Noble Phantasm
Andreias Amarantos
Achilles Novel
Japanese name: アンドレアス・アマラントス
Title: Amaranth of the Brave
Japanese title: 勇者の不凋花
Owner: Rider of Red
Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
Rank: B
Range: 0
Maximum number of targets: 1
Andres Amarantos: Amaranth of the Brave (勇者の不凋花
, lit. Brave Amaranth?) is Achilles' gift of immortality from his mother, the goddess Thetis, not including his weak-point, his heel. Any type of attack against him is nullified, even including great Noble Phantasms like the A+ rank Balmung, and it cannot be pierced by power alone. It can only be negated by those with Divinity of a certain rank, at most C-rank, or higher, allowing those of that rank to harm him with any attack.[1] Saber of Black, with no Divinity, is unable to give him a single wound in drawn-out combat, while Archer of Black, with C-rank Divinity, is able to draw blood with a simple arrow. Invasive acts that are considered to be "friendly actions" like a being bitten by a vampire are not negated.


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