Aoko Aozaki (蒼崎青子, Aozaki Aoko?) is the first protagonist of Mahou Tsukai no Yoru and a supporting character in the Tsukihime series and Tsukihime Remake series. She is the Fifth Magician and an important character in the Nasuverse.



Aoko is a member of the Aozaki family. When she was young, Aoko's grandfather, the third generation head chose to raise Touko as his successor while Aoko lived with her parents. She is not afraid at all of her grandfather, who is labelled a monster, and only thinks of the great magus who created the final Magic as "a terrible old man who's lived for too long through questionable means".[11] When she was fifteen years old, Aoko was suddenly named the successor to the Fifth Magic by her grandfather, and her sister Touko Aozaki, who was being trained as the successor until that point, was abandoned. Therefore, she originally had a very bad relationship with her sister. It was later revealed in Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, however, that the true target for Touko's anger was actually her grandfather who closed the Aozaki's path to the Root.

Ever since becoming the Aozaki heir, she has lived the life of a rootless wanderer, roaming the world with a single trunk in hand.[1][4] Her meeting with Shiki was merely a coincidence, akin to making friends with a local child in the midst of a long journey.[1]


Aoko shows a very beautiful physical appearance with pale skin and the combination of brown hair and blue eyes. At home, she usually wears a light blue sweatshirt, gray jeans and blue sneakers or a casual-red dress with an under-black shirt and pants with a pair of boots. While out, she often uses her school uniform or her brown coat with a chess style of scarf on her neck over the uniform.

Just after she fast-forwarded her own time, Aoko appeared with red hair that reaches below her hips or down to the lower legs, wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and brown shoes (originally gray). She stopped aging after age 20.


Aloof and clumsy, yet free spirited, somehow managing to come together in this magician. She takes her life as a mage simply, while loving her life as a respectable, strong young woman. By day she is a boarding schooler, a genius who doesn't seem to realise things that are perfectly natural.[11] She seems like a stoic person but she actually has many different facial expressions. She seems like a flawless superwoman but she is actually the hard-working type.[5] She is described to be an extremely strong person in terms of personality, regretting nothing in her life because she follows through on every decision she makes. Because she does not care at all about what other people think of her, she is able to stay true to herself in any situation, believing that the worst thing a person can do is to lie to oneself. Even while accepting her life as a magus, she stubbornly sticks to the life of an honest person.[11]

She is shown to have a bright, cheerful personality and yet appears to be very wise in Tsukihime.[6][7] At that time, she seemed to be an amiable older-sister type, but generally her stance is to avoid getting too involved with other people.[1] Aoko values special places with precious memories and living things, regardless of if they are humans, animals or even plants. She has passed on the "value of life" to Shiki Tohno.[6][7][2] It was due to her influence that the young Shiki was able to grow up normally despite being burdened with abnormal eyes.[4] She's a difficult person to pin down, believes in justice, and is often unreliable.[2]

Despite the fact that she and Touko are sisters, Aoko shows great hostility towards her, to the point that she dislikes Runes because Touko uses a Rune-based Thaumaturgy. However, she is considered irresponsible by Touko for using the power of Magic without thinking about the consequences.[12] Many years later, Touko often buys items from the Mage's Association using Aoko's card as revenge for her stealing her Mystic Eye Killers.[13] It appears that their relationship is rather cordial and mended by the time the two are adults in Clock Tower 2015.[14]

She isn't afraid at all of her grandfather, who is labelled a monster, and only thinks of the great mage who called up Magic as "a terrible old man who's lived for a long time through questionable means".[11]

She doesn't like her name because it sounds like Blue (青, Ao?), so Shiki decides to call her "Teacher" (先生, sensei?).[1][2][4][6][7] Aoko is good at nothing but destroying things.[15]

Due to her first crush actually being Ritsuka Suse crossdressing, Aoko has a lot of apathy against romance.


Mahou Tsukai no Yoru[]

When she was fifteen, Aoko was asked by her family to give up her normal life entirely for the life of a magus, in preparation for her training to become the successor of the Fifth Magic.

She is a 17-year-old apprentice magus learning magecraft from Alice Kuonji in Misaki Town. Aoko tries to live two completely different life styles, living as a normal high school student during the day and acting as a magus during night, but Alice reprimands this as a half-hearted approach.[10]

When the bounded field of Misaki Town that concentrates the mana of the leylines to Alice's mansion is threatened, Aoko and Alice begin to search for the perpetrator at night. However, they are witnessed using magecraft by Soujuurou Shizuki in the park and are forced to kill him due to the highest law of the Mage's Association that states that no outsiders must be aware of magecraft. Immediately before Aoko lands the final blow on Soujuurou in a ruined theme park, a puppet resembling Aoko attempts to kill Aoko, and the two temporarily make peace until it is defeated.[16]

Aoko gives up on trying to kill Soujuurou, deciding that there should be another way to keep Soujuurou's mouth shut, but Alice disagrees. She unleashes Flat Snark, one of her three most powerful Ploys, and brings every object in the theme park to life gradually. After discovering that Flat Snark had taken the shape of the moon, Aoko destroys it with the help of Soujuurou, and Alice accepts her loss.[17]

Soujuurou is given poison pills at first as a safety measure but this is later switched out for a collar that chokes him on Aoko's will. They say that he would be allowed to stay with Aoko and Alice at the Kuonji Mansion until a runic spell for the erasure of memory can be found.

