Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?) is an Archer-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



« Eh? You hear a weird voice from time to time? Huh, I wonder what that could be? Orion's got no idea~☆ »

Archer's True Name is Orion (オリオン?), but Artemis (アルテミス, Arutemisu?) interrupted the summon and manifested utilizing Orion's Saint Graph. The initial profile, initially written in first person by Artemis, pretends to be just Orion while saying that she doesn't know the origin of the weird voice that can sometimes be heard around her. She is later revealed to be Artemis the Moon Goddess and Goddess of the Hunt of Greek Mythology, and that weird voice is the actual Orion in the form of a small bear.[2]


Artemis is a pure virgin goddess that would unfailingly shoot through those who sought to attain the magical power that pulls the tides and causes them to rise, the link to the moon's movements, and simultaneously granting these infidels death and disease.[3] She is one of many goddesses whose power is derived from the Earth Mother.[4]

As the "Goddess of the Hunt", Artemis was the divine protector of Atalanta, and granted her the bow Tauropolos, named for one of Artemis' epithets.[5] She lent her power to the Noble Phantasm Phoebus Catastrophe along with Apollo. She taught the skill of hunting to Chiron as one of his many lessons from the gods.[6]


« Orion is famed as the hunter that represents the winter constellation, and he's just the most perfect, eloquent, and handsome man around. He even put an arrow through that goddess Artemis' heart. Kya~☆ »


Famous as a winter representative constellation, but other than being a notorious hunter and lady-killer, it is not like a brilliant heroic tale about Orion is being transmitted. However, he is well known as the human with whom the virgin goddess Artemis fell in love.[2]

The legend of Robin Hood was said to be a result of the fusion of several mixtures, including the Greek myths about Orion.[7]


Artemis is one of the goddesses of the Twelve Olympians, born as a child of Zeus and as the younger sister of Apollo. She was a virgin goddess that governs chastity and hunting, and her eyes towards the opposite sex were twice as relentless towards humans beings, such as killing a hunter that was thoughtlessly peeking at her bathing, etc.[1]

Why is she like that, of all things? It all started when she fell in love with the hunter Orion, a child of Poseidon who garnered fame as a playboy at that time. Usually, if it was another goddess, Orion would have fallen in love and if possible, take her back to his home immediately. But when it's towards Artemis, why does his defensive instincts come into play? He refrained from taking her hand immediately.[1]

Nonetheless, the rumor of Orion and Artemis' rendezvous ascended to the heavens, and the talk of these two getting married was being spread around.[1]

Apollo, the Sun God and her elder brother, did not permit it. Apollo was aware of the nature of "it can't be helped" belonging to the man named Orion. But Artemis did not lend her ear to Apollo's warning. So Apollo drafted a plan, perceiving from afar Orion, who was swimming, and provoked Artemis by saying "aim and bring down that scoundrel named Candaon." Naturally, Artemis aimed at the head of Orion—and magnificently shot through him. The next day, Artemis became aware of his death and grieved. She attempted to restore him back to life, but it was not granted. Inevitably, he was ascended to the sky and became a celestial body.[1]

And yet, Orion indeed did not learn from his lesson, quarreling with Artemis who came to meet him occasionally, and being beaten half to death after being exposed by Artemis for having an affair.[1]

... This time, sensing the crisis that would result in the usual Holy Grail Wars to be held for the restoration of the Human Order, Artemis accomplished the materialization of her form by thrusting herself into Orion's summoning... Although, that is just half the reason. The other remaining half is the opportunity to express her feelings bravely, said to be her making out with Orion to her heart's content.[1]

... Wait, bravely?[1]


Artemis takes an appearance of a young woman with round blue eyes and long white hair, with the bottom of her hair attaches to a large circular ornament. She wears long white dress with red tip at the bottom, a silver necklace, and a pair of sandals. Like her origin, Artemis wield large bow which is capable of firing arrows made of pure energy as a weapon. According to the comment by the characters, this form appears to not be her original form from the Age of the Gods, but instead was changed possibly due to Orion's influence. In her later ascensions and during Noble Phantasm's animation, Artemis switch to a short revealing red dress.

The height and weight belong to Artemis. Her bust size doesn't affect her bow firing ability.[2]

Instead of taking form of a man, Orion appears as a small brown bear with black eyes (which turns red when he's angry) wearing an outfit resembles the one worn by cavemen and wields a small club as a weapon. To make matters worse, Orion completely changed into a strange creature (mascot character) that cannot be defined as neither a person nor a beast.[2]


Artemis basically takes up a neutral position towards the Master. However, because she is a goddess, no matter how great the Master is, she always take up a higher position in their relationship standing. Orion's role is to pacify Artemis and the Master. Fundamentally, Orion has no power, so he tries to curry favor with the Master.[1]


Initially introduced as a loving maiden on a stroll in her quest for dango,[2] Artemis is a virgin goddess at an age similar to where one falls in love with romance. Given that this goddess is a happy-go-lucky person, she has almost no regard for human life. Fundamentally, Orion's role is to keep her in check, and she personally dislikes more than anything else the words called "patience" and "preserverance". In addition, she is an utmost fangirl of everything sweet—and especially shows that enthusiasm wholeheartedly and with all of her energy towards her darling Orion.[1] With the exception of Orion, Artemis has no interest in the opposite gender, but she really gets into love stories regardless of it being heterosexual or homosexual.[2]


« Theft begins with lies. Womanizing begins with handsomeness. Romance begins with Orion. »


