Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?) is the Archer-class Servant of Elza Saijo in the First Holy Grail War of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver.

He is summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Archer's True Name is Arash (アーラシュ, Arāshu?), a legendary great hero from Ancient Persia.[2] As a warrior of King Manuchehr (the legendary king of Ancient Persia who reigned over a period of 120 years, and the descendant of Fereydun, the Hero King who did battle against Zahhak, the incarnation of the evil dragon Aži Dahāka), who was referred to as the last king of the Age of Gods in West Asia, and as the strongest archer, he brought an end to the war between Persia and Turan that had spanned for 60 years.[1][2] The brave warrior of salvation who bestowed peace and tranquility to the people of both countries.[2] He accomplished the great feat of saving thousands of people during battle.[3] He has an anecdote where it is said that in exchange for a special move that exceeds the limits of humans, he ended up perishing by having his body burst and scatter in all directions.[1]


  • Holy Devotion (聖なる献身, Seinaru Kenshin?)

According to Persian legend, at the end of the two countries' long-lasting war, the Turan enemy army encircled King Manuchehr's army, and the kings of both countries decided to unite in peace by settling each respective kingdom's boundary lines. That is, someone will climb up Mount Damavand and from there, will shoot an arrow towards the east, and that arrow will decide both countries' new boundary lines, from the mountain to the place where the arrow arrives at on the ground. At this time, the one who volunteered was the Persian army's best archer, Arash. During the first moon of the summer, on a nice and clear morning of Tirgan (summer solstice), Arash drew his bow to the limit and shot an arrow to such an extent, it has never been performed before until now. At that moment, it is said that his body scattered in all directions. As told about in many legends, the arrow flew continuously throughout the morning and it is said to have reached the riverbank of the Oxus River in present day Central Asia at noon, 2500 km apart between the two locations. Thereafter, the invasion of the Mongolian military forces during the 10th Century pushed the Persians southwards as far as that river, and it became the boundary for both countries.[1]

The distance the arrow flew varies according to the record. One story says it flew 1000 leagues (farsakhs), while according to another story, the distance is a forty days walk. In one story, the arrow flew from dawn until noon, while in another story, it is from dawn until sunset.[1]

The name called Arash is conjectured to mean "cheerful" and "honesty" in Ancient Persia.[1] His alias is Arash Kamangir, or "Swift Archer".[1][2] If translated to English, that would be Arash the Archer. In the West Asian society, an "archer" is namely a bringer of tranquility, and that surely points out to Arash.[2] In Iran, it is said that his existence is observed on Tirgan during the summer solstice.[1] Even in modern times, the hero Arash is loved by the people of West Asia.[1][2]


  • Casual Clothing

Arash is described with eyes full of life.[3]


A cheerful hero, abundant with righteousness. Arash often smiles at and encourages people. During peaceful times, he is a man filled with tolerance and kindness, and yet, he is extremely calm during times of battle. Although he is endowed with a composed character sufficient enough to instantly and meticulously calculate the trajectory of his bow and all his arrows and shoot a countless number of them at the battlefield, there are not many cases for this person to display that face to others. A man who does what must be done at a time where it needs to be done. There is no hesitation. There is no distress. No matter what kind of era/place it is, he will surely accept the wishes of everybody who desires peace.[1]

Arash does not double-deal with anybody. Particularly, he is frank from the beginning in regards to his Master. It is improbable for him to betray his Master because, rather than loyalty, he equates him or her as a partner that should be trusted. When talking to someone really close to him, he always keeps a sense of distance to a degree so he does not hit something sensitive and come off as discourteous and impolite.[1]

Arash holds no wish to make on the Holy Grail. He lives as a "hero" to save innocent people, and nothing about him will change from the time when he was alive.[1] Even now, he has not forgotten: how he once lived as a hero who saved the people, how he once waged everything for the sake of the people.[2]


A hero of the same age Arash lived in, they mutually recognize each other's existence.[1]
Hassan of Serenity
Assassin is originally an existence that "anybody and everybody cannot touch" as her whole body is a poisonous Noble Phantasm, but Arash is able to exceptionally touch her. That is because poison cannot get through his body.[1]
Artoria / King Arthur
It seems there is something to think about towards King Arthur, who is like a symbol of the vestiges of the Age of Gods.[1]
Ritsuka Fujimaru
In regards to the Master who is attempting to regain human history, Arash will probably respond to him with all his powers.[2]


Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky SilverEdit

Archer attacked Tatsumi Kitano at Akihabara. He met Lancer there. He made an alliance with Lancer to eliminate Saber.

Before he fought against Rider, he asked Elza what she wanted. Elza said Tatsumi Kitano's wish was "to save Tokyo and the people who live in it."

Knowing of her real wish, Archer fought against Rider to save the city with Saber. He used Stella to break Rider's Ramesseum Tentyris in a combined attack with Saber's Excalibur. They succeeded in eliminating Rider, but he also exhausted his Magical Energy, and due to the properties of his Noble Phantasm, he was going to die. Before Archer disappeared, he showed sadness at not seeing Elza any more and asked Saber "―――What do you wish for from the Holy Grail?"

During Saber's battle with the Beast, Archer appears again in Saber's mind. He encourages Saber to fight and then becomes one of the Servants who lends Saber his power when he activates Excalibur.

8 years later, a shadow of Archer is seen again as one of Manaka's Grail corrupted Servants.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

GUDAGUDA HonnoujiEdit

He appears in this Singularity under the name Matsudaira Arash. Matsudaira finds the Chaldea group spying on Sessai and Imagawa's Mini-Nobu when Okita's illness alerts him to their presence. After he is defeated by the group, he prepares to fire Stella, causing the group to flee. Matsudaira then after disappears after his Noble Phantasm ends up eliminating both Imagawa and Sessai along with their army.