Aoko and Alice discover that the one threatening the bounded field over Misaki Town was none other than Touko, Aoko's older sister, who wants to destroy the bounded field to reopen the path to the Swirl of the Root hidden under the land. The two face her one night but are completely devastated by Touko's "familiar," Lugh Beowulf, who is a class of mystery beyond that which magecraft can reach. Touko leaves the two alive.

After partially recovering, the two have a rematch against Touko but are beaten when she reveals her Magic Crests stolen from her previous opponents. Soujuurou then arrives to incapacitate Beo but is killed by Touko. Enraged by his death, Aoko activates the Fifth Magic, placing the five minutes of "time" that consists of Soujuurou's death in the far future and spending ten years of his "time" to accelerate her own "time" by ten years, bringing her the experience and strength of her 27-year-old self. Aoko easily overwhelms Touko and, after defeating her, curses her so that she would turn into a toad if she were to return to Misaki within ten years. The Magic is deactivated and the exchanged time of Aoko and Soujuurou are returned to normal, but the five minutes of Soujuurou's death is left in the future, causing certain annihilation for the entire universe.

It is later revealed that Aoko and Alice have found a book in the Kuonji library that details how to erase memory through the use of runes, but have decided to replace it and never open it again.


Aoko was roaming around the country,[15] where she meets Shiki Tohno eight years before the events of the story take place. She encounters him after he runs out of the hospital where he was admitted due to the stress of nobody believing the existence of the lines shown by the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. She comforts him, and upon Shiki's proud demonstration of the ability, she reprimands him and tells him to value living things. She helps him deal with the ability by giving him a pair of glasses, stolen from Touko and made indestructible by her own abilities, that seals the effect of his eyes as long as they are worn.[6][7][18]

During the events of Tsukihime, Arcueid is able to tell the nature of the glasses upon seeing them, and she attempts to destroy them. She asks Shiki if Aoko happens to be around, commenting "it is probably safer not to deal with Blue in the first place."[19] Aoko appears before Shiki again after an undetermined amount of time during Eclipse, the epilogue of Tsukihime, much like their original meeting.[20]

Melty Blood[]

Aoko's ending

She has an active role in the Melty Blood series. After the defeat of Night of Wallachia, she comes to the city and attempts to make a familiar for her own use out of remnants of Wallachia and an unused part of Len. This causes yet another series of events as White Len uses the abilities of TATARI. Aoko is thought of as the main cause of the events of the arcade mode routes in Melty Blood Re-ACT, while that White Len is the main villain in the game. She acts as a non-playable final boss for each storyline. She later appears as a playable character in Melty Blood Act Cadenza and in Melty Blood Actress Again.[1][4]

Melty Blood: Type Lumina[]

Aoko's ending

In her scenario, flying back from Australia,[21] Aoko is hired by Mario Gallo Bestino to get rid of The Dead in Souya and hunt down Roa.[22] She meets Dead Apostle Noel, and at first mistakes her ability to to materialize the church from her traumatic past for a Reality Marble, but quickly corrects herself, saying it is a dream world that's spilling out onto reality.[23] She eventually encounters Roa under the city, who thinks Aoko has sussed out his plans and has come from the future to stop him.[24] After the resolution, Mario berates Aoko for having destroyed Roa's factory and for having wrecked havoc across the city (notably crushing train cars). Though Aoko protests that she would never put civilian lives in anger and she still saved the city, her pay is still docked. However, she arrives at a compromise because she has certain emergency measure just as useful as Roa's research to help Mario and/or his father Cardinal Laurentis. As a reward, the Cardinal gives Aoko enough money to buy her own private beach in Hawaii.[21]

In Mario's scenario, Aoko is contacted by Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, who informs her that Mario striking a deal with Roa to obtain his research into immortality poses some potential threat to humanity, prompting her to intervene in Souya to prevent this from happening. After she successfully eliminates both Roa and his research, she is attacked by Mario in retaliation, but manages to defend herself and offers Mario a puppet body made by her sister as a solution to Laurentis' aging problem.[25]

Clock Tower 2015[]

Aoko travels to the Clock Tower and goes to visit Lev Uvall's department. Aoko refers to herself as Miss Aozaki to Ms. Norwich. When Lev appears, Aoko asks Lev to lend her money.[26]


Aoko Extra.jpg

Aoko enters the Moon Cell some time before the Moon Cell Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA. Helping Masters in the Holy Grail Wars by strengthening their Servants with Alteration of the Soul, she has the system of the Moon Cell react harshly several times after messing up some "quasi-legal" Alterations that contained extra skills for the Servants, but she blames the Master during at least one occasion. Touko also enters for her own reasons at some point, keeping a stable, but bitter relationship between them. Though Touko is much more suited to Alterations, she instead lets Aoko perform the tasks while warning others of her incompetence.[27]

Residing in the chapel of Tsukumihara Academy that is cut off from the system of SE.RA.PH and the rest of the world, she meets Hakuno Kishinami and helps them with their Servant.

