Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?) is an Archer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Archer's True Name is David (ダビデ, Dabide?), the King of Israel (イスラエル王, Isuraeru-Ō?), based on the king of ancient Israel who appears in the Old Testament.[2][3] He was a shepherd and a harpist.[2] As a shepherd, he was told by the prophet Samuel that he had been given a special role from God.[3] He is famous for episodes such as performing with a harp in front of Saul, the King of Israel of that time, to exorcise him from an Evil Spirit, and defeating the Philistine giant Goliath.[2][3]


In order to play the harp for the King Saul of Israel, who was fighting the Philistines at the time, David often visited the army. At that occasion, the Philistine giant Goliath demanded for a one-on-one duel with everything on the line.[2] Scared from the giant's excessive strength, nobody from the Israel army was able to oppose him, but David alone accepted that duel, announcing his candidacy to the one-on-one duel with the giant. Saul offered David his armor, but David declined, taking only his staff, sling and five stones from a brook. Goliath made light of David, who challenged him without carrying a sword, but David threw a rock with his sling that made Goliath faint, defeated him, and decapitated him with his own sword afterwards.[2][3]

It has been said that afterwards, there were a few quarrels with Saul.[2] Saul soon became jealous of David's glory in battle, and he became the target of assassination attempts. However, after Saul dies in battle with the Philistines, David ascends the throne and conquers Jerusalem.[3] Upon being splendidly enthroned as king, he carried out a splendid reign.[2] David's only disgrace is his disregard of the law to pursue the married woman Bathsheba. He murders his vassal to obtain her, and he endures God's punishment for it in his last years.[3]

Michelangelo's "David" is the most famous statue about him.[2]



A refreshing, super-talented prodigy who does not reach his wits' end with matters. While David views God first and foremost over all other things, on the other hand, he is a thorough realist.[1] Placing his duty as an agent of God first and foremost, David possesses the strength of will to maintain an extreme calmness in the face of utter desperation, clear-mindedly evaluating his situation in a realistic manner.[3] He does not consider his summoning as a resurrection of himself, but namely a summoning of a person that possesses the spirit of David himself; however, he does not openly feel a sense of inferiority in existing as such. There is no difference in being a messenger of God in both the present time and during his own lifetime for he holds a view of being pleasant to merely feel the grace of God no matter what kind of person he is. On the occasion of being summoned as a Heroic Spirit, he will wield his power to the maximum degree without accidentally holding back. Furthermore, bringing alongside his body is the knowledge he absorbed in greed related to the advancement of technology and human history from the time after his death to the arrival of the present time.[1]

A wise man who does not hold hostility thoughtlessly, and also, one who shows a disciplined behaviour calmly towards anyone. Since everyone is bestowed a role by God, David deals with this matter with respect.[1] To his view, "All humans upon this earth has a place within God's plan", and it should be regarded with appropriate respect.[3] At least, the person himself intends to act in accordance to that. He advocates without hesitation that it is useless and a fruitless effort for people to do battle while held captive by the grudges of their past. Although he does not regard women and children as part of one's military strength, towards warriors, people who resolved themselves for the king, that is not the case.[1] A king and also a shepherd who is used to waiting upon people, David also grew accustomed in serving others from his experience as a harpist.[2]

Because his flesh and bones are permeated with financial value and the importance of wealth, David is shrewd in the management of funds and assets. The plots of land is important to making a living as a king. Money is also important. Although people's hearts are hard to grasp, money can be harvested and grasped with rationality. And given that human nature is able to be controlled with money, it was David's style to take into consideration that the investment of assets is surely essential.[1]

