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Archer of "Black" ("黒"のアーチャー, "Kuro" no Āchā?) is the Archer-class Servant of Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia of the Black Faction in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha. He is one of the Servants summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Archer's True Name is Chiron (ケイローン, Keirōn?), a centaur, half man and half horse, who was known as a great sage among his kind in Greek mythology. He is the son of the Titan Cronus, patron of the harvest and the earth, and the deity Philyra, making him a Divine Spirit that would not normally qualify for the status of Heroic Spirit. Philyra, ashamed of her offspring's half man and half horse appearance, asked to be transformed into a linden tree by the gods.

Chiron received various teachings from the gods, such as learning medicine and music from the sun god Apollo and hunting from the goddess Artemis. And so, young and immature heroes gathered around him and learned various teachings and fighting techniques under his wing. He mentored numerous famous heroes starting with Heracles, Jason, Castor and Asclepius. He was an old friend of Peleus, and happily accepted the role of training and mentoring Achilles for nine years.[3]

He was caught in a conflict between the Heracles and his fellow Centaurs; Chiron was mistakenly shot by Heracles with an arrow dipped in Hydra poison, and due to the extreme agony it caused him, he gave up his immortality to be released from it. In the end, he passed on his immortality to Zeus to give to Prometheus, and finally died in peace. Lamenting his passing, Zeus gave him a place in the sky which led him to becoming the model for the Archer constellation of Sagittarius.

Chiron lost his complete Divinity along with his immortality, allowing him to become an existence that could be summoned by the Grail.


Archer appears to be a calm-looking man, gentle like a calm sea. He wears a somewhat archaic style of dress, without any traits to reveal his identity. He was a man of delicate features clad in leather armor. Indeed, the style of his appearance was truly that of a bowman. Fiore notes his presence to be like that of a massive forest, its cool and clear air engulfing her miniscule existence.


Archer is noble and caring, he is well-mannered and treats everyone with courtesy. In his lifetime, he taught many heroes, and within the black faction, he is well respected by his peers for his wisdom and advice due to his honest and upright character. Lancer of Black addresses him as a sage, entrusting him with the command of the front lines and with helping to better fortify their fortress. Rider of Black wanted Archer to be their king in the black faction but Archer thought he was not good at bearing the full brunt of responsibility. He believes the most fitting way to educate is dependent on and different for each person.

He is strict on Sieg as Rider of Black is often doting on Sieg and he simply strikes a balance. Sieg does not understand the difference between effort and sloth to begin with, since his lifespan is short. He cannot be allowed to be lazy as it would only lead to regret at the very end. Archer helped Sieg because as transient ghosts without flesh, he thought it would be nice to etched into this world even if it was a single being.

Although he is happy to meet his pupil; Rider of Red in the Holy Grail War but he considers fate sometimes turns its fangs against even those already dead. There was definitely a bond between them. Teacher and student, friends who trusted each other from the bottom of their hearts. Even if they trampled on those feelings, vast "joy" over facing each other that surpassed their other feelings definitely existed in their hearts. He knows Achilles's weakness and when they meet in the war, he lectured on his soft nature; Archer also appears to continue to lecture Achilles in later occasions such as how, when Achilles was being bitten by the transformed Lancer of Black, Archer then kicks his pupil to create some distance between him and the vampire where the teacher then reminds Achilles that the Andres Amarantos's defense does not apply to acts of blood-sucking. He is really glad that Achilles has earned his place as a Heroic Spirit, as it would have left a bad aftertaste if he one-sidedly slaughtered a student of his.

Archer and Fiore had completely opened up to one another, acting more like a teacher and a familiar student. Even compared to the others, the two had a great affinity for one another. Archer often praises Fiore as he can tell that she will one day fall apart, if there is no one unconditionally praises her for her efforts. He comforted her when she felt ashamed when comparing both of their wish. He can tell she works hard to remove the handicap that she has borne since birth, as though it were a matter of life and death. As a magus, she has come to accept it as though it were only natural. He understand both the weight of abandoning one's craft, and the joy of standing on your own two feet upon Gaia.

He hesitated to talk about his wish for the Holy Grail as he consider his wish is small when Fiore asked him prior to his summon. He believes it will cause trouble and it might lead friction within the Black faction as Lancer of Black has the highest priority. When he talks about his wish, he shows a faint embarrassment as his wish was smeared of selfishness. He wishes for the Gods to return that which they had granted him, the immortality he'd passed to Prometheus. He does not miss his immortality but it was a gift from his parents. Relinquishing it is a denial of everything he is. He yearns for parental love, he knows his father and mother never loved him; he himself must know this better than anyone else. But it is proof that their blood flows through his veins. It changes nothing for him to become immortal once more. It was the leanest of bonds which connected him to them.