Other appearances[]

The Aozaki family is briefly mentioned by Rin Tohsaka in Heaven's Feel as having the best lands in Japan.[28]

Aoko has a minor role in Carnival Phantasm where she is parodied as having reared Shiki into growing up to become her lover with a plan based on Hikaru GenjiWP from The Tale of GenjiWP.

Aoko seventh Golden Heroine 02.jpg

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2013, she appears in Back Alley Satsuki. Aoko is a gold heroine of horse to protect the seventh temple and she is known as the Unidentified Flying Idol Aoko Aozaki (未確認飛行アイドル蒼崎青子, Mi kakunin hikō aidoru Aozaki Aoko?).


Aoko is considered to be a formally inferior magus to Touko, who possesses some of the greatest magic circuits in the world. She was born with an extremely average number of circuits and magical energy capacity.[29] Although she has no talent in the usage of most magecraft, her genius in destruction is unmatched.[1][4][2][15]

Despite her shortcomings compared to her sister, she has managed to make use of her abilities to the fullest through her own natural talents. While the Aozaki family has circuits of the highest quality that may help make up for their low numbers, Aoko is especially talented in that area. Aoko's specialty is her remarkably skilled utilization of mystic energy, which is about a hundred times more efficient than the average magus, allowing her to perform wonders with very little energy. During the time of Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, she was a complete novice isolated from magecraft up until two years beforehand.[11][17] She could not compare to Alice's talent and lifetime of experience, not even worthy of her notice under normal circumstances.[17]

Comparing skills in magecraft, Alice would emerge victorious ten out of ten times, but a fight to the death is something else entirely. Alice is not a magus suited for combat, while Aoko is a destroyer specialized in fighting. Aoko even surpasses Alice with simple magic rituals that only involve the movement of mana. While smaller than those of Alice, her circuits have extraordinary rotational speed, structural durability, quality of output, and fuel efficiency. If she attempts to utilize advanced spell expressions, they will be no better than average, but she surpassed Alice with just two years of practice in the area of using simple magecraft expressions for only causing magic energy to flow. Utilizing genius intuition and responsiveness, her spell executions, while not so much as powerful, are frighteningly "quick."[17]

After becoming older and more experienced, the speed of her magic circuits' rotation increases to become faster than that of blood flowing, evidenced by their look and sound. Simply the act of activating her Magic Circuits generates sound, and while magecraft making sound is common, noise from the circuits themselves is unheard of even within the Mage's Association. Though she has the low grade, single function circuits found in mediocre magi and generates a much lower level of magical energy than someone like Touko, their rotational speed allows her to easily surpasses Touko in direct firepower even when she is not seriously fighting. She displays optimized self-control, a trait of those who have great experience in battle.

Her efficiency is comparable to "a car that can run one thousand kilometers on a single liter of gasoline."[3] Due to this, she is extremely destructive despite her naturally low capabilities, earning her titles such as Magic Gunner (マジックガンナー, Majikku Gannā?)[1][2] and Human Missile Launcher (人間ミサイルランチャー, Ningen Misairu Ranchā?). She is listed as one of the few living beings capable of fighting directly with Servants.[30] She is noted as being unable to beat Caster in a serious battle of magecraft, but it is unknown if the analysis also includes the use of Magic.[31] In a battle between her and Arcueid, Arcueid would have a 70% chance of winning, but if Aoko is cornered thoughtlessly, she would use "something not good" for Arcueid, so Arcueid avoids her.[32] There is no mistake that she would have become a genius sharpshooter had she not been born into the Aozaki family.[33]

Within the Moon Cell, she performs Alteration of the Soul for Masters and Servants. There is a link between the souls of the Master and Servant, and that link can be increased as the Master's rank increases by hacking. She hacks into each soul, and allows for them to choose specific attributes be improved. While Aoko's job is to perform Alterations made possible by various events, it can be said that she is less than useless. Even Hakuno, a self-proclaimed pseudo-magus, is able to see that Aoko is not really suited for the particular task. While it would seem to be Touko's specialty instead, as she claims to be better at Alterations by a factor of ten, she does not do them due to being too busy. Touko suggests not putting any faith in Aoko's abilities, and suggests simply recovering spiritual statuses the Servant has lost.


Aoko's magic bullets are simple spells utilizing her rapidly-spinning magic circuits as the barrel of a gun to fire magical energy. This is not like other spells that work through nature interference to create wind, divide water, or accelerate aging. Magic bullets are simply materialized magical energy fired as heat. The result is a destructive force equal to the amount of energy she can handle. She has three types of magic bullets that act as her main weapons: Snap, Draw, and Magic Blow. The temperature of her long-range magic bullet used against Flat Snark is approximately 3,000 degrees Celsius.[17]

