Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?) is an Archer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Archer's True Name is Calamity Jane (カラミティ・ジェーン, Karamiti Jēn?), the version originating from the Servant Universe.

Coming from the Servant Universe, a space cheerleader merrily doing things at her own pace. Well, this happy brain. It was formerly leading the scouts in the universe, among other jobs.

Historically, a gunman and scout from the American West Pioneering era.

Although not a so-called outlaw, there were many exaggerated claims of achievements of uncertain authenticity, and during her lifetime, she lived a life full of praise and honor. The fact that there are many debuffer skills for a positive personality originates from these two aspects. A person from Western America who lived in the same period as Billy the Kid personally reputed as a calamity. She is a master of the gun, an excellent scout, a lover of "King of the Plains", Wild Bill Hickok, and was named "Queen of the Plains" as a comrade in arms who ran together through many predicaments.

The name of calamity originates from the legend of rescuing the cavalary from an assault by the indigenous people, and was rumored to have been called the "Savior of Disaster" and a "woman who brought calamity" who always lost her lover in battle. There is a theory that both rumors are true.



A loveable person who is fond of new things and doesn't worry too much about difficult things. When taken into consideration, she forgets yesterday's grudge and the day before yesterday's debt completely.

"Oh, you dropped your cellphone in the rock crevice? Leave it to me! For the time being let's try blasting."

A mood maker who wants to support "someone who keeps at it" more than "me". With extreme positve thinking, her future is natural as far as she is concerned. Even before the existence of the universe, she will never lose hope and will believe in survival. Her motives are all filled with good intentions, sometimes with good people? She may take action that remains questionable. She won't blame others, but if she does something in reverse, she will be pleased and praised no matter how trivial it is.


Fate/Grand Order

Saber Wars II ~Towards the Space of the Beginning~


Jane is an acrobatic fighter, helping her outmanuver her enemies while firing her pistol or throwing grenades. While her pistol can fire regular bullets, it can be charged to fire an array of energy blasts or an explosive ball of energy. She also has a pair of pom poms she uses when punching her enemies in a cheer-like fashion.



Datamined card

Jane wast first discovered in the game files in a datamine in 2015. She was not released until 2019.


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