Antares Snipe: Heavenly Scorpion Single-Shot (天蠍一射アンタレス・スナイプ, Tenkatsu IsshaAntaresu Sunaipu?) is the trump card of Chiron, the embodiment of the episode in his legend where he is said to always be aiming at the Scorpion in the sky after being turned into the Sagittarius constellation.[1] It manifests as a sniping Noble Phantasm that "shoots a shining star", based on Chiron being said to have attained the ultimate shot an Archer can reach by piercing a star.[1][2] It is a conceptual materialization of the constellation, but it is not limited to being activated when the constellation appears in the sky.[2] It is not a shot fired from his bow, but a star that shoots a "comet shot", possessing a tracking ability to hit its target.[1][2] It is capable of being fired the moment the target is decided by simply moving his fingers away from his already drawn bow, and it is unique in that it does not require its True Name to be released or for it to be filled with magical energy to activate it because "After all, as long as there is a night sky, 'the star of the archer always aims at the scorpion.'"[1][2]

Despite having a high rank, it possesses low attack power, making it a weakness that it must be planned out as to fatally hit the target as much as possible with each use for maximum efficiency. Should the target not possess any weak-points, Chiron may deduce the ability to not be viable to utilize. It has a secondary effect, but there is extremely little chance of it being spoken of even if the Noble Phantasm is used. It can only be used once per night, limiting its usage to around fourteen times in an average two week Holy Grail War.[2] Upon Chiron's death, the ability will automatically be activated after "one turn."[1]


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