Arika Ishizue (石杖アリカ, Ishizue Arika?) is the protagonist of DDD.



Arika lost his left arm two years ago, in the events preceding DDD to his little sister, Kanata Ishizue. After one and a half years of rehabilitation, he was then discharged from the hospital and began searching for an artificial arm. Mato Touma, who is in charge of him, introduced him to Kaie Karyou, saying that he was a dilettante with rare prosthetics.

Arika himself is also a daemon possessed one, but in the eyes of Matou a harmless one, so he is used by her to get information about daemon possessed ones. Day-to-day memory loss. That’s the current predicament of Arika. The after effect of having his left arm eaten by his sister two years ago. The fortunate thing amidst this misfortune is that his personality development had already been completed long ago. As he is not a kid that can make judgments of right and wrong, and just losing his day memory at night isn’t that big a deal. Basically, he is getting by, by not making any promises for the following day and leaving all decisions to the night. That’s why he is keeping his memos to a minimum as he don’t need to write down all the fine little details.

His first impression of Kaie was horrible. The moment he laid eyes on him, he really felt like vomiting. The creature in front of him is different from anything else he has seen before. Even looking at something painful uses up stamina so he didn’t want to become friends with someone that would make him tired just by being near him. But as he is an apathetic, cold person he began to work for Kaie for 200,000 yen a month to detach and reattach his Daemons limbs. His work was easy and he couldn’t complain about the salary but now he got a collar called salary. Arika’s policy is “I want to live as easily as possible”, this is his ideal principle, his rebirth slogan. He is short of money all year long and his job pays by the month, and Kaie despises paying in advance or daily.





When he closes his eyes, his brain can perceive his left arm just like it used to, he can even grab things. His physical arm is gone but he still has the conceptual one which is still connected to him and as long as his conceptual arm doesn’t disappear, a new one cannot be attached. This is it what allows him to control a real daemon. Since an imaginary sensation will accept the same imaginary beasts. He also has lost the ability to feel threatened since losing his arm. And so he uses Kaie's left arm Hatred (憎悪?) when gets sent by him