Arihiko Inui (乾 有彦, Inui Arihiko?) is a side character from Tsukihime and Kagetsu Tohya. He is Shiki Tohno's classmate and best friend.



When Arihiko was young, the apartment complex he lived in collapsed with him and his family in it. He was the only one on the third floor to survive. His parents died in that disaster. Before he got rescued, he had been stuck in the rubble for three days. When the apartment complex collapsed, he saw his grandmother die before his eyes, which caused him to have a different look on death. He was more-or-less raised by his older sister Ichiko Inui and currently lives with his sister.[1]

When Shiki was living with the Arimas, he often used to hang out with Arihiko. He has a competitive attitude against Shiki. The second Arihiko laid eyes on Shiki, he intuitively knew that he was broken. "I've decided, you're going to be my rival." So he declared, while eating the pudding he had just stolen from Shiki's lunch.[1]


He's a model outlaw and he wore the same style of clothing since elementary school.[1]


He has a tendency to wander. He has the same antisocial attitude since elementary school. He enjoys living a delinquent lifestyle that doesn't bother normal, upright people. Though he's rumored to be something of a womanizer, his exes have nothing but good things to say about him. It seems he's the kind of Don Juan that wants girls to be happy even after he's parted ways with them".[1]

He normally hates stuff like ghosts and monsters but Nanako is an exception.[1]

As far as Arihiko know, Ichiko is a mysterious person who changes jobs about once a year.[2]



Arihiko plays an important role in Shiki's school life; that means he primarily appears in the beginning of Tsukihime (providing a lot of exposition) and the school parts of Kagetsu Tohya.

As the player moves through the story, the player will discover that sometimes, Shiki cannot grasp how he became friends with Arihiko in the first place, since Shiki believes Arihiko has a "weird personality." Yet at one point in the game, when Shiki collapses in class due to his condition, Arihiko is the one who loudly informs the teacher that Shiki is sick and needs to be excused. Arihiko then proceeds to help a physically-weakened Shiki to the medical office, thus demonstrating a personality trait that might, depending on the player's subjective perception, serve to explain why Shiki continues to be friends with Arihiko despite Arihiko's sometimes callous behavior. Furthermore, because his grandmother died in front of him saving his life as a child, he does not see react to death the way normal humans do, allowing him to coexist more easily alongside Shiki.

He does not, however, appear in any of the endings of Tsukihime, and Hisui's and Kohaku's route barely feature him at all.

Kagetsu TohyaEdit

Background information on him is introduced in the Kagetsu Tohya side story "S.O.S. Nanako-chan". In that story, he stumbles upon and eventually befriends the Seventh Holy Scripture's spirit, and gives her the name "Nanako".[1][3]

Other AppearancesEdit

Sad arihiko is sad

Arihiko in Carnival Phantasm.

Arihiko makes a brief cameo appearance in Carnival Phantasm.



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