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Arcueid Brunestud (アルクェイド・ブリュンスタッド?), Class Name Berserker (バーサーカー?), is the Berserker-class Servant of Monji Gatou in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA. She only appears in the Rani route in contrast to Berserker of the Rin route.



Also called White Berserker (白いバーサーカー?), Arcueid's appearance is "fan service" due to the existence of Moon Cell contradicting the events of the world of Tsukihime and making them impossible to coexist.[4] She is the lone survivor of the True Ancestor's royal line, believed to be the foundation of the vampiric species. Though her lineage as a vampire is her most outstanding trait, she is an Elemental of the planet more akin to a destructive force of nature like typhoons and earthquakes. True Ancestors are the embodiment of the consciousness of the planet, and they are believed to suck blood from humans for pleasure.

There are rumors of her being a creation of the Moon Cell.[5] Her real Master is a young boy in a school uniform or something of that nature.[3]


Arcueid is a pale woman in plain clothing with vicious, crimson eyes. Differing from her normal appearance, her long skirt is ripped, her hair is disheveled, and the iris of her left eye is purple. Upon regaining her senses, her hair and eyes return to normal.


Despite being a Berserker, she is not overly battle-hungry, only battling as dictated and speaking taunting phrases occasionally. She mostly remains impassive while Gatou interprets her will in various ways as his "god." He believes her silence to be a trial for him, and he declares her to be the creator of the universe and constantly spreads false information about her. Though not fully cognizant, she awaits being freed from her mistake in following him. Due to sharing the same basic origins, it is believed she would get along with Caster.[3]

Upon regaining her sanity, she shows her whimsical nature. It can be said that she simply got lost and wandered into the tournament. She speaks to Hakuno Kishinami as if they are friends, smiling all through their conversation. She would have originally been given the class designation Funny Vamp (ファニーヴァンプ, Translated as "Temptress" in the English localization?) due to her nature, emphasizing her nature as a "Blood Drinker that drains the life from her opponent", a "Life Eater that consumes her foe's vitality", and a "Financial Crisis where electronic trading decimates an entire nation's economy." Though her actions are evil and unjustified, they are a naively natural act like breathing. In CCC, Berserker's mad enhancement fades, leading her to say "Wow, you've got no integrity" before assuring Gatou of her return before leaving him. Aside from telling him to wait for her, the last words she spoke were "Do your job, Gatou" hinting at her forgiving him, and motivating him to help other masters.



Berserker only appears in Rani VIII's route as an enemy Servant. She is first encountered in the arena with Gatou, and she simply remains impassive without provocation from Hakuno Kishinami. Gatou interprets that she has declared the area to be a holy training ground, so they leave without issue. During a later moment of reverence, he gives details about her Mystic Eyes while beseeching her to use them to guide him. That detail is unable to determine much about her identity due to the large number of references to Mystic Eyes for various heroes.

After Kotomine gives a hunting challenge to Gatou and Hakuno, Hakuno emerges the victor. Gatou reveals his goal in spreading his god to the world, and also reveals her nature as a True Ancestor. They proceed to battle, but Hakuno's Servant emerges victorious. They are granted the knowledge of her Noble Phantasm for winning, and proceed to the final battle in the Colosseum. Gatou explains more of his philosophy and reasons for his actions before the battle, while Berserker simply stands by without speaking.

Berserker is defeated, and Gatou fades away while pleading to hear her voice. She does not disappear like other Servants due to her nature and instead regains her sanity after Mad Enhancement fades. She explains Gatou's failing in attempting to make her into a god, bidding him farewell with a promise to see him in his next life since he believes in reincarnation. She cannot remember her location and feels the Moon Cell attempting to reject her. Easily opening a portal out of the Moon Cell, she talks directly to Hakuno, explaining that it was second time she has almost been killed, and with a smile, offers make them pay for it should they ever seek her out. Bidding them farewell, she leaves through the portal.

Other appearances[]

Arcueid does not make an appearance in Fate/EXTRA CCC, but her Master is taken to the Far Side along with a number other Masters and Servants. When describing how he lost his Servant, Gatou says that she spoke a "prophecy" of "Wow, you’ve got no integrity" and left him after somehow regaining her senses. Though also telling him to stay put and await her return.


Arcueid is normally an existence a Master would be unable to handle, but Gatou's misunderstandings and being placed in the Berserker class have given other Servants a chance to match her. True Ancestors are natural phenomenons, while gods are sentient beings with values able to be understood by humans. Gatou wishes to make her a real god through spreading his worship, but something that is real cannot become something that is false. Normally a spirit of the planet, the planet itself in a sense, her status has fallen from planet to god due to Gatou equating her to a god.[6]

She is an Elemental of the Earth, so her presence and activities in the Moon Cell cause excessive stress within the system. She feels her body tingling with rejection simply by existing there. She can normally treat the Moon Cell like a Reality Marble if she wishes, but her status as a Berserker had makes that impossible. Once free of Mad Enhancement, she easily creates a portal by slashing the air with her claws. It is the perfect size for her to pass through, as if the dimension acknowledges her right to do so or holds no right to stop her. She is not all-powerful in a world where the information world has become more mainstream than the physical world.