Camelot: The Sacred Round Table RealmEdit

Arash appears in the "Camelot" Singularity, aligned with the Hashshashins. He protects one of the mountain villages, the Western Village, with Hassan of the Cursed Arm, from the forces of the Lion King. When Ritsuka Fujimaru, Mash Kyrielight, and Bedivere, who conceals his real identity, ask to enter the village, Arash allows them to enter, despite Hassan of the Cursed Arm being wary of them. Arash also sends them to kill a nearby beast, which they succeed in doing. Later on, the Cursed Arm asks the group to prove their worth by fighting him an Arash, having discovered Bedivere's identity as a knight. The group is able to defeat them, earning their trust.

However, soon afterward, they receive knowledge of Mordred attacking the Eastern village, guarded by Hassan of the Hundred Faces. Arash sends Ritsuka, Mash, and Bedivere into the village on a pillar, that is tied to an arrow that he shoots, dragging the pillar with it. The group manages to fight back Mordred, who attempts to defeat them at the cost of her own life. Arash, however, stops her, arriving at the scene and peppering Mordred with arrows. He scolds Mordred and her attempt to give up her own life just to defeat her enemy, managing to calm her down and cause her to retreat.

Ritsuka, Mash, Cursed Arm and Hundred Faced later rescue Hassan of Serenity and Tawara Touta, with Xuanzang Sanzang's help, bringing them all to the village. Arash particularly becomes friends with Touta, with Xuanzang designating Arash as her disciple. The group later decides to seek the help of the First Hassan, who resides at a temple nearby the Western Village. They return to the Western Village, with Arash staying behind to protect the village, while the others continue. Before they go though, Arash privately tells Bedivere to not over-exert himself, as the best way to fight is to have everyone survive. The village is attacked by a group of knights led by Tristan and Lancelot. While Arash is able to take out some of the knights, he is mortally wounded by Lancelot's Arondight - Overload. Later, after the group returned and fought the knight forces, the Lion King uses Rhongomyniad to attempt to destroy the village with Rhongomyniad. The wounded Arash, however, is able to block the attack with his Noble Phantasm, Stella, which also causes him to die, with Touta seeing him off.

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Arash is amongst the "Camelot" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[4]


  • Archer's Bow and Arrow

Arash claims to be a minor Heroic Spirit,[4] however, he is compared by Saber to Sir Tristan, a man whose skill allowed him to easily surpass the limits of a bow as if it was simply natural. Archer can shoot salvos of up to twenty arrows at the same time and each of these has enough power to easily shatter boulders. However, between each of these barrages, a very small pause occurs. He is also seen to launch a much greater barrage if he makes a more extended pause.

Archer has a special move from when he was alive which he would be able to momentarily invoke by effectively using his Bow and Arrow Creation Skill without preparing a large number of arrows beforehand. He can release 10,000 arrows that could fill even the sky, and it would be expected that he could’ve killed all of the people who remained in night-time Akihabara with these hands. Even the structures in the middle of Akihabara would be destroyed from the barrage if Arash does not make any adjustments in his aiming.[5]

Class SkillsEdit

Magic Resistance (C Rank): Cancel spells with a chant below two verses. Cannot defend against magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals.[1][2]
Independent Action (C Rank): Arash is able to stay in the world for one day without a Master.[1][2]

Personal SkillsEdit

Robust Health (EX Rank): A Skill that is made up of anecdotes of "not receiving a wound on the battlefield" and "never becoming sick even once since birth".[1] It is also a composite Skill and includes Poison Resistance and a boost in stamina.[1][2] Arash who is strongly endowed with the vestiges of the Age of Gods was born with especially robust health. END parameter is ranked up and attacks received have their damage reduced.[1] Thanks to this skill, Arash is durable enough to survive a sneak attack of Lancelot's Arondight - Overload and despite it causing him great injuries, he was still able to climb up from the bottom of the valley to reach the Hassan village and fire his Noble Phantasm.[6]
Clairvoyance (A Rank): For Arash, who has an A Rank in this Skill, one type of future sight (predicting the future) and even mind-reading is possible.[1][2] No one is able to escape his insight and inception, not even Bedivere's purpose in the Camelot Singularity and his various sins are able to remain hidden from him.[6]
Bow and Arrow Creation (A Rank): The goddess Armaiti gave him wisdom but the designer and the creator of the bow was Arash. As long as he has the materials, he can instantly make a bow and arrows. A bow needs physical materials; however, arrows can be made by using his magical energy. Because of this, Arash can intermittently fire a countless number of arrows.[1]

Noble PhantasmEdit

His Noble Phantasm is Stella, the "Ultimate Shot" that employs all of Arash's might. It is a maximum range, a long-range attack that literally "Divides the Earth", bringing an end to all kinds of strife. Its aggregate amount of pure energy is comparable to even an Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm. In exchange for this great power, this Noble Phantasms can only be employed once for its usage always results in Arash's death, simultaneously destroying him and the Noble Phantasm, and in a sense, it is a "Double Broken Phantasm".[1][2]

This attack is strong enough to deflect the Lion King's Holy Judgement. After witnessing Arash's final moments, Tawara Touta claimed that few may have shot down the stars, but none have the divine skill to obliterate them. It was a shot as if Hachiman, the God of Archery and War, dwelled within it.[6]

Forms and Alternate VersionsEdit



Archer is revived by Manaka Sajyou in the Second Tokyo Holy Grail War in a blackened form.


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Tristan, one of King Arthur's knights, was originally considered as Archer in Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver, but another hero was decided upon. Archer is compared to Tristan by Saber a few times in the story.[7]

BLACK is the character illustrator for Arash.[1][2] Hikaru Sakurai is the scenario writer for his character in Fate/Grand Order.[1]


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