A notorious playboy in the olden days from the present. After being shot to death by Artemis, due to her actions, Orion became adorable (... adorable?) as he was transformed into a mascot character. Characteristically, Orion is lazy and irresponsible, yet he is shrewd too, occassionally evading Artemis' accusations of having an affair splendidly. In relation to Artemis, as he is in the vicinity of her trying to have an affair that will breach their relationship, it can be said to be a feeling that he is constantly in danger for being unfaithful. They are less like a married couple, and more like lovers who similarily cannot avoid each other, and yet likewise, they can avoid each other. However, in the case Artemis falls into a crisis, he is resourceful to a degree to come to her aid, even being truly reckless in doing so.[1]

Orion is dumbfounded towards Artemis' passionate approach, and there is a chance he will make an attack on various women and female Servants, but sadly he is just a mascot character after all, so it is all futile. Furthermore, there is also the fact that he is not cute enough to be called a mascot. Since Orion is an irresponsible lady-killer that likes women and flirting, he has a better affinity with a male Master whom he can repetitively amuse himself in foolish talks.[2]


A heroine that believed in Artemis. "All right, I'll give you full of blessings! But nowadays, I feel you did something far away from my eyes."[1]
"Altera, is it that Altera? If so, then she is our natural enemyyyy!... Eh? She's different? She is different from the Altera of that time? Excavated from ruins? What, I-I don't understand it at alllll!"[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Artemis was summoned while having Orion as an accessory. To make a correction however, that is the opposite. Upon summoning Orion, a hero of Greek Mythology, for some reason, the goddess Artemis also came along. Harboring uneasiness towards the abnormality of the present situation, Artemis trespassed by wedging herself into Orion's summoning. She is fulfilling the role of an Archer-class Servant.[2]

Do Moon Goddesses Dream of Dango?Edit

Orion and Artemis are first encountered by Ritsuka and Mash while they're fighting a pack of werewolves after the Chaldea pair arrive in the Singularity. Accepting Ritsuka and Mash's offer of aid, Artemis defeats the werewolves with their help. After defeating the werewolves, Artemis introduces herself Orion to the Chaldea pair, and says she came to repair her reputation by correcting the Singularity. Artemis is then asked by Mash if she saw any suspcious people, who have stolen Chaldea's provisions. She answers that she had seen three people running carrying something strange, which had food falling out all over the place. After accepting her offer to help them, Artemis and the others set out get back the dumplings.

The group soon come upon Marie Antoinette, d'Eon, and Sanson in a forest, eating dumplings around a campfire. However, the group's presence is soon sensed by d'Eon and Sanson, which results in a fight when Mash demands the dumplings back. After defeating the French Servants, Mash prepares to interrogate them, but Artemis senses a presence similar to that of Orion's. Mozart then reveals to the relief of the French Servants and goes to fight the group with d'Eon and Sanson. After defeating them, Marie returns the dumplings to the group, but reveals that she gave a trio they met earlier three tons worth of dumplings as a sign of friendship. After hearing that the trio was going to pray near the waters of Marseille, the group set out set out once again to get back the dumplings.

Later, the group come upon Saint Martha, Georgios, and Sasaki eating dumplings around a campfire at the shoreline. Georgios returns the dumplings after hearing they were originally stolen from Chaldea, but a fight ensues when Artemis reveals that Saint Martha, Georgios, and Sasaki all still have dumplings hidden on their person. The group is able to defeat them, however Artemis points that Saint Martha is trying to escape on Tarasque. But before she escaped, Martha reveals to the group that her group gave half of their dumplings to a fat man in the wasteland.

The group later come upon Julius Caesar and Caligula eating dumplings, but a fight ensues when Mash tries to get the dumplings back. After defeating the Roman emperors, Mash tries to take the the bag of dumplings back to Chaldea, but Artemis senses that someone is eating them in the bag. Then, to Artemis's shock, Altera comes out of the bag, and Artemis warns Ritsuka and Mash of Altera's destructive tendencies before they fight her. After defeating Altera with the help of Artemis and Julius Casesar, Ritsuka and Mash are rayshifted back to Chaldea with the dumplings.

However, Artemis transports Ritsuka and Mash back to the Singularity, where she reveals that she broke into Chaldea. However, the traps on Chaldea's food storage kept her out of it, so she ended transporting the entire storage to the Singularity. She then continues to reveal that she attempted to retrieve them, but Marie got to them first before finally meeting Ritsuka and Mash. Artemis then reveals that she wanted the dumplings because they're an offering to the moon, and states that Chaldea's dumplings had awoken her. However, her magical energy was too weak, and so she set out with the group to get the rare dumplings in order to restore her strength. Happy that she is able finally able fight with them, Artemis reveal herself to not be Orion but the Moon Goddess before fighting the group to test both of their skills. After she is defeated by the group, Artemis disappears saying that they will meet again.

Okeanos: The Four Sealed Seas of the EndEdit

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Artemis and Orion are amongst the "Okeanos" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillar. Orion complains to Artemis that his appearance doesn't look impressive and hopes to have his original form back.[8]

Dead Heat Summer Race! ~Ishtar Cup of Hopes and Dreams~Edit


Alternate fake Orions

Other appearancesEdit

Artemis is one of three existences combined by BB in the Moon Cell to form the composite being Meltlilith.[3]


Archer is powerful enough to bend space to change the order of cause and effect to change the possibility of "one day, the Heroic Spirit will form a contract" to the result of "a contract has already been formed", allowing her to summon herself to the dango festival before Ritsuka Fujimaru formally contracts with her.

Since Artemis' Divinity has dropped to the lowest limit, she has a power that is just slightly stronger than your normal Servant.[2] Artemis' skill with archery is on a level that despite not barring the proper posture and stance of an archer, none of her shots ever miss.[9]

In this form, Orion has no power and is fundamentally useless. However, being the son of Poseidon, he can still walk on water.[10]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

I-IV is the character illustrator for Artemis and Orion.[1][2] Yuuichirou Higashide is the scenario writer for their characters.[1]


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