Beginning Stages of the WarEdit

  • The Black Faction summoning
  • Archer sniping Rider
  • Black Faction witnessing Red Faction's floating fortress
  • Archer confronting Rider of Red

Archer is summoned in a multiple Servant summoning with an ancient arrow covered with his old blood acting as a catalyst. Rider of Black quickly takes to learning the others' names, causing Archer to be momentarily taken aback before introducing himself. After the end of the ritual and returning to Fiore's quarters, he explains his appearance and the necessity for appearing as such. He tells her he will not bring shame upon his name and promises that, rather than simply requiring her to trust words of his strength, he will show her his worth as her Servant with his bow on the battlefield. Ever since his summoning, it became Archer's task to push Fiore's wheelchair. With the scouting of Kairi Sisigou and Saber of Red, Lancer asks for his opinion on the Saber, and he concludes that the Servant will bring them no great trouble should they figure out her Noble Phantasm.

Soon after, Rider appears at his room with the homunculus that escaped from Caster of Black. Having heard of the situation of the escapee, he is able to quickly deduce the situation and attend to the homunculus. Rider asks him to use his healing expertise to look at the homunculus' condition, and Rider is saddened upon learning that the homunculus will have a difficult time even living normally and likely expire within three years. As the downtrodden Rider apologizes for dirtying Archer's bed with the various fluids from the homunculus' tank, Archer inquires as to his reason for saving the homunculus, Rider answering without hesitation that it was because it was what he wished. Archer agrees that it was the correct decision as a Heroic Spirit, believing that either saving or overlooking him is the right course of action. He decides to leave the room to Rider for a moment, asking him if he will take responsibility for the homunculus' life until the end. Rider responds that he will not abandon the homunculus.

During Saber and Berserker of Black's battle against Rider of Red, Archer sent an urgent message to Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia, he immediately went to Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia and forced him to use another Command Spell. Without Archer's warning that "Saber's Noble Phantasm will not work against Rider", Saber would have disclosed his true name for the sake of a meaningless attack. Archer himself shoot Rider from afar, being the only one who can damage him, due to Rider's Noble Phantasm. Rider is amazed by Archer's archery abilities, declaring that they will meet again before he leaves. Although Rider doesn't recognize Archer, Archer does recognize Rider as his former disciple, Achilles.

First Battle with Assassin of BlackEdit

Archer accompanies Fiore to search the matter of Assassin of Black, whose Master has not responded yet and who is likely related to the recent murders. They interfere in the battle between Assassin and Saber of Red, with Archer engaging Saber while Fiore fights her Master. Archer is able to briefly match Saber, using his martial arts to catch her off-guard, before he and Fiore retreat.

Battle At Castle YggdmillenniaEdit

Archer participates in the first large battle between the Black and Red Factions. He gives support to the Black Faction forces and confronts Rider of Red in the nearby forest. Rider is shocked upon learning the identity of Archer, but Archer simply says that they should not consider their previous lives and simply focus on the current War. Their battle is stopped when the Red Faction acquires the Greater Grail, with Rider fleeing to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Confronting Lancer of Black and Shirou's True IdentityEdit

Archer, Caster and Lancer of Black invade the Hanging Gardens to take back the Grail, being confronted by Lancer, Rider and Archer of Red. During their battle, Lancer of Black's Master, Darnic, who uses all his Command Spells to activate Lancer of Black's Noble Phantasm, Legend of Dracula, and fuse himself with his Servant, forming the Nameless Vampire. All of the Servants present decide to team up against the Nameless Vampire, with the help of Ruler, who had recently arrived. They manage to gain the upper hand in the battle, until the Red Faction Servants are suddenly immobilized due to their Masters being changed, giving the Nameless Vampire a chance to escape.

However, the Nameless Vampire is killed by Shirou Kotomine, who is now the Master of all the Red Faction Servants, apart from Saber. Shirou reveals to the Servants that he is actually the Ruler-Class Servant from the Third Fuyuki Holy Grail War. He then suggests that both Factions should ally with him, to fulfill his wish to grant humanity salvation. The Red Faction Servants agree to listen to Shirou, although they are wary of him, along with Caster of Black who believes that joining Shirou will further his own goal, while Archer and Ruler don't agree with Shirou. A brief battle follows but is stopped by Saber of Red who helps Archer and Ruler escape the Hanging Gardens.

