Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile: The Iridescent (Rain) Bow that Signals His Triumphal Return Sonorously (凱旋を高らかに告げる虹弓
, Gaisen o Takaraka ni Tsugeru Koyumi
Aruku Du Torionfu Du Retowāru
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Napoleon. A cannon Noble Phantasm bearing the same name as the French name of Arc de Triomphe. The possibilities of men (primate) turn into cannonballs, which are then fired like rainbows traveling across the skies.

Based on the existence of the Heroic Spirit Napoleon, this Noble Phantasm achieved sublimation by the adding of the legend where he had bombarded the Great Sphinx of Giza. This Noble Phantasm appears as a shapeshifting cannon on one of his hands. Along with his legend of "bombarding the Great Sphinx", he holds a fairly special interest in mystery.[1]


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