And then, while he indeed appears to be a hero, David is weak towards women with nice bodies, having a weakness for them and occasionally muttering, "I wish to take a wife for myself..."[1][3] A friendly, sincere Servant, and is the typical of many heroes, but he is absurdly weak towards women, so care is required in regards to that point.[2] Something he always starts talking about is going out to meet his wife, among other things. He truly does not regret about the matter of him stealing another person's spouse, Bathsheba (who became the mother of Solomon), a beautiful wife of one of his subordinates who he deliberately murdered. Also, because the devotion of the beautiful girl Abishag was very good in soothing his solitude during the time of him being in an old age, he possesses a very unmanageable sense of values where his tastes of a beautiful women = Abishag. He usually goes into a decision of viewing one as Abishag should she be a beautiful woman or possesses a nice body, but because of his bitter memory of the battle against the giant Goliath, any women that are taller than him is proven to be NG (No Good).[1] He loves to dance (poor in doing so) and musically perform on the harp (gifted in doing so); though he is considered an unparalleled genius in his talent with a harp, he possesses little skill in dancing.[1][3] However, he favors both as his pastimes.[3]


"Say, has he given up all thoughts of doing work? Perhaps there was a matter he could not be greatly patient with. Me? Hey, maybe I look like... someone who would open up the Ark of the Covenant and run away with all of its contents with my ten treasured mistresses. Though detestable, I wonder if I can really try that sort of thing to Solomon... Well then, I'm making a brave comment, but I think that guy does not have that sort of freedom? I became a king from being a shepherd, although looking at that guy, I can say that he was meant to be a great king from the beginning."[1]
"Thank you thank you, great Ancestor. I truly thank you. But I wonder, isn't THAT a little dangerous?"[1]
Female Servants in General (With the Exception of Children)
"Abishag! You are not Abishag!?"[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Okeanos: The Four Sealed Seas of the EndEdit

David is an ally in the Okeanos Singularity. He was the first Servant to be summoned into the era. He is eventually confronted by Atalanta, who informs him that Jason is searching for the Ark and plans to sacrifice a god to it to gain ultimate power. After being informed of this, David decides to wait with Atalanta until allies arrive in the era.

They eventually hear about Ritsuka and their allies searching for the Ark before Jason gets to it. After Atalanta sends a message to the Golden Hind by arrow, David anxiously waits for the ship's arrival, but Atalanta tells him to calm down. David's flirtations with her are quickly interrupted by the arrival of Ritsuka and their allies. Meeting with the group, David reveals that the Ark is one of his Noble Phantasms summoned independently from him. He further explains that Jason sacrificing a god to the Ark would cause widespread destruction, but he states that the fragility of the Singularity would cause the Ark to destroy the era.

Later, David helps the group in their plan to destroy Heracles by luring him and making him touch the Ark. Afterwards, he and Atalanta join the group on the Golden Hind as they chase after Jason. David soon confronts Jason on his ship about the truth of the Ark, asking him who told him that sacrificing a god to it would give him power. After the Singularity is resolved, Romani asks David how he knew about the Demon Gods.

Miss Almost Weekly Santa AlterEdit

Stowing away on EMIYA and Robin Hood's ship during their fishing competition, David eventually commandeers their ship and sails it towards the Southern Lands to see their women. Unfortunately, his rash decision sails them into a storm that tears the ship apart. Blamed for their current situation by the others, he requests to be returned to shore, but he notices that the sail has been broken by the storm. He then demands that the others jump overboard, believing the ship can stay afloat with his weight alone. David later recounts the tale of Carneades, but is interrupted when Robin and EMIYA decide to throw him overboard. He and Robin then prepare to fight each other, but are interrupted when Santa Alter lands on the ship. Mistaking her for Abishag, he requests that Santa Alter warm his chilled body, though she tries correcting his error. He and the others then fight her when she decides to test his claim of being the Most Victorious King. After being defeated by Santa Alter, he is accused by EMIYA of sending a letter to Santa that caused Santa Alter's arrival. David, however, retorts that accusation by stating he only sends his prayers to God and that he considers the concept of Santa Claus to be scary. Then after Robin admits he sent the letter, he is gifted an assortment of Black Keys, pretending to be impressed by them. After Santa Alter leaves, David asks who was talking about Carneades, and demands that whoever it was to be executed. EMIYA and Robin both yell that it was him and that hasn't learned anything since the Uriah incident. Then when EMIYA and Robin try throwing him overboard, David begins persuading them that they should form a team with him. They are interrupted however by Elizabeth Báthory's arrival, who goes on to perform a concert as Santa Alter's final gift to them.