Legends becomes truth in the information world, so the deifications of natural phenomena, the "Gods", often have powers greater than that of the original natural phenomena. She is still on the "broken level" with her sanity restored, easily trumping regular Heroic Spirits and allowing for her authority of "reducing all abilities of any target to a sixth if the stage is the moon" to act as a countermeasure against enemies of the same level. It is a conceptual numerical alteration that is unavoidable on the moon, so even BB after becoming the Moon Cell itself is subject to the restriction. Within Extra and CCC, she is about the only one capable of bringing Amaterasu "to circumstances where its possible to defeat her, however little the chances may be."[5]


Rail Zeppelin, Der Mond, and Gnaden Sturz.

Twisted and warped by Gatou's delusions, she is unable to manifest most of her abilities. She utilizes her claws in close combat. Nero Claudius points out that her power is "subtle yet incredibly destructive" and claims she has an ominous aura. Her Noble Phantasm is Blut die Schwester, which conceptually reduces the abilities of those within the Moon Cell.

  • Der Mond (デア・モーント?) - Arcueid leans back and howls. Slightly restoring HP.
  • Rail Zeppelin (レール・ツェッペリン?) - Arcueid howls, inflecting stun on the enemy next time she uses a Break attack.
  • Gnaden Sturz (グナーデン・ストース?) - Arcueid leaps into the air and forms a crescent moon. Diving down and slashing at the opponent while repeatedly saying "fake". Inflicts damage and paralysis.

She would normally be strengthened by her Ultimate One skill, allowing for her statistics to be slightly higher than her opponent due to receiving backup from the planet. If she is on Earth or facing a product of the Earth, it will activate without penalty. Gatou's misunderstandings have sealed the skill, though being on the Moon Cell would provide restrictions as to its duration even if it were to function. It also seems there are beings residing there of a scale that it cannot exceed.[7] Her Mystic Eyes have been reduced by two ranks due to Gatou's misunderstandings. Her Mad Enhancement has also been decreased two ranks, making the impairment on her high-level cognitive thought more severe due to his incompetency.




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    • Master: Gatou Monji
    • Identity: Arcueid Brunestud
    • Gender: Female
    • Height, Weight: 167cm/53kg
    • Alignment:Lawful Neutral
    • Strength: A+
    • Endurance: B
    • Agility: A
    • Mana: C
    • Luck: D
    • Noble Phantasm: E

    Class Skills
    Mad Enhancements: A→C

    Personal skills
    Mystic Eyes: A→C

    Ultimate One: EX→Unavailable

    Noble Phantasm
    Blut die Schwester: Sister of blood
    Rank: E
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: None
    Maximum number of targets: No limit


    • マスター:臥藤門司
    • 真名:アルクェイド・ブリュンスタッド
    • 性別:女性
    • 身長・体重:167cm/53kg
    • 属性:秩序・中立
    • 筋力:A+
    • 耐久:B
    • 敏捷:A
    • 魔力:C
    • 幸運:D
    • 宝具:E

    パラメーターをランクアップさせるが、理性の大半を奪われる。……のだが、マスターの勘違いでうまくいっていないようだ。 また、狂化中の属性化・暴走となる




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    • Height: 167cm
    • Weight: 53kg
    • Blood type: Unknown
    • Birthday: 24th December
    • Image colour: White
    • Talents: World break
    • Likes: Human
    • Dislike: Gatou
    • Enemy: Gilgamesh

    アルクェイド Berserker

    • 身長: 167cm
    • 体重: 53kg
    • 血液型: 不明
    • 誕生日: 12月24日
    • イメージカラー:
    • 特技: ワールドブレイク
    • 好きな物: 人間
    • 嫌いな物: ガトー
    • 天敵: ギルガメッシュ

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    Master: Monji Gatou
    True Name: Arcueid
    Noble Phantasm: Blut die Schwester
    Keyword: Vampire...?, True Ancestor
    Strength: A+, Defense: B, Agility: A, Magic: C, Luck: D
    Blind Rage: A→C, Demonic Eye: A→C, Origin of All: EX→×


    01 - Blut die Schwester
    An oath between blood sisters.
    Although considered a Noble Phantasm, this power is more akin to a special quality inherent to her very being. As an extension of the mother Earth, her very touch transform the area around her into a part of the Earth's environment (a process known as terraforming). However, as the Moon Cell is bound by the physical attributes of the moon, this process introduces incredible levels of gravitational stress on the system and anyone within its event horizon will suffer gravity six times normal level.

    02 - Vampire...?
    A demon said to feed on blood.
    A being some claims to be of the undead, and painted as evil and ungodly by those whole hold to a religious view of the world. In addition to the need to feed on the blood of humans, creatures such as this also are seemly immortal and are able to control lesser demons.