Aoko's activated Magic Crest

The style of thaumaturgy Aoko uses in battle during Melty Blood is called Starmine and Starbow (スターマイン、スターボゥ, Sutāmain, Sutābou?) that follows a system of magical processing, conversion, and output by numerology. It is based on the concept of images Aoko can visualize easily turned into spells that cause nature interference. She is apparently comfortable with imagining exploding fireworks and rotating stars, so all of her destructive spells are based upon those images. Spells that fall under Starmine's category are those whose energy has a fluid motion, while those that fall under Starbow's category are those whose energy has a fluctuating motion.[34] Another Magecraft she is said to practice is called Notarikon, which is an ancient branch of the Kabbalah thaumaturgy system like Roa's Numerology. She personally finds his use of it to be too dull or orthodox, but says that her own use of the system makes her unable to truly comment on it.[35]

She uses a High Speed Incantation to greatly increase the speed of her incantations during battle, and her particular method is referred to as Unlimited Rotation (アンリミテッド ローテーション, Anrimiteddo Rōtēshon?). Simply chanting “Bullets, Deploy" is enough to fire twenty bolts at once, deployed instantly with each being more powerful than a rocket. “Slow!” quickly erases a number of Touko's runes due to the power of the single word being greater than the mystic power used by Touko to form the runes' effects.[12]

Touko's various runes are unable to stop her no matter the quality or quantity, as her outstanding reflexes and prediction act in synergy with the powerful force of the bullets she releases with both hands. Touko is amazed at the simplicity of her magecraft, commenting that even at her peak she is utterly hopeless in only being able to blow things apart. While runes are curses effective against people, her bullets are powerful projectiles that affect all things without discrimination.[12]

Aoko kicking through Touko's Primeval Runes.

She can be called a "melee-type" magus that generates magical energy from her ribs, and by the time it passes through her limbs, the spell is already in a ritually complete form that is expelled in a way that makes both her arms and legs resemble rocket burners to those on the receiving end of the attack.[34] The reason for the mixture of martial arts into her style of thaumaturgy is very like due to the influence of a certain male roommate that she had back in her high-school days.[11][2] In Type Lumina, several of Shiki's and Aoko's moves strongly resemble each other's, implying that Aoko taught Shiki some martial arts.[36]  

Before obtaining power and experience, her kicks are enough to fell a tree. With age, she is able to rip through the atmosphere of an invisible wall of runes with a single kick, continue through it into the ceiling, and then smash it along with all of its runic protection. She destroys Touko's replicas of Primeval Runes with a single kick each.[12]

Aoko's magecraft is something that "can't do anything but destroy", and even Nrvnqsr Chaos believes she is something that destroys order. He believes absorbing her into his Chaos wouldn't be worth it because of that. She does have some capability in other areas, such as using a suggestion spell to remove fear from Soujuurou; or somehow making Mystic Eye Killers glasses, stolen from Touko, indestructible to the point where Arcueid is unable to do anything to them.[19] She is also able to turn remnants of the TATARI phenomenon into a familiar. She wished to use White Len as her own familiar, but they were too incompatible.

Fifth Magic[]

Aoko is a Magician capable of utilizing Magic Blue (魔法・青, Mahō Ao?), the Fifth Magic (第五魔法, Daigo Mahō?), making her the only person in the current world capable of performing its miracles. It appears to have a connection with consumption and extinction.[37]

Its exact domain is uncertain, but it is able to perform Time Travel. Her usage of it is limited to localized individual time travel, but Touko cannot believe time travel is the true nature of the Fifth Magic, since time travel was already possible with the Second Magic. While she is unsure if Aoko has arrived at the very depths of its nature, she is certain that it is not simply just a miracle. Aoko uses it to make herself into the "completed Aoko Aozaki" of ten years later and revive Soujuurou Shizuki. Time travel is also possible with the Second Magic because the revising of records and rewriting of events falls under the operation of parallel worlds. It makes no sense for such an ability to now be called the Fifth Magic, but Touko decides further speculation is none of her business.

Despite Touko being a vastly superior magus, Aoko was chosen to inherit the Magic instead of her. Though Touko boasts one of the greatest Magic Circuits in the world, the Fifth Magic does not require such a thing, and it can be said that Aoko's simplicity is more suited to it. The secret of the Fifth Magic lies in "advancing civilization", fitting how Alice represents Medieval Civilization and Aoko represents Consumption Civilization. It also holds the answer as to why she is called the "newest" magician.[38] Ars Almadel Salomonis is stated to have a 'hint' of the Fifth Magic to it.

She is familiar with Zelretch and the Second Magic to some extent, as she is able to classify Neco-Arc existing in the world of Melty Blood as his doing.


"Hear me, Lord of All Creation."
"I announce."
"In my name representing order (blue), I announce."
"Everything will be corrected. (not. SANE)"
"Order has now fallen. (five timeless words)"

「 秩序 ( あお ) を示す我が 銘 ( な ) において告げる」
「―― 全ては ( not. ) 、 正しく ( SANE ) 」
「―― 秩序は ( five ) 、 ここに崩れ落ちた ( timeless words ) 」

In order to activate Magic Blue, she closes her eyes and connects to the Root. She manipulates Soujuurou's time, first the five minutes in which his death occurred and then borrowing ten years of his time for herself.

The Fifth Magic repeatedly shifting the time.

Recognizing the Fifth Magic as an event that should not occur by either human or the planet's hands, the Counter Force attempts to stop her by attempting to crush her body, providing an immense amount of pain. The red shadow is outraged that Aoko would try to use the Fifth without the necessary resolve or reason, but Aoko simply doesn't care about what may happen, even if her usage of the Fifth would result in the extinction of mankind.

