The Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?) Class Card of the Fifth Ainsworth Holy Grail War was summoned by Shirou Emiya. It was not one of the normal seven Class Cards, but rather a Nameless Class Card imbued with a Heroic Spirit connected to Shirou. It was one of eight Class Cards transported to Illya's world in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA. It is currently within Chloe von Einzbern.



The True Name of the Heroic Spirit of the Class Card is EMIYA (Shirou) the "Heroic Spirit of Phantasms."[1]



In Miyu's world, Sakura Matou is the original possessor of the Class Card, believing it to be the Archer Gilgamesh Class Card. She originally plans on giving it to Shirou Emiya, but tries to utilize it against Shinji in order to protect Shirou. She learns that it is a Nameless Class Card upon trying to use it, leading to her death at the hands of Shinji. Shirou grabs the card as it falls from her hand, and he manages to somehow turn it into the Archer EMIYA Class Card. He then Installs it to face Shinji, Shinji speculates that Shirou had something related to the Heroic Spirit and thus he was able to anchor the link to the Throne of Heroes.

Prisma archer

Bazett defeating Archer

After it is transferred to Illya's world, Bazett Fraga McRemitz defeats the manifested Archer before the start of the story. The Class Card is then given to Rin by Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg to help in her duties retrieving the rest of the cards, but it is given to Illya after Magical Ruby decides to partner with her instead. It is shown to be useless when Including it because all it gives the user is the bow, but shows its real worth when Kuro takes control of Illya's body and installs the card to defeat Saber. After all the cards are retrieved, Illya later installs the card again to protect against a cave-in with Rho Aias. The card then allows for Kuro to manifest, granting her all of its powers permanently in the same way as Installing it.


Heroic SpiritEdit

Archer Anime (PRISMA)

EMIYA using his bow in combat

EMIYA is a skilled bowman able to imbue magical energy into arrows that are fired faster than the speed of sound, and he is able to handle close combat with his swords. He lacks a specific Noble Phantasm, but utilizes Projection to materialize as many as needed. It is a magecraft able to materialize the image of the original object through magical energy. The components for the object come from the user's image of it, so the final product is normally only a paper-mache version that cannot come close the original. The projected objects are simply phantasms affected by the world's corrections, so they can normally only be materialized for a short time. EMIYA is able overturn these normal rules, allowing him to materialize Noble Phantasms repeatedly. They will not fade no matter how long they are left alone, but everything is still degraded by one rank. While specializing in swords, shields and armor can be projected for a moment. He can further make use of these projections through Broken Phantasms, turning them into arrows and firing them in an explosive attack. Likened to a disposable bomb, the ability uses magical energy within the Noble Phantasm to explode. Normally the worst possible way to utilize a Noble Phantasm, this method is a unique "foul play" limited to EMIYA who can project them so long as he possesses magical energy.[1]

EMIYA's most common Noble Phantasm is Kanshou and Bakuya, paired swords that can be used in a technique called "Crane Wing Three Realm." Projecting several sets of them, they are thrown and used in melee so that the attacks all coincide upon the opponent. Rho Aias is a shield possessing the concept of absolute defense against throwing weapons, appearing as seven flower petals made from light that each possess the same defensive power as a rampart.[1]


Archer Include (Anime)

Include (Illya)

Including the Class Card grants the user Archer's bow. It is not a Noble Phantasm, and has no meaning by itself since it doesn't even manifest arrows.[1]

Installing the Class Card grants the user EMIYA's abilities, allowing for Projection to be used to create various Noble Phantasms. Normally Divine Constructs like Excalibur are non-replicable, but even if able to replicate them would be unable to release the Noble Phantasms' true names because they are not the proper user. Illya, under Kuro's control, is able to do just that with an "advanced exploit", projecting an Excalibur that is able to still exceed the power of the original despite being weakened. Kuro, manifested in her own body, is unable to use that same method, leading to an Excalibur that is comparable to "paper-mache." Kuro is only able to use a further deteriorated version of Caladbolg II and only actualize four of the seven petals of Rho Aias.[1] While Kuro mainly fights with Projections, Angelica comments that she is not utilizing the card properly.


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