Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?) is an Archer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Archer's True Name is Paris (パリス?), the brother of Hector. The sheep that follows him is in fact, the Greek god Apollo. Paris is the younger brother of the Hero of Troy and member of the Nine Worthies Hector, who stole Helen away from King Menelaus (though it was promised by a goddess), causing the Trojan War. Struggling with Hector, even after his brother died, Paris played an active part in defeating Achilles. Born the son of the King and Queen of Troy, Priam and Hecuba, Paris was abandoned atop Mount Eday, according to a prophecy that "a child born this day would lead Troy to ruin."

But the baby survived on bear's milk, until he was found by Agelaus, (the very man who abandoned Paris by the king's command) who decided to raise him along with his own children. In addition, it is the meaning of the bag that should have been Paris, and it is said that he was put in the bag that he was put in when he was taken home from the mountain.

Paris grew up as a beautiful boy who had nothing to do, until one day Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera, the three most beautiful goddesses, chose him to act as a judge.

Hera offered a throne and wealth, Athena granted victory and wisdom, and Aphrodite promised the most beautiful woman in Greece, Helen of Sparta. In turn, Paris chose Aphrodite. But, Helen was already a wife of Menelaus, so, inevitably, Paris made away with Helen. So the men who once fought to be Helen's husband, after Helen was taken, chose to collaborate to get her back, swearing a pledge to do so. The earliest battle was inevitable,and Troy fell into war with the Greek Allies. It was the beginning of the Trojan War, which it was referred to as later.


Although it is not the height of his physical prowess, Apollo has arbitrarily declared "Paris-chan was the most shining at this time!"and changed him into this state.


Purity, innocence and courage are all aspects of human beings that are positively perceived.

As soon as he knew, that Helen was living in an unhappy marriage, he stole her. There was one aspect of being tempted by the Gods, but in his eyes this was justice. Hector knew that his brother Paris would be troublesome but didn't stop it.

"Whatever the reason, I understand that wars happen only when they happen, and that there is no room for concession as long as each other's pride is at stake."

Paris suffered regret and disappointment during the Trojan War. However, it can be said that he is devoted in a sense, and challenges battle frankly without being reluctant every time he is summoned. But beware of Apollo coming with Paris. He puts Paris in the forefront and doesn't even consider anything else, even the Master...


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Paris is an ally during the Atlantis Lostbelt. During the climactic battle with Artemis, he sacrifices himself, using the power of Apollo to transform himself into an arrow. This fulfills the final requirement for Superhuman Orion to use his third Noble Phantasm, Ortygia Amore Mio, and allows him to destroy Artemis’s main body.


Independent Action : EX Rank

Paris himself does not possess the Independent Action skill, however, because Apollo is attached to his Saint Graph Archer possesses this fearsome ability. At EX rank, Independent Action allows for nearly any act, whether related to combat or otherwise, to be undertaken without support from the Master (short of repeated use of his Noble Phantasm).

Magic Resistance : B Rank

Rejection of magical energy. Even if targeted by High Thaumaturgy and/or Greater Rituals, it is difficult for him to be affected.

Eyes of the Sun God (False) : B+ Rank

Affection of the Male God : B Rank

He has received all the love of Apollo. It's a bit annoying, but Paris is happy as such. Almost the same skill as Affection of the Goddess . The degree of curse is similar.

The Golden Apple that Invites Dissension is Paris’ Distihia Milya as a Skill.

Paris’ Noble Phantasms are Troia Velos and Distihia Milya. The former is the crossbow he wields and used to slay Achilles. It is a large, cumbersome weapon that he cannot wield easily, relying on Apollo to steady his aim. The latter is the Golden Apple that caused the Trojan War to begin with. A powerful but dangerous magical artifact that ensnares the mind of the target, it can bring disaster if wielded improperly. Mental resilience is required for resistance.



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