Noble Phantasm
Andreias Amarantos
Achilles Novel
Japanese name: アンドレアス・アマラントス
Title: Amaranth of the Brave
Japanese title: 勇者の不凋花
Owner: Rider of Red
Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
Rank: B
Range: 0
Maximum number of targets: 1
Andres Amarantos: Amaranth of the Brave (勇者の不凋花
, lit. Brave Amaranth?) is Achilles' gift of immortality from having been blessed and exalted by the Olympian Gods, protecting him from all ill will and killing intent. Although his mother, the goddess Thetis, had wanted to make him into a fully immortal god by warming him within holy flames to extinguish his human blood, her husband, Peleus, opposed it because it would "destroy him as a human", so only one part of him, his heel, remained human after he stopped the process midway. His heel is the sole, vital weak-point for the otherwise invincible hero, but he is not afraid to attack opponents with it should it be required. His immortality kept him from receiving any wounds in life until his weak-point was exposed during his fight with Hector, and later utilized by Paris to kill him under the guidance of Apollo. The act of having his heel hit negates his immortality, allowing for his heart to be pierced with numerous arrows as he made his last charge against the Trojan army in life.

Any type of attack against him is nullified, physical damage, the "normal attacks" of Servants, and even great Noble Phantasms like the A+ rank Balmung. It cannot be pierced by power alone, but rather only those who possess the blood of a god within their veins are permitted to harm him. It can only be negated by those with Divinity of a certain rank, at most C-rank, or higher, allowing those of that rank to harm him with any attack.[1] Without there being someone able to harm and defeat him, it can be said that the Black Faction cannot win the Great Holy Grail War. Saber of Black, with no Divinity, is unable to give him a single wound in drawn-out combat, while Archer of Black, with C-rank Divinity, is able to draw blood with a simple arrow. He has second weakness in that his invincibility does not apply to acts that display friendship. The act of being bitten by a vampire is a act meant to make him into a comrade rather than kill him, so his body will respond making part of himself weak in response to that request.


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