TYPE-MOON has created a yearly April Fools' Day(WP) parody website each year since 2005.


Neco-Arc The Movie (2005)[]

Neco-Arc The Movie and Neco-Arc Evolution

Neco-Arc The Movie is a parody film starring Neco-Arc.

Hazakura Romantic (2006)[]

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2008 featured various characters set up in different wrestling leagues.

moon.cinemas.jp (2009)[]

Parody films

moon.cinemas.jp is a fake movie theater site listing a number of parody films, some of which have their own mini-sites. One of the films joked about is an adaptation of Kara no Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin, an epilogue to Kara no Kyoukai. It was decided it would be done as a real film several years later.

TMitter (2010)[]

During this year, many of the Fate/Stay night characters recieved a twitter. Amongst the jokes include Saber becoming Saber Alter, and Rin thinking the twitter was her diary.


The Room of the April Witch (2011)[]

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Various mobile site images.

Rather than a typical joke, they instead created an original and serious short story based around on the concept of April Fools' Day. The Type-Moon Mobile Site featured one of 79 splash images with text every time front page was loaded.[2]

Koha-Ace (2012)[]


Koha-Ace: Chemical Maid Kohaku is a parody movie poster similar to Neco-Arc The Movie, and it has the tagline “The Three Koha-Big-Bangs will go down in history.” The joke for 2012 is much smaller in scale compared to previous years, which each had its own site. The movie poster was placed on the main page of their site, and clicking on it brought up a small two page comic that lampoons both the scale of the joke and the number of times Mahou Tsukai no Yoru was delayed.[3]

This movie was later referenced in Carnival Phantasm, with Kohaku claiming it had been animated. However, before it can begin, Kohaku states their budget had been completely spent in the preceding action scenes.

The poster's style is derived from the visual design of posters for Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.

Back Alley Satsuki - Chapter Heroine Sanctuary (2013)[]

Chapter Heroine Sanctuary

Back Alley Satsuki - Chapter Heroine Sanctuary (路地裏さつき ヒロイン十二宮編, Rojiura Satsuki - Hiroin Jūnikyū-hen?, lit. "Back Alley Satsuki - Zodiac Heroine Edition", Rojiura SATSUKI Chapter Heroine Sanctuary) is a visual novel-style game following Bronze Heroines (ブロンズヒロイン, Buronzu Hiroin?) Satsuki, Riesbyfe, Sion, Ciel, and Mysterious Heroine X (Saber) as they seek to climb through the twelve palaces of the Gold Heroines (ゴールドヒロイン, Gōrudo Hiroin?) based around the Chinese Zodiac and parodying Saint Seiya(WP). It unlocked throughout the day when it was active, presenting each chapter in a stone circle illuminating each zodiac symbol with flames. Some chapters have certain gimmicks, such as Pokemon(WP)-style battles that can lead to a game over.

TM-channel (2014)[]

TM-channel was a number of streams featuring various characters like Nero Claudius, Satsuki Yumizuka, and Lancer.

TMitter2015 (2015)[]

TMitter2015 was a scenario where various characters tweeted an interconnected storyline over the period of April 1st, 2015.

  • Nero tweet - "Hm, what? You'd like to know if it's okay to get your hopes up for EXTRA3? Huhu, oh troubled one, allow me to ease your suffering. Yes, you may. Have faith in me! I'm sure they shall work something out!"
El-Melloi II tweet excerpt