Battle Against AdamEdit

Archer participates in the battle against the Caster of Black and his perfect golem, Adam. He kills Caster, but Adam is still left alive, being able to regenerate from the damage caused by Rider of Black, Archer of Black and Ruler. Archer deduces that in order to take down Adam, they need to destroy his core, which also requires great force. Sieg, transforming into Saber of Black, and Saber of Red use their combined Noble Phantasms, Balmung and Clarent Blood Arthur.

Archer also is present during the Black Faction meeting about their actions in the War, deciding to oppose Shirou's forces and allying with Saber of Red and her Master, Kairi Sisigou.

Hunt For Assassin of BlackEdit

Before their attack in the Red Faction, the Black Faction decides to confront Assassin of Black, who had been killing many of the affiliates. Archer participates in the search for her, at one point saving Fiore from Assassin's attack. In their plan to take down Assassin, Archer is supposed to shoot her from far away, but he is unable to finish her off.

Later on, just before the attack on the Hanging Gardens, Archer transplants the Magic Circuits of his Master to Caules, which makes Fiore unable to use magecraft anymore.

The Final BattleEdit

The Black Faction's attack on the Hanging Gardens consists of multiple airplanes atop which Archer and Ruler engage the Red Faction Servants. Archer once again fights Rider of Red, who rides atop his chariot. Once he confronts Archer on top of the plane, he suggests a battle of pure martial arts, inside of the Duel Field created by his spear, that negates all outside interference. They are both nearly equal, with Archer attempting to strike Rider's heel throughout the battle, but he is finally defeated by a punch from Rider. Before Archer dies though, he manages to strike Rider's heel with his Noble Phantasm, Antares Snipe, negating Rider's immortality. He also asks Rider to borrow one of his Noble Phantasms to the Red Faction, fading away afterward. Rider later does loan his Akhilleus Kosmos to Rider of Black, out of respect to his master.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Fate Apocrypha: Inheritance of GloryEdit


In Chibichuki!, he is a teacher lecturing about constellations.


Originally a divine centaur and a famous great sage from Greek myth, due to having lost his immortality when he was alive, he is able to manifest as a Heroic Spirit. As a Servant, his parameters have received a slight rank down due to transforming his legs into those of a human, but even then he boasts of specks high enough for him to be called a first-rate Servant—to an extremely abnormal extent in a certain sense.[3] There is no problem with being summoned in his centaur form, but appearing as a centaur is enough to quickly narrow down possible identities from the more famous heroes. This does not particularly affect his skill with a bow. If he has a weakness, it is that he lacks a decisive trump card. Against the brute force approach that throws away all wisdom or intelligence, his strong points fade away.[3] However, he is among the three people Achilles never wants to fight again, whether it is before or after his death. The remaining two being Hector and Penthesilea.[4]


Archer was a Heroic Spirit with a long history of experience as a warrior. Caster of Black considers Archer's strength and discernment were both excellent. Always level headed and thinking ahead, Archer is able to both capitalize on openings so small that would not even be perceived as such by other Servants. Likewise, he boasts the incredible agility to successfully capitalize on these moments, such as the moment where Rider of Red comes to know of his identity or the moment where the same blocked an arrow to the eye with his sword, but momentarily blocked his own sight with that motion. His great composure also makes it extremely difficult for himself to show any openings due to fear or surprise during combat. He has been entrusted with the command of the front lines from Lancer of Black. He utilizes a good strategy to save Saber and Berserker through his judgment and skill. Archer is acting commander and took command of the organized formations of homunculi along with Rider of Black.

During one of his fights with Rider of Red he also demonstrated a skill similar to Presence Concealment of Assassins in order to hide from the enemy.

Close combatEdit

Having been granted the wisdom and skills required to educate many great heroes, Chiron also acquired mastery over Pankration; the world’s oldest mixed martial arts spoken of in Ancient Greek tales.[5] It combines techniques from both boxing and wrestling, but he is also quite proficient with utilizing his legs offensively as well.
His locks and throws are extremely well done and possess terrifying effectiveness. When falling from a tall tower with the heavy armour-wearing Saber of Red in pursuit and already with her sword mid-swing, he is able to seize both her wrists and shift the momentum of her attack on her, similar to a judo technique and mercilessly slam her against the ground, causing her to be immobilized and defenseless for a few seconds due to the impact.
Utilizing his own bow in conjunction with his hand to hand techniques, he is even able to deflect Rider's spear with it. Not only that, he is able to instantly react to the former's change of mood upon recognizing him, by sending him flying with a kick to the solar plexus and shoot at his heel while Rider is still in the air. He can even shoot his bow at point blank distance of his enemies, due to impressive quick draws he performs.
Having taught many great heroes, he knows all of the basis for different styles of fighting by heart and can use this knowledge to read his opponent's moves. It is not until Achilles discards the standard tactics that he learned from him and starts using tricks that he picked up on the battlefield, that he is able to finally land a blow on him.

