The Angel (天使, Tenshi?) is an unnamed Angel A-Ray acquainted with Gun God in Notes.



The Angel species were known as the protectors of the Six Sisters, but the Sisters disappeared after their battle with Type Pluto.[1] The Angel became acquainted with Gun God after he moved to Leaves of Yggdrasil.


The Angel has a romantic interest in Gun God due to his similar appearance to her, but he has declined her. Most A-Rays believe normal humans are below them because a union would be unable to strengthen their species genetically, but the Angel has little interest in other A-Rays because not many are not like her in appearance.[2]


The Angel looks like a typically described angel in mythology, humanoids with the wings of birds. Though she has wings, they are not utilized for flight.[1][2]


The Angel catches Gun God on his way home from killing Angel-Type Predation Terminals, chiding him for being unsociable and rejecting her invitations for six months. Bringing him into a bar and offering him alcohol, they are heckled by other A-Rays who chastise her for accompanying a human instead of an A-Ray like them. She glares at them to quiet them, but Gun God, although not feeling good about it, does agree with their sentiments. He comments on the normal A-Ray practice of looking to produce stronger children, but she says Angels care more about outward appearance. She says there is no problem with an exception from the norm and that Gun God is her type of man regardless.

As they become more intoxicated, she asks him why he uses a gun. He explains his fragility as a regular human because he cannot use Grain like A-Rays. She asks why he fights despite humans not being made to fight. Gun God explains he dug up the Black Barrel and practiced shooting to get revenge. She asks about his family, and he explains they died in West Land with the attack of Type Jupiter. This surprises the Angel, causing her to fall silent. She asks if he is still killing angels as his job, concerned because it makes her angry to think about him constantly hunting angels. Although he inwardly states it is "because I am twisted," he just states it is just because it is his job.

The Angel sees through Gun God's lie, criticizing him for having stopped thinking. She states his life is like that of a machine, only able to rely on simple logical reason to motivate himself. He questions why she is acting so picky, and she replies because he hasn't been talking to her. He says she's not appealing while drunk, but she says she's very popular in her hometown. Asking one final question, she asks why he fights. He responds he doesn't want to die. She asks why he doesn't want to die. He says he wants to live. She asks why he wants to live. He says it's because he has never experienced anything good. She says needing logical reason to live makes him an underdeveloped life form and leaves the bar.

The Angel is later forcibly recruited on the mission to repel or change the course of Type Saturn. Accompanying the plane in which Gun God was stationed, she decides to temporarily rest in the plane, but it is struck by one of Type Saturn's crosses of light as she is entering. As Gun God pushes her out of the way, it pierces him, pierces through her wing, knocks her unconscious, and destroys the plane's AI. She regains consciousness as the Type is leaving the area several minutes later. Gun God explains the success of the mission and their complete loss. Initially approaching Gun God in joy, her hand slips on Gun God's blood, realizing what he had done for her.

The plane, too damaged to change course, keeps flying higher into the sky. Gun God drops his Black Barrel and the Angel realizes he was the person who shot down Type Venus as rumored. She calls him an idiot for saving her, but he says "How can I help it. I wouldn't want a pretty girl like you dying in front of my eyes." Saying that such a phrase doesn't suit him, she says that Gun God must have found someone other than her because he has become more honest with his feelings. He claims that he was just acting aloof, that he just wanted to become a hero. He says that she doesn't need to stay with him because she should be able to make it back down with only one wing. She asks if he will be okay to be alone until the end, and he says he wants to look cool and be alone at the end. She says goodbye to him, leaving him alone in the broken plane.


The Angels as an A-Ray species are on the same level of power as the top ten A-Ray Species when it comes to their power to destroy.[1] Her wings act as a dish to collect heavy particles from her surroundings as a power source, allowing her to fly and, being an equal fighting power to the Ether Liners, perform destructive activity equal to a nuclear bomb on her own.[2]


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