Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?) is an Archer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Archer's True Name is Billy the Kid (ビリー・ザ・キッド, Birī za Kiddo?). His real name is William Henry McCarty Junior. A representative outlaw from the American Wild West, even in modern times his popularity is extremely high. From the fact that one of his few remaining pictures was put for a price of two hundred million yen in an auction, one can perceive said popularity. His father is unknown, but it seems that he received a higher education from his mother and, considering he was a Western outlaw, he left behind some skillfully written letters.[1]

When he was 12-years old, the curtain raised for his life as an outlaw when he stabbed a man to death who insulted his mother. Since then, he accumulated crimes of cattle thief and robbery at the same time he took jobs of escort of goods and the likes. He was the type who would pick quarrels at random with the other outlaws whenever he was in town, but, before anyone knew, he started to have a smile plastered in his face and tried to avoid trouble.[1]

Although he was accepted by the citizens thanks to his tactful attitude, but maybe due his fate as an outlaw, he ended up being dragged into the cartel-war of John Tunstall, the farm owner who employed him. As a result of this conflict, which is commonly called the Lincoln County War, Kid ended up being arrested by his one-time friend - Sheriff Pat Garrett.[1]

Still, he escaped in less than a year. Sheriff Pat Garret vindictively attempted a pursuit, finding him on Fort Sumner, New Mexico. Maybe he thought that he couldn't even in an open gunfight, or maybe there was some other reason--. When Billy left his room to seek some food, Pat Garrett performed a sneak attack on him.[1]

The Juvenile Rascal King, said to have killed 21 people by the time he was 21 years old. Some ten years or so after his death, the Wild West age met its de facto end. The outlaws were treated as mere criminals and the frontier was taken into the framework of the state.[1]

Or maybe, the very existence known as Billy the Kid itself was the symbol of the Wild West, and his death indicated the demise of the age when outlaws could willfully live as they pleased.[1]




Fate/Grand OrderEdit

E Pluribus Unum: The Grand Battle of Legends in North AmericaEdit

Billy the Kid is summoned in the "E Pluribus Unum" Singularity.  He is a new recruit of the Resistance, first encountered with Robin Hood, defending a small town from the Celts. Later, he, along with Geronimo, Robin and Nero, attempt to assassinate Medb, the leader of the Celtic army. They are, however, fought against by Cú Chulainn Alter and Arjuna, who defend Medb. Billy the Kid is defeated and killed by Arjuna.

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Billy the Kid is one of the "E Pluribus Unum" Singularity Servants that arrive to aid Chaldea.

Anastasia: Permafrost EmpireEdit

Billy the Kid, along with Beowulf, is summoned into the Russian Lostbelt by the "cries of the land". As such, he and Beowulf are left without a Master, with fuzzy memories and no knowledge of their surroundings. They wander around aimlessly until they come to a Yaga Village, which they decide to protect from threats like the forces of Ivan the Terrible. They eventually ally themselves with Chaldea and the Rebellion Army.[2]

Other appearancesEdit

Billy the Kid is mentioned as a possible identity for a dual gun-wielding Archer in Fate/EXTRA when Hakuno Kishinami is trying to deduce Rider's True Name.


In your usual Holy Grail War, it is very likely that he will be summoned under the Extra Class "Gunner". He wields a Colt M1877 double-action revolver, nicknamed "Thunderer". His Noble Phantasm is also named Thunderer.[1]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Shimaudon is the character designer for Archer.


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