El-Melloi II: ...I see, if my hypothesis is correct, then that must be it.
El-Melloi II: The world where the professor exists and the world I come from have crossed because of the dark Capsule Servants.
El-Melloi II: Information on parallel worlds is collected in the Throne of Heroes.
El-Melloi II: The problem is that information essentially is mass and energy. The information recklessly gathered by the illegal Capsule Servants exceeded the limit, so the boundaries of the world were warped.
El-Melloi II: That is the conclusion based on modern scientific theory, but also on Greek philosophy as well. As a result, a world where I, El-Melloi II, and the professor, El-Melloi I, coexist was created.
Flat: I don't think that's all. I think maybe a lot more, thousands or tens of thousands of "possibilities" all came together. The Shirou-kun I know wasn't a lawyer, and Rin-chan was a bit different from the Rin-chan I knew... I'm gonna call the professor. >RT
El-Melloi II: That's right. It's as Flat says. I had it slightly wrong. Let me amend my hypothesis...
El-Melloi II: This place must be a Kaleidoscope. A world where fragments and reflections of various possibilities are brought together because of someone observing them...
El-Melloi II: But if it is the Kaleidoscope, there must be a single vantage point. The Kaleidoscope came into being because someone was serving as that vantage point...
El-Melloi II: Ahh, well. No wonder. Of course I can't meet the professor. It's because I thought that I couldn't meet him.
Kayneth: IR Productions, Miss RT... No matter how many times I call, there's no answer. Even though she's the only human connection I can rely on now...
Kayneth: Has she forgotten me? Or have I forgotten her? ...It's no use. Everything's unclear.
El-Melloi II: But you wouldn't feel obligated to think that way. Flat, lead me to the professor. You of all people can do it. Yes, you only need to acknowledge it. It's as unreachable as the stars to me, but that's how you and this magecraft are, right?
Kayneth: I am K... Mister K. But... what does K even stand for? K for Kapsule Servant? No, but then...
Kayneth: Now that I think about it... what is a Capsule Servant, anyway?
Flat: ...Professor...
Flat: ...
Flat: ...If you come into contact with Mister K... "him"... No, you must know what would happen. ...You're bad at magecraft, but-- in situations like this, you're so smart that it's sad.
Flat: Understood, Professor. Through the circuit of Twitter, I will-- connect the two of you.
El-Melloi II: ...Ah, Professor. You were in this alleyway? Even if it is April, you'll catch your death of cold in a place like this.
Kayneth: Hahaha, to think there was still someone who would speak to the likes of me...
Kayneth: You must be the one who is to eliminate me. But at the same time, you are one who knows me. Isn't that so?
El-Melloi II: Professor... So you really don't know who you are anymore? Because I noticed, being the vantage point, you're being rejected from this place.
Kayneth: Then tell me. Who am I?
El-Melloi II: ...Who else?
El-Melloi II: You are the professor who did me the honor of fighting me when I was still immature. Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald. ...The most proud of all, Lord El-Melloi.
Kayneth: Kayneth... El-Melloi... ahh, is that so.
Kayneth: I put my pride and life on the line, and lost it all... that was me, wasn't it.
Kayneth: ...No, that's not right. It seems that after I passed, I left one thing - my "name".
Kayneth: Isn't that right? You, who call yourself "II"...
El-Melloi II: ...I can't hear the professor's voice anymore.
El-Melloi II: Because I noticed it, this Kaleidoscope is breaking apart. The parallel worlds are returning to their rightful places without anyone noticing.
El-Melloi II: Goodbye, Professor.
El-Melloi II: ...Ah, it's the original Akihabara. It's gotten pretty late.
El-Melloi II: I'm back, but the other worlds must still be continuing unconnected.
El-Melloi II: The days have passed. They pass. And they will continue to pass. I'm sure it's the same for that noisy place, somewhere out there.
El-Melloi II: ...Yeah. Maybe I'll buy Mr Glen a souvenir.

Imperial Roma[]

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Fate/Grand Order (2016)[]

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Within Fate/Grand Order, all profile cards were temporarily replaced with Riyo's Learn with Manga! FGO art for the 24 hour period of April Fools' Day.

Fate/Grand Order Gutentag Omen (2017)[]

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Fate/Grand Order Gutentag Omen Adios[]

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Fate/Grand Order Quest[]

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Fate/Grand Order flippin' Summon[]

Fate/Grand Order flippin' Summon is the April Fools' Day game for the North American server of Fate/Grand Order. It is a Concentration(WP)-style game.


Fate/Grand Order MyCraft Lostbelt[]

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Fate/Grand Order Gutentag Omen was also launched again during this period.

Fate/Grand Order PINBALL[]

Fate/Grand Order PINBALL is the April Fools' Day game for the North American server of Fate/Grand Order. It is a pinball game in which Servant art by Riyo is collected by earning points.


Fate/Freedom Order[]

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Fate/Pixel Wars[]

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Fake/states night[]

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Fake/states night

Fake/states night was a joke concept for a game created by Ryohgo Narita(WP). The novel prelude was later released with TYPE-MOON Ace volume two, titled Fate/strange Fake.

Notorious Brand[]


Notorious Brand is a joke created by French Bread, the creators of Melty Blood. It was presented as a 2d fighting game similar to Melty Blood based upon Fate/stay night. It has a release date of April 1st, 2014. The plot follows strange events occurring one year after the end of Heaven’s Feel. There is a mysterious shadow once again stalking the night and killing innocents, which Shirou will not stand for without fighting against it. He manages to master Unlimited Blade Works with his puppet body, but he cannot even scratch the shadow. Its actual identity is Stanrobe Calhin, a ghost Dead Apostle, who has fused with the leftover remains of the Holy Grail. He has become an entity with god-like powers who will destroy everything in his path, and Zelretch summons Servants from alternate dimensions to combat him. They are too busy fighting each other to actually do anything else.

It has an innovative ten-button combat system that will allows for control of both a Servant and Master at once. Commands can be given to the Servant, or they can be kept in the background to enhance the Master’s fighting. Another unique feature is the mana bar, which dictates how long a Servant can fight and when it can use its Noble Phantasm. The crucial strategy of the game is knowing when to switch between using Masters and Servants The characters include Saber, Shirou, Archer, Rin, Rider, Shinji, Sakura (Dark Sakura and hollow ataraxia forms), Ilya, Berserker, Lancer, Kotomine, Gilgamesh, Caster, Kuzuki, Zouken, Assassin, True Assassin, Lysritt, Sella, Issei and his brother Reikan, Neko-chan and the legendary bartender Ryuu Sasakura, The Mitsuzuri siblings Ayako and Minori, the demon girls of the track team, Kaede, Kane, and Yukika, and the gorgon pair of Stheno and Euryale. Taiga and the servant of the Tiger may also make an appearance.[4]

Sensha Otoko (Ufotable)[]

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Sensha Otoko adaptation

Ufotable(WP)'s 2012 April Fools' Day joke was an announcement for an adaptation of Sensha Otoko with posters advertising the film spread across conventions in Japan.


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