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| name = Aoko Aozaki
| name = Aoko Aozaki
| image = Aoko_mbaa.png
| image2 = {{Switch|option1=Student Uniform|[[Image:Mahou Aoko.png|frameless]]|option2=Normal|[[File:Aoko_mbaa.png|frameless]]}}
| jname = 蒼崎青子
| jname = 蒼崎青子
| aka = Miss Blue (Nickname)<br>Magic Gunner (Nickname)<br>Sensei (Nickname)
| aka = Miss Blue (Nickname)<br>Magic Gunner (Nickname)<br>Sensei (Nickname)

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Aoko Aozaki (蒼崎青子, Aozaki Aoko?) also known as Miss Blue ("ao" means blue in Japanese) is a magician and an important character in the Nasuverse.



Aoko is a member of the Aozaki family, the current Family Head of the clan. She has a very bad relationship with her sister, Touko Aozaki, who often steals money from the Mage's Association by using Aoko's name.


She doesn't like her name (since it sounds like Blue), so Shiki decides to call her "Teacher".

She value's living things and has passed on this characteristic to Shiki, whether it be humans, animals, or even plants.

In the original game and manga she is shown to have a bright cheerful personality that reacts very strongly to careless actions.
In the anime she is depicted differently, as having a very quiet attitude.


Mahou Tsukai no Yoru

Aoko first chronologically appears in Mahou Tsukai no Yoru as the main character. While it is one of Kinoko Nasu's earlier works, it has only recently been released publicly. It was released in visual novel format, and it details Aoko's high school years and her friendship with Alice Kuonji.

She is a high school student who has just begun to learn sorcery after moving into an old mansion where a witch was rumoured to live.


Her first appearance in a Type-Moon work is during the prologue of Tsukihime where she meets Shiki Tohno eight years before the events of the story take place. She encounters him after he runs out of the hospital where he was admitted due to the stress of nobody believing the existence of the lines shown by the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. She comforts him, and upon Shiki's proud demonstration of the ability, she reprimands him and tells him to value living things. She helps him deal with the ability by giving him a pair of glasses, stolen from Touko and made indestructible by her own abilities, that seal the effect of his eyes as long as they are worn.

During the events of Tsukihime, Arcueid is able to tell the nature of the glasses upon seeing them, and she attempts to destroy them. She asks Shiki if Aoko happens to be around, commenting "it's probably safer not to deal with Blue in the first place." Aoko appears before Shiki again after an undetermined amount of time during Eclipse, the epilogue of Tsukihime, much like their original meeting.

Melty Blood

She has an active role in the Melty Blood series. After the defeat of Night of Wallachia, she comes to the city and attempts to make a familiar for her own use out of remnants of Wallachia and an unused part of Len. This causes yet another series of events as White Len uses the abilities of Tatari. Aoko is thought of as the main cause of the events of the arcade mode routes in Melty Blood and Melty Blood Re-Act. She acts as a non-playable final boss for each storyline. She later appears as a playable character in Melty Blood Act Cadenza.

Other Appearance


She makes an appearance along with her sister Touko, her role is to improve your servant's stats.

Carnival Phantasm

She makes brief cameos during the series.


The Aozaki family has been losing its Magic Circuits over the years, and by the time of Aoko's parents, their Magic Circuits were essentially nonexistent. While it was thought that their family was doomed to end that generation, Touko's birth brought hope, as the number of Circuits she was born with was within the top of the entire history of their bloodline. Aoko is considered to be a formally inferior magus to Touko, and she was not as fortunate her sister in the aspect of Magic Circuits. She was born with an extremely average number of circuits and prana capacity, and her style of magecraft is also considered to be average.[1]

Despite her shortcomings compared to her sister, she has managed to make use of her abilities to the fullest through her own natural talents. While the Aozaki family has circuits of the highest quality that may help make up for their low numbers, Aoko is especially talented in that area. Her natural talent in prana utilization is about a hundred times more efficient than the average magus, allowing her to perform wonders with very little energy. Her efficiency is comparable to "a car that can run one thousand kilometers on a single liter of gasoline."[2] Due to this, she is extremely destructive despite her naturally low capabilities, earning her titles like "Magic Gunner Miss Blue" and "Human Missile Launcher." She listed as one of the few living beings capable of fighting directly with Servants, though she is noted as being unable to beat Caster in a serious battle. She is also capable of fighting with Arcueid Brunestud to the extent where Arcueid wishes to avoid her if all possible.

She is a Magician capable of utilizing the Fifth Magic, making her the only person in the current world capable of performing its miracles. She calls herself the only human among the other Magicians, and that the rest are monsters compared to herself. Michael Roa Valdamjong calls it " just a thirty year old level Magic." He still considers it to be a one of a kind rarity that deserves some respect. She has yet to display any abilities related to it, but she has made offhand comments referring to time travel that may indicate the true nature of the Magic. She is familiar with Zelretch and the Second Magic to some extent, as she is able to classify Neco-Arc existing in the world of Melty Blood as his doing.


Aoko's magecraft

The style of thaumaturgy Aoko uses in battle is called Starmine and Starbow (スターマイン、スターボゥ?). It is based on the concept of images Aoko can visualize easily turned into spells that cause nature interference. She is apparently comfortable with imagining exploding fireworks and rotating stars, so all of her destructive spells are based upon those images. Spells that fall under Starmine's category are those whose energy has a fluid motion, while those that fall under Starbow's category are those whose energy has a fluctuating motion. Another magecraft she is said to practice is called Notarikon, which is an ancient branch of the Kabbalah thaumaturgy system like Roa's Numerology. She personally finds his use of it to be too dull or orthodox, but says that her own use of the system makes her unable to truly comment on it.

She uses a High-Speed Aria to greatly increase the speed of her incantations during battle, and her particular method is referred to as Unlimited Rotation. She can be called a "melee-type" magus that generates prana from her ribs, and by the time it passes through her limbs, the spell is already in a ritually complete form that is expelled in a way that makes both her arms and legs resemble rocket burners to those on the recieving end of the attack. The reason for the mixture of martial arts into her style of thaumaturgy is very like due to the influence of a certain male roommate that she had back in her high-school days.

Aoko's magecraft is something that "can't do anything but destroy", and even Nrvnqsr Chaos believes she is something that destroys the system. He believes absorbing her into his Chaos wouldn't be worth it because of that. Dust of Osiris calls her the "Attainer of the Fifth Law" who greatly threatens her plan simply by existing. She does have some capability in other areas, such as somehow making Mystic Eye-killing glasses stolen from Touko indestructible to the point where Arcueid is unable to do anything to them. She is also able to turn remnants of the TATARI phenomenon into a familiar. She wished to use White Len as her own familiar, but they were too incompatible.


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