She originally meant to take time from herself for the Fifth, but upon stumbling on Soujuurou's memories of the past, she was outraged and decided to take his time instead. Due to this, Soujuurou's ten years of memories belong to Aoko for the duration that the Magic is active.

She causes a blue tornado to swirl up, and begins her swindling of the world. Time turns back, shifting the landscape through a variety of seasons, as the primal scene is rewritten. The end result is a field of rippling white flowers that erode the world, and the Fifth Magic shows itself in that time and place only. The secluded snowed-in clearing is transformed into a sea of white flowers in an instant, and the previously cold wind becomes warm in the field.

It is a spring field that is free of impurity and grief, where there was nothing, but also where nothing was needed: Soujuurou's most precious memory. The scenery by itself does not show the true potential of the Magic. Touko acknowledges the change in scenery as somewhat impressive, but comments that what she wanted to see was not something so romantic, and that it is still child's play compared to Alice Kuonji's Flat Snark. It is a large scale spell, but the surrounding mana is no different than it was beforehand. However, Touko is then appalled after seeing the true effects of the Magic, the revival of Soujuurou and the acceleration of Aoko's time.

Exchanging time[]

Aoko, fast-forwarding her own time with the Fifth Magic.

The main focus of her first activation is to revive Soujuurou. Complete resurrection is something that cannot be done even with Magic, and simply restoring his body through healing would not be enough to bring back a dead person. Without a way to bring him back directly, she tries to avert his death rather than restore his life. She avoids any large-scale manipulation, either from lack of ability or hesitation, and settles for an exchange between the two of them instead. He is returned to as he was before death, his body looking completely as it was before being sliced in half.

She utilizes two miracles in manipulating his time, the first being that she rewinds the five minutes encompassing his death and moves them elsewhere. During this intervention of time, she borrows ten years worth of his time to bring her future self. This act gives Aoko years of training and experience, and it effectively revives Soujuurou by moving the time elsewhere. Having jumped in time for five minutes, he no longer exists on that time axis. Someone from the far future searching for him would be unable to find him there.

Aoko takes ten years of Soujuurou's time to add to herself and enters Redshift (赤方偏移, Sekihōhen'i?), which colors her hair red.[5] Individual time manipulation is easier when working with parts that were forgotten, so she borrows time during his childhood. She only shows a slight change in appearance, but Touko understands after realizing that Aoko's gestures no longer match her age. The change inside her is great enough to warrant worry, but she does not have the time to analyze the situation before being overwhelmed by Aoko's newly obtained speed and power.

Touko realizes Aoko's expression, the stable running of her circuits, and even her breathing have changed completely. She comes to believe that time is being manipulated, as she could not have simply amplified her circuits to reach her strength. Even if Aoko were to attach external means of magical energy, only her total capacity and amount of usable spells would increase rather than her overall power. It would normally be impossible to change her talent as a magus or the purity of her Magic Circuits, but she is evidently greater than Touko as a magus.

Aoko shifting through time.

Fast-forwarding her own time allowed her go from an apprentice to adept in an instant. She is an Aoko with twenty-seven years of time, seventeen of her own and ten of Soujuurou. She can make it so she does not exist within the time axis, using repeated instances of time travel by the second to avoid attacks completely. She either sends impacting attacks to a different time, or she wears thousands of "herself" over herself. It can avoid both numerous and powerful attacks. It has a high energy output that cannot continue for long, but she manages to easily outlast Touko's prediction of her energy reserves.

Despite having taken Soujuurou's time, it does not affect him overtly. Their ages have not changed, so it is not his physical self she has manipulated. It is rather his internal time that has been taken, resulting in her seeing some of his memories during the activation. Despite being in familiar scenery within the white flowers, it feels like the first time he has seen it, only feeling slightly strange to him. Aoko, on the other hand, will feel nostalgia from viewing the area. His memories are jumbled, but he can still recall recent events. He can recall questions asked during the darkness of his death, though he does not remember having died, due to having had some fragments left that intersected with Aoko's time.

He will be unable to remember until she is done using the time and it is returned. Alice will be the only one able to remember the brief interval of the scenery due to the end of the exchange of time leaving the few minutes lost from his and Aoko's memories. Utilizing another person as a medium means that it is not a change in only Aoko. Aoko travelling back in time by herself would allow for the contradictions to become her own experience, but the exchange is proper time travel that will leave the contradiction properly corrected. Aoko's nostalgia and Soujuurou's unfamiliarity will be corrected at the end of the Magic to be as if they had never existed.


The Fifth is not the operation of parallel worlds, so it does not rewrite the world itself. That means the time she exchanges must be handled uniquely if she wishes to make the changes permanent, such as in the case with resurrecting Soujuurou. The ten years borrowed from him will be returned, so a one-sided exchange like that will leave the total mass of time in the current time axis unchanged. Winding back only "Soujuurou's five minutes" would normally mean that he would return to being a corpse after the Magic expires, as time travel carried out without changing the world cannot change the past. She has to either truly resurrect him, or take those actually existing five minutes and place them somewhere far away.

