Angelica Ainsworth (アンジェリカ・エインズワース, Anjerika?) is the elder sister of Julian Ainsworth in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA . She is the Card User of the Archer Class Card of the Fifth Ainsworth Holy Grail War. She has been placed into a Doll body after dying at the end of the Fourth Ainsworth Holy Grail War.



Angelica was born in the Ainsworth family and the eldest daughter of Zachary Ainsworth. At the end of the Fourth Ainsworth Holy Grail War, she passed away[1] and was later created as a doll. She was created by the Ainsworth family to act as their servant and warrior.


Angelica is a tall beautiful adult woman with long gold hair tied in long twintails and blue eyes. In her casual attire, she wears a white dress shirt with frills, a long black skirt with white boots, a small brown leather belt at her waist with a card holster on her side and a pair of knife sheathes on the small of her back.

When she Installs Gilgamesh Class Card, she wears a revealing body armor based off the Heroic Spirit's appearance with the armor mostly covering her bottom half and one side of her arm, while her top half is only covered by a bra with slight triangle patterns on the edge. She also wears a blade-like ornament on one side of her head and has red markings across her body. 

After she is abandoned by the Ainsworth, she now wears a suit that belonged to Kiritsugu Emiya, consisting of a light brown button-up jacket, a white button shirt, dark trousers, a belt and white shoes.

She also wears a goth lolita "Male Virgin Killer" outfit picked by Rin and Luvia when they were appalled by her fashion sense. The outfit is a frilly white shirt, tied up with a thin ribbon at the choker, a small black corset tied at the front, her large, shirt-covered chest exposed by a low cut black pinafore with a short, wavy skirt, with the shoulder straps forming a "x" pattern on her back, black tights with small decorative​ patterns at the cuffs, and two black ribbons bows for her twin tails.​​​​​​


When she was alive before she became a doll, she was described as an intelligent and gentle woman.[2] Angelica has lost 90% of her emotions, thus she appears to be calm, and serious person. She learned to imitate human-like emotions. She is noted to have an exceptionally strong mentality, being able to freely use Gilgamesh's class card without falling victim to the influence of Gilgamesh's ego like Miyu Edelfelt did.

Unlike Beatrice Flowerchild, she showed great respect to Miyu when they had come to fetch her, although that didn't prevent her from stopping Beatrice's abuse of Miyu.


Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYAEdit

Before the events of the first Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA series, Julian was able to take Miyu away from Shirou and she severely injured him with Gate of Babylon in order to restrain him from hitting Julian. She then disappears for the rest of the Fifth Ainsworth Holy Grail to show herself up again at the end of the war to prevent Shirou after he defeated all the others war Dolls, to get his wish fulfilled by the Holy Grail.

She first assaults him but he starts to replicate and counter her attacks as he his body was being invaded by the Heroic Spirit EMIYA, calling himself a true imitation of him. During this quick confrontation, he starts to summon his Reality Marble while Angelica tries unsuccessfully to prevent it and is able to activate it.


Shirou's Reality Marble.

Angelica finds herself quickly overwhelmed by Shirou's projected weapons and tries to protect herself with shield from the Gate of Babylon but her opponent wipe them out easily with a greatsword. As he tried to cut down her throat, she uses Flash Air, nullifying his attack and making him fall to use Ig-Alima and Sul-sagana against him. As the Divine Constructs were reproduced and countered by him she decides to bring out Ea. He tries to buy time by using all the sword in his Reality Marble. He is ultimately defeated by Enuma Elish but since Miyu was already gone, her Install was interrupted and everything related to the Holy Grail in the surrounding area was also gone. However, since Angelica and Shirou were in Unlimited Blade Works, they were not transported with Miyu to Illya's world,[2] allowing the Ainsworth family catch Shirou and take him as a prisoner.

Later on, in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 2wei!, after the fight with Gilgamesh, she and Beatrice Flowerchild manage themselves to get in Illya's world through the rip created in the world by Ea. As Beatrice paralyzed their ennemies, she installed again the card and they proceeded to take Miyu back in their world. In Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 2wei Herz!, they don't involve themselves after the fight and only appear at the very end of the series. They will only kidnap Miyu at the start of the anime adaptation of Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei!!.

In Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei!!, she finds Gilgamesh, Illya and Tanaka in the Ainsworth Castle and installs the Card preparing herself to eliminate them. She is dominated by Gilgamesh during their fight but she is able to counter him with Nameless Class Cards and her knowledge of spacial displacement magecraft. As they were interrupted by Beatrice's Mjölnir, she chase the intruders with Beatrice up outside and then return to the castle under the order of Darius Ainsworth.

Under the request of Erika Ainsworth, she kidnaps Illya during her sleep, brainwashes her and puts her mind in a doll. When Illya released herself from the spell, Angelica is supported by Rin Tohsaka and Luvia who were also brainwashed. Angelica then explains to Illya what the Ainsworths are trying to accomplish and why they need Miyu. She tries to crush Illya with Ig-Alima but Chloe von Einzbern interfered by using Rho Aias. After confronting her, Angelica gets ambushed by Gilgamesh and Bazett Fraga McRemitz and gets restrained by Enkidu.

Shirou defeats Angelica

Angelica being defeated by Shirou.

After Julian Ainsworth's identity got revealed by Rule Breaker, she covers him with a cover and stays by his side. As Shirou was released by Gilgamesh from his cell, she faces him in the projected Ig-Alima that he threw at the mountain they were. During this second confrontation, Angelica manages to corner him since he couldn't activate his Reality Marble due to his condition but Chloe joins the fight and supports him in the use of the Triple-Linked Crane Wings, allowing him to defeat her. Beatrice then destroys the Divine Construct, letting Angelica go down with their enemies.

After the retreat of Julian, Erika and Beatrice, Illya decided to take Angelica with them, since she couldn't leave her alone.


Her primary weapon was the Archer Class Card holding half of Gilgamesh's spirit. As Gilgamesh later explained, his card held the majority of his treasury which granted Angelica an almost infinite arsenal.

Install mode allowed Angelica to fully utilized the Gate of Babylon in typical fashion via rains of weapons upon the enemies. Against Gilgamesh, she attempted to restrain him with Enkidu, although the chain's loyalty to it's true master allowed Gilgamesh to easily take it back from her.

She can also use Ea, the Sword of Rupture and Gilgamesh's greatest treasure. However, because Ea's power is based on twenty times the user's strength, Angelica's use of the weapon is weaker than if the actual Heroic Spirit had used it.[2]

Since she is an Ainsworth, she has a great experience on using her family's specialty, Flash Air. She is capable of brainwashing spells but they are ineffective against someone with a strong mental mind.

She is very skilled at tactics such as making use of the Anonymous Class Cards and the Flash Air to prevent Gilgamesh from taking back more of his weapons, redirecting Kuro's attack on her, being able nullify Shirou's attack when he was aiming for her neck and to make him fall in a similar way to Julian's, and using her Flash Air along with Gate of Babylon to increase the velocity of her weapons.


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