot completely save individuals of a scale of existence greater than the domain of humanity.[1]


Kinoko Nasu said that if the production budget of Fate/EXTRA were 10 times larger, the team would have included a system where the player would have attained enlightenment through playing the game and thus be able to overcome Amita Amitābha. The attack is an "absolute game-over attack", but it would cause 5,670,000,000 damage within the context of the game.[2]


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