Time travel requires a massive quantity of energy, requiring mystic power to bring in things that don't exist in the current world, and likewise causing tremendous energy to be lost when something is made to be "no longer here." Utilizing time travel to move even such a small amount of time would necessitate balancing out the heat that had been there beforehand. Aoko left it in the far, far future, meaning that the debt incurred in the present has been left in the future. Even the idea of a time paradox is more humane, as such an enormous, thoughtless consumption of heat must not be allowed.

The idea horrifies Touko, as does the idea of the energy used in cooling the exchanged heat. The state of either more or less heat threatens to cause the collapse of order. The distortion created by her Magic will eventually affect the entire quadrant. Dumping an even greater debt on the death of the universe hundreds of billions years in the future, on to the dead end awaiting humanity, is like the equivalent of dropping an asteroid on the planet. While Touko believes Aoko will crush the planet with her own weight, Aoko says she will worry about it when the time comes and send it to the past the next time, so only it will be crushed by the distortion.

Touko is still horrified at the idea, saying that only humans will be fine with it. The present is established, but it should not be acceptable to erase the past. The total mass, the debt of the universe, needs to be handled properly. It doesn't matter if the universe is closed or still expanding because the increase in the amount of consumed heat will become uncontrollable. The end of indefinite expansion, indefinite consumption, and indefinite growth is not a future full of hope. It will be the nothing before creation, and the universe will eventually suffer heat death.

The Fifth will only help make that end more definite, but Aoko says she will take responsibility and do what she can while she lives. She has yet to actually think of such a course.

Dust of Osiris believes that Aoko's very existence poses a great threat to her ritual, and she says that Aoko should have nothing to do with it because she is a neutral observer that will not take actions to oppose the end of the world. Aoko supposedly only takes actions to correct certain "errors".


Aoko early illustration by Takeuchi

Aoko first chronologically appears in Mahou Tsukai no Yoru as the main character. While it is one of Kinoko Nasu's earlier works, it has only recently been released publicly. It was released in visual novel format, and it details Aoko's high school years and her friendship with Alice Kuonji and Soujuurou Shizuki.

Her first appearance in a Type-Moon work is during in the prologue of Tsukihime.



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    The story of Tsukihime begins with Aoko and Shiki's first meeting. At that time, she seemed to be an amiable older-sister type, but generally her stance is to avoid getting too involved with other people.
    Ever since becoming the Aozaki heir, she has lived the life of a rootless wanderer, roaming the world with a single trunk in hand. Her meeting with Shiki was merely a coincidence, akin to making friends with a local child in the midst of a long journey.
    Within the Association, she is known as the Magic Gunner, Miss Blue. Her abilities as a magus are below average, but there are none more talented when it comes to destruction.
    Though she is an important person to Tohno Shiki, she only has a minor role in the story of Tsukihime. The incident where she takes the leading role is a story for another time.
    In Melty Blood Re-act, she appears as a hidden boss. As expected of someone with the nickname Magic Gunner, it's like fighting a living artillery battery. Also, maybe it's because she's not really taking it seriously, but her apathetic voice is pretty great. At first the production staff was a bit doubtful about the performance, particularly her monotonous "Oh, I guess I lost," but eventually it grew on them. A lot.


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    One of only five magicians who exist in the world. Successor to the Fifth Magician. Overall, she is not considered a skilled magician. However, when it comes to "destructive" power, she is unrivaled in her talents. The sight of her raining down bullets like hot geysers has also given her the direct, yet rather tasteless nickname, "Magic Gunner". Who she learned it from is unknown, but she is also familiar with martial arts, and has a battle style that could be considered a hybrid of those martial arts and magic. She encountered Shiki on her travels. She gives him his glasses that suppress his Mystic Eyes, and teaches him the value of living things and how to handle things. For that reason, Shiki respects her and calls her his teacher. She's a difficult person to pin down. She believes in justice, is unreliable, and a vagabond.

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    Magical Energy [Term]
    The source that powered all magecraft, analogous to gasoline.
    There were many names for it. For example, the magical energy in the atmosphere was called Mana. The meaning of Mana was approximately the same as that in the Polynesian culture. Also, Ether was not a form of Magical Energy as it was something else.
    The Magical Energy in this story included Mana and the Magical Energy generated by magi themselves.
    The difference in magnitude between the Magical Energy that permeated the natural environment and the Magical Energy generated by an individual was so great, it was foolish to compare the two.
    Since the atmosphere in the Engulfing Forest was under Einnashe's control, one could not utilize the Magical Energy of the environment. As a result, most magecraft could not be activated, a magus could only activate very small-scale spells that utilize an individual's internal storage.
    As an aside, this thing called "an individual's Magical Energy" as used by Blue in a foolish yet clever manner. To use a simile, it was like driving a car for 1000 km on 1 L of gas.
    Also, the capacity of Ciel was ridiculously large. If a regular magus' gas tank was 40, then Ciel's was more than 4000. She truly deserved the name Miss Glutton.