    03 - True Ancestor
    This is the general term used to describe all species that survive and thrive off the consumption of blood. As for creatures given appellation True Ancestor, they are considered the embodiment of the consciousness of the planet. Despite this, however, every legend regarding these creatures agrees that they not only drink the blood of humans for nourishment, but also out of sadistic pleasure.

    01 - プルート・ディ・シェヴェスタァ

    02 - 吸血鬼……?

    03 - 真祖


    Blind Rage [A→C]
    Raises all basic stats at the cost of impairing high-level cognitive thought...the effects of which have been made more severe due to the incompetency of the Master.

    Demonic Eye [A→C]
    Those who possess the ability of Demonic Eyes are capable of influencing the outside world...the effectiveness of which has been severely reduced due to the incompetency of the Master.

    Origin of All [EX→X]
    The Ultimate One.
    By receiving support from the planet itself, one's entire being is raised one class above the opposition's. Unfortunately, this ability has been rendered useless due to the incompetency of the Master.





    01 - Character Background
    A lone survivor from the True Ancestor's royal line, which was the foundation of the vampiric species...or so it is believed. While her image as a vampire commands the most attention, she is also an Elemental that dwells within the Earth's embrace.

    It becomes much easier to understand her existence if one regards her as a destructive force of nature akin to typhoons and earthquakes. Rumor also speaks of her as a creation of the Moon Cell.

    02 - "True Ancestor"
    A true Ancestor who has been twisted and warped by Monji Gatou's delusions.

    Because she is first and foremost an Elemental of the Earth, her presence and activities in the Moon Cell causes excessive stress within the systems. Although categorized as a Berserker, her original class was actually more akin to "Temptress" than anything else. If she were summoned as a Temptress, her powers would be like the following:

    A Blood Drinker that drains the life from her opponent; A Life Eater that consumes her foe's vitality; A Financial Crisis where electronic trading decimates an entire nation's economy; In other words, her actions, while evil and without justification, would come as naturally to her as breathing.

    Although summoned by Monji Gatou, her true "Master" is apparently a young Japanese student by the name of Shiki. And on a totally unrelated note, the fox-eared Caster gets along very well with her as it is believed that they share the same basic origins.

    01 - 人物背景:


    02 - 『真祖』:



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    Sakura: Indeed, it does not exist. This would also be the reason that Fate/EXTRA is referred to as a World of 'if.' In the first place, were the Moon Cell to exist within it, Tsukihime -- which shares the same world settings -- would from its very premise collapse.
    Saber: Mu? But I'm of the impression that Tsukihime characters appeared within the primary material of the game. Was that a hallucination?
    Sakura: It wasn't a hallucination, but -- the matter is that there is no direct continuity of lineage from the History of Man that exists as of Tsukihime. To put it bluntly, it was fanservice.


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    Berserker is the second Servant you end up fighting during the fourth round.
    Her master is Monji Gatou.
    She is a Funny Vamp [localized as Temptress] with tousled blond hair and crimson eyes.
    She is a fan service character.
    Technically not a wizard, she is just some strange creature that Gatou brought along from Earth. Sometimes a cat, sometimes Yuzu-nee, sometimes a silicon creature, Berserker is a princess that doesn’t seem to have a proper place in the game. She desperately awaits a redesign.
    Incidentally, in the world of EXTRA where the information world (digital) takes precedence over the physical world, she is no longer the strongest.
    This is because in the information world legend becomes reality, and natural phenomena that have been incarnated as “Gods” can often hold more power than their original natural existence does.
    Well even with that being said, if Berserker regained her sanity she would easily be considered a cheat-tier Servant. Her power, “The stage is the Moon, so all targets have their power reduced to a sixth of their usual.” would be extremely useful against other similar cheat-tier Servants.
    It’s a conceptual numerical alteration, so it is unavoidable when on the Moon. Even the Moon Cell transformed version of BB would be limited by it.
    In EXTRA and CCC, she is about the only one who is “Capable of defeating Konjiki Hakumen (Golden White Face), no matter how small the chance might be.”


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    臥藤門司 & バーサーカー
    臥藤門司はバーサーカーを神と崇める変人マスター。彼は様々な宗教観を持つ人物で、話が通じない。バーサー カーは本来"真祖"という地球の精霊だが、臥藤の"彼女=神"という勘違いにより星から神へと格を貶められ 、能力を上手く発揮できない。戦闘では重力で攻撃する宝具を使い、大ダメージを発生させる。

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    ...Unfortunately due to a misunderstanding with her Master Gatou she is completely unable to use this skill.
    If the location of battle is on Earth, or if her opponent is something or someone that originates from Earth, she would normally be able to activate this skill without penalty or limitation. However it seems that being on Moon Cell would restrict the length of time which this skill can be used for, as well as there being some opponents that her specs would be unable to exceed.


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