Angelica Cathay: Resplendent Is My Ring of Royalty (麗しきは美姫の指輪
, Uruwashiki wa Biki no Yubiwa
Angerika Katai
?) is a Noble Phantasm of Bradamante. This magical ring was once the property of the beautiful foreign princess Angelica, with whom the Paladins Roland and Rinaldo fell madly in love. It is thought to nullify any and all magecraft. Through various twists of fate Bradamante came to possess it, and made great use of its power in saving Rogero from the evil magician Atlantes. She owes both her A-rank Magic Resistance (originally C-rank) and her Thaumaturgy Sanctification skill to the effect of this Noble Phantasm.

By calling its true name, it can dramatically improve the defence of the wearer's allies, but Bradamante does not make use of this ability in this game. It would usually also confer invisibility to the wearer, but she does not use this power either.

In her current incarnation, it seems that she infuses the ring's magical power into the spear in her right hand, augmenting its strength against magical entities.

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