Sanzang of the Stars Goes to TianzhuEdit

David takes the role of Zhu Bajie, a disciple of Xuanzang Sanzang.

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

David is amongst the "Okeanos" Singularity Servants assisting Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars. David flirts with Atalanta and calls her Abishag. It is implied that he knows Solomon to be an imposter.[4]

Salem: The Taboo Epiphany GardenEdit

Mash Kyrielight narrates the Journey to the West story.

Moonlight | Lost RoomEdit

When Ritsuka was dreaming in the Lostroom, he'd witnesses Galahad defeating Kiyohime, Geronimo and David.


  • David's Staff

David's armanent is a bow and arrows made by himself, although he also possesses the sling that he used to defeat Goliath, Hamesh Avanim, and his shepherd staff.[1] His other Noble Phantasms are Sacrifice and Ark.

Protection of God (神の加護, Kami no Kago?) is a skill of the the form and flesh of a man prophecized to be king, bearing the quick-wittedness and the brute strength to defeat beasts unaided. Though he has been resurrected by the power of the Grail, David does not regard himself as a vessel to the soul of his original - merely as an instrument of God. He does not terribly mind this existence, content merely to feel the grace of his Lord.[3]

David's harp (kinnor) cleansed the Evil Spirits from the King of Israel, Saul. The Harp of Healing (治癒の竪琴, Chiyu no Tategoto?) skill possesses effects of exorcism and preserves the tranquility of the listeners' minds. In ancient society, the harp was highly regarded in appeasing evil spirits.[1][2]

Charisma is a skill of a prodigy of military tactics and command in life, with all the tribes following him as King of Israel within the country's 2nd generation of existence, he called to arms and led a soldier force of more than 320,000 men to seize control of the city of Jerusalem.[1][3] For the long path of bloodshed that he wrought as a military leader, he later deemed to seek the forgiveness of God by building a place of worship in his capital. (Due to certain circumstances, it was not built until the reign of his son, Solomon.)[3]

Though the Servant was originally a mere shepherd in life, David has a low rank Divinity. As an ancestor of Christ, do qualify weakly as a being of divine nature—perhaps equivalent in rank to Joseph of Nazareth. He possesses some defense against the action of conceptual relics and Noble Phantasms based in the Divinity of Christ (though not those based in the Divinity of God) - for example, "holy shrouds", "the stakes of the Crucifixion", and "the Lancea Longini"; possibly even "the Holy Grail".[3]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

  • Original Design
  • David's Full Design

David was designed by Meteo Hoshizora (TYPE-MOON) and illustrated by Ginka for the original cancelled Fate/Apocrypha online game project and was not included in the final version.[3] He was collected along with the other thirteen initial Servant designs in Fate/complete material IV Extra material. The project was revived in a novel format afterwards. David was discarded because Yuuichirou Higashide wanted a suitable Servant to act as a rival to Achilles on the opposing team from him, and David was replaced by Chiron. At this point, it was already decided that Atalanta would oppose Joan of Arc, so she had to be in the Red camp like Achilles. The remaining Archer was David. There was no problem with him as an ally character-wise where Vlad III was planned to be made the head of the Black camp. If there were another world-famous king on the same team as him, his relationship with Vlad would become complex.[5]

Yuuichirou Higashide and Hikaru Sakurai are the scenario writers for his character in Fate/Grand Order.[1]

Discarded SkillsEdit

Harp Performance (竪琴の演奏, Tategoto no Ensō?)
In life, David is said to have exorcized evil spirits on the behalf of King Saul of Israel with the use of his harp alone. His skill with the instrument is such that he is capable of purging mental interference and restoring psychological stability to those who listen to his music. However, the accuracy of projectiles and polearms suffer a large Rank Down within hearing range. The Servant's act of exorcism may have a modern analogue in musical therapy.[3]


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