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    Aoko Aozaki [Person's name]
    One of the five existing magicians.
    Though she is the legitimate heir of the "distinguished" Aozaki household, she's currently wandering around the world with a single trunk in hand.
    Her sorcery attribute is one specialized for breaking things, so she's not very good at healing, construction, and restoration sorceries. Known as the "Witch of Destruction", she's not particularly versatile, but is second to none when it comes to busting out of hopeless situations.
    It was due to her influence that the young Tohno Shiki was able to grow up normally despite being burdened with abnormal eyes. Therefore to him, she is an existence akin to a respected former teacher.


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    Aoko Aozaki

    • Birthday: July 7
    • Height: 163 cm
    • Weight: 51 kg
    • Likes: Faithful dogs
    • Dislikes: Faithful dogs
    • Day of Decisive Battle: Ruins in the snow
    • Magecraft System: Processing magical energy from a numerological crest, converting it, and outputting it. True Magic, Blue.
    • Circuit Quality: C
    • Circuit Quantity: E
    • Circuit Composition: Normal (Exceedingly simple)

    Nasu's comment: The newest Magician. Aoko-san, the heroine in slender clothing. She seems like a stoic person but she actually has many different facial expressions. She seems like a flawless superwoman but she is actually the hard-working type. She's the earliest heroine of Nasu Kinoko's fiction. She's the initial archetype of Azaka, Akiha and Rin. Koyama's Aoko had her breast volume increased by 20%, I don't know what to do with all that sex appeal! Two options were discussed for the extra chapter's fan-service scene: "Just out of the bath" and "Maid outfit". But for some reason "Bunny girl" which wasn't even a candidate got chosen. While Redshifting in the second episode she'll say the catchphrase "I still have two transformations left!" to drive the opponent to despair. As expected of Aoko.

    Koyama's comment: She is the character I drew the most including half of the standing up sprites and the discarded materials. I can't tell you how many times my designs for her casual clothes got discarded. We wanted to show more of her girlish side so there were talks about including event CGs about miniskirts, out of the bath getup, and getting shoulder rubs while studying. Alas, when I saw the amusement park battle I thought "So this is Aoko" and became convinced that in the end a simple sweater and jeans suited her the best. Aoko's outfit in the final battle (aka Super-Aoko) was also a difficult one to settle on. The Sci-fi option was discarded early. Although it would've been cool to have a bunch of lenses attached to her hands and feet to shoot beams (Laughs).


    • 生日: 7月7日
    • 身長: 163cm
    • 体重: 51kg
    • 好きなもの: 忠犬
    • 嫌いなもの: 忠犬
    • 決戦の日: 廃墟に雪
    • 魔術系統: 数秘紋による魔力加工、変換、出力。魔法・青
    • 魔術回路 / 質: C
    • 魔術回路 / 量: E
    • 魔術回路 / 編成: 正常。極めてシンプル。

    最新の魔法使い。着やせするヒロイン、青子さん。ドライなようで百面相。完璧超人のようで努力型。奈須きのこ伝奇最古のヒロイン。後の鮮花、 秋葉、凛のアーキタイプです。こやま青子は胸のボリュウムが二割増しされており、たいへん性欲を持て余す。番外編でのサービスカットは「お 風呂上がり」と「メイド服」の二点があげられたが、なぜか候補に入ってさえいなかった「バニーガール」が選ばれた。二話では赤方偏移形態で「私 はあと二回の変身を残している」と決め台詞をほざき、相手を絶望させる予定。まさに青子。

    全立ち絵素材の半分くらい、没絵含め最も多く描いたキャラです。私服のデザイン決定までにいくつ没にしたことか。女子としてもっと隙を見せ た方が、と、ミニスカ、風呂上がり、勉強中に肩もみイベント入れようぜ、とか話したりしてました。が、遊園地戦を見て、「ああ、これが青子な んだ」と納得するに至り、結局ジーンズにシンプルなセーターが一番似合うなと。最終決戦の青子(通称スーパー青子)も難航しました。SF チッ クなのは速攻没。手足と連動してのビームぶっぱ用レンズが一杯付いててカッコいいのに(笑)

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    Forte [Name • Colloquial Term]
    A magus of the Association.
    A rare magus who experienced gruesome melees such as protecting Seal-Designed Magi and recovering grimoire.
    Forte favoured spells called Aero Strikes, and the sword acted as the magical staff.
    There were three orifices on the body of the sword, thus the sword was not quite fit for slashing. The purpose of the orifices was to generate sound. Slashing the sword generated a resonant effect, producing an invisible impact on the target.
    She looked like a blade-wielding swordsman, but this swordsman performed her swordplay hundreds of meters away from her opponent.
    The oldest daughter of a mage lineage of many generations. It seemed like she encountered Aozaki, who also shared the Wind Element, several times.


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    A currently living Magician.

    Aloof and clumsy, yet free spirited, somehow managing to come together in this 16 year old girl.
    She takes her life as a mage simply, while loving her life as a respectable, strong young woman.
    By day she is a boarding schooler, a genius who doesn't seem to realise things that are perfectly natural.
    She's only just begun learning sorcery, and so her abilities are way below par.
    By night, she's growing up at her own pace under the guidance of her friend and accomplice, Alice Kuonji.
    At 16, entrusted with the pulse of the city's spirit, she begins to confront the foreign invaders showing up every now and then.
    She's busy every day, but she seems to be enjoying herself with no complaints.
    It could be a perfectly natural reason, or something like it.
    She isn't afraid at all of her grandfather, who is labelled a monster, and only thinks of the great mage who called up Magic as "a terrible old man who's lived for a long time through questionable means".
    Until a certain time, her style was based purely on sorcery, but after a new boarder stumbled in, she got in a number of fights, and from there on she changed to a more close-combat style of sorcery.

