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« It's the time for salvation. Those who are alive, let us all suffer. Ahh... Ahhh!!”
“Sentient beings, Boundless, Oaths, Jubilation, Remnant, Clarity, Flame, Impossible Victory, Before One's Eyes, Distance, Immovable, Imitation, Clouds.”
“Beyond the scorching paradise. Let us all go to the Land of Purity!” »

(Kiara Sessyoin, Fate/EXTRA CCC)

Angra Mainyu/CCC: All the World's Desire (この世全ての欲
, Kono Yo Subete no Yoku
?) is the Anti-Planetary Noble Phantasm of the demon-transformed Kiara Sessyoin. She was reborn into the earth mother, accepting all the desires of humanity, but also becoming a sacrifice to those desires. It is an Authority allowing her to gain the greatest of sensations and growth by offering her body to and embracing all life left on Earth from humans to animals and plants. This grants her the greatest possible mastery of the lifeforms' senses and carnality. It is the "most heinous" of Noble Phantasms, utilizing the Earth for masturbation.[1]

The ability turns her into the floodgates of all the desires of humanity, allowing her to usher the souls of people into her body by utilizing the Code Cast Ten Thousand Colored Stagnation. She creates a vortex of pleasure that melts sapient beings, subliming their lives in a brief instant. It is the birth of an ephemeral but eternal Land of Bliss. It works on any sapient being without exception, no matter how different the structure of intelligence, making it a Noble Phantasm that is not limited to only the Earth. The performance, presentation, and scale of the attack are large due to Kiara being an existence close to Saver, a Bodhisattva.[1] Her existence is similar to a certain man-made demon who had once been demonized and celebrated as a sacrifice to prove the evil of mankind.[2] It has a special effect that deals more damage in certain conditions, increasing if used on a member of the opposite sex from the user and dealing more damage the higher the intelligence of the target. Archer would have taken the least damage of Hakuno Kishinami's Servants, while Gilgamesh would have taken the most.[2]


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