Ranged combatEdit

Being the Heroic Spirit who became the Sagittarius in death, the archer in the stars. Chiron's skill with the bow is surely of the highest level, who boasted of talent that reached the domain of the gods. The form the bowman took was utter perfection, as exquisite as the stars in the sky. Every arrow he lets fly is as swift as a shooting star. He is on the same level of skill as Archer of Red.
During the Black Faction's first encounter with Rider and Archer. Chiron can snipe his enemy from afar as he was on top of a fortress, separated from a gigantic battlefield with thousands of soldiers and Servants, as well as the forest. He was able to knock Archer's arrow that was aimed at Berserker of Black in mid-flight. He was able to see her black painted arrow that was able to travel faster than sound and it's purpose was to erase all chances of detection in a night battle. He is also able to hit Rider several times, predicting his moves as if reading his mind even though the former is in the middle of a dense forest in the middle of the night.
An arrow shot by Chiron of the Sagittarius would definitely kill everything in its path. The arrow, clad in the light of the stars, forcibly smashed through Saber of Red's armor. Something cold crept into her shoulder, and flashes of dizzying pain ran through her entire body one after another. But, probably thanks to her heavy armor, the arrow that had been aimed at her chest seemed to have been deflected and pierced her shoulder instead.
While chasing after the Nameless Vampire, he shoots five arrows with precision without slowing his stride and while cooperating with the other Servants to fight him, can keep shooting him without bothering or hitting his allies that are fighting in the front.

Class SkillsEdit

Independent Action (A Rank): Chiron can act in the absence of a Master. However, Master's backup is necessary if trying to use Noble Phantasms that takes up a lot of magical energy.[1]
Magic Resistance (B Rank): Magecraft Invocations in regards to three bars or less are completely nullified. It is difficult to be harmed by High Thaumaturgy, Ritual Spells, etc.[1]

Personal SkillsEdit

Clairvoyance (B+ Rank): Good Eyesight. Chiron can capture with his eyes far-off targets, thanks to this skill improving dynamic vision. Because of a good balance with Eye of the Mind (True), limited future sight is possible.[1]
Eye of the Mind (True) (A Rank): Insight fostered from training, discipline. Calmly understands the ability of the opponent and the situation of the predicament one is in, and through combat, logic is able to figure out a way to get out of such a situation.[1]
Divinity (C Rank): An existence born between the Great Earth God (Cronus) and a Fairy. Just before death the body declined into a human body. Has a large Rank-Down.[1]
Wisdom of Divine Gift (A+ Rank): The various wisdoms bestowed upon him by the Greek gods. Other than those characteristics of heroes, almost all other skills of proficiency B~A rank can be displayed.[1] For example, having taught many heroes as a sage, including Asclepius who later became the god of medicine,[3] he is an expert on healing. He can easily diagnose Sieg in an instant by scanning over every part of his body with his marksman's eyes, checking his pulse, and placing a hand over his heart. He is able to tell the reasons for his condition and estimate his lifespan just from that information. He even provided a medicinal solution for Fiore's disable condition, it was a painkiller that helped reduce the ache in her lifeless legs. As a side effect, the drug overwhelms her with drowsiness. However, these skills are based on the techniques of Greece’s mythic era, and as such Chiron cannot acquire skills developed in another time and place. Unique skills limited to a specific individual such as Imperial Privilege or Pioneer of the Stars all fall outside the scope of Wisdom of Divine Gift.[6] He can also grant skills to other Servants with his Master's permission.[1]

Noble PhantasmEdit

Chiron's trump card is Antares Snipe, a sniping Noble Phantasm that shoots a shining star. It has a tracking ability, naturally, and it doesn’t even need for its true name to be released or for it to be filled with prana in order to activate. Though its rank is high, it has the weakness of not having attack power worthy of special mention, so he has to try to achieve a one-shot kill as much as possible each time he uses it. In his battle against Mordred, Chiron could not see any weak points in her armor and feared that she might escape after he used it, so he withheld using the Noble Phantasm.[7]


He was not part of the designs for the original canceled online game project. He was planned by Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi, Ototsugu Konoe was responsible for the character design.


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