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    Aoko's older sister. She studied sorcery under her grandfather, but murdered him over the shock of having the Aozaki inheritance usurped by her younger sister and fled to the Association. Unlike Aoko, her abilities as a magus are top class. She has even received a sealing designation due to her status as the world's greatest puppet master.
    She does not appear in Tsukihime. However, she is a key figure in Kara no Kyoukai, which intersects with Tsukihime. Tohno Shiki's mystic eye sealing glasses originally belonged to her.
    In retaliation for having her prized mystic eye killers stolen from her, she's been making an effort to buy as much stuff as she can under Aoko's name. Then, even the Association has entered the era of e-commerce?
    …Even though there's a high chance of her location leaking out if she keeps it up, it seems that revenge against Aoko even takes priority over her own self-
    preservation. Geez, Touko, you should try to be a little more mature.
    By the way, her name shows up for just a second in Fate/stay night, too. Is she secretly trying to win the prize for perfect attendance?


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    The name that briefly appeared in this story. It was the name of the mage house that managed the greatest "Spiritual Land" in Japan.
    In the mage world, the name had become synonymous with trouble.
    The Aozakis were an ancient house, but were by no means prestigious. Because of the "Path" opened by the previous Heads, the current Head of the Aozakis had a greater chance of becoming a "Magician".
    The current heirs were a pair of sisters whom were thought to be ominous. After a battle for the right of inheritance, the younger sister became heir of the "Magician" title.
    The older sister traveled to London and made quite a name for herself, but quickly withdrew from the Association due to being problematic.
    During the Fifth Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City, the older sister was busy hiding her tracks, while the younger sister was roaming around the country.
    Although the younger sister was good at nothing but destroying things, the older sister was truly a polymath. Fate might had a little to do with the older sister.

    アオザキ 【人名】

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    A special power that awoke in Tohno Shiki as the aftereffect of an accident seven years ago. Mystic Eyes that can apprehend "the lines vulnerable to death" ー the concept of a "time of death" inherently contained within all things.

    As opposed to the "physical phenomena that can be attained through modern technology", it is a "phenomenon that cannot be attained no matter what". Tracing these "lines of death" allows for the target to be severed and killed (in this case it is not the cut that kills, but death resulting in the target being cut).

    Although Shiki can suppress his power to a level that doesn't impede his daily life thanks to the Mystic Eye Killer glasses he once received from his teacher (Aozaki Aoko), the same cannot be said for when he runs into extreme situations. Ultimately, it becomes possible to not only see the "lines" and "points" of living and inanimate things, but also the death even of space and existence.

    かつて先生(蒼崎青子) から譲り受けた魔眼殺しの眼鏡によって日常生活に支障ないレベルまで力を抑えられるが、志貴が極限状態へと陥った際にはそのかぎりではない。

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    Q: In the other Type-Moon works, who else besides Arc can fight against Servants?

    A: If we're working on the condition of one on one, with an extremely average Noble Phantasm. Generally most of the 27 Ancestors, Kishima Kouma, Aozaki Aoko.
    If it's just a defensive fight, but would still be a fight, then Ciel. Shiki (Rakkyo), Shiki (Tsukihime) are no match for Servants....but Ryougi Shiki (3rd personality) might be able to go as far as the Ciel class.



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    Q: It has been said that a certain Aozaki cannot even defeat a serious Caster, is this "certain Aozaki" Aoko Aozaki? Is this an assessment based on Aoko using True Magic?

    A: "A certain Aozaki" includes both Aoko and Touko. In a magecraft battle by modern standards, a "magus" who is capable of defeating a serious Caster does not exist.

    Q:某蒼崎でも本気キャス子に敵わないそうですが、その某蒼崎とは青子の方ですか?その場合、それは魔法 込みでの評価でしょうか?


  32. Spoiler board on the old Type Moon Webpage - The diagram between Arc and Blue leans 70% towards Arc. However, if Blue is thoughtlessly cornered, she would use "something not good" for Arc, so Arc avoids her. Other than this act, as kagami-san says, ORT would be the "strongest in a fight."
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    The names of the sorceries used by Aozaki Aoko.
    It seems that it's easy for her to visualize things like exploding fireworks and rotating stars, so her instant incantation sorcery invariably ends up being nature interference based on these images. The Starmine line is for fluid motion, while the Starbow line is for fluctuating applications.
    Aozaki Aoko can be considered a close-combat type magus, who fires magical energy from her elbow that calls forth a sorcery formula as it passes through her fist. For those unfortunate enough to face her as an enemy, both of her hands probably look like rocket burners.


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    "Lightning through numerology, huh? It's too plain for someone like you, or maybe just too orthodox. Well, I fall along those lines myself, it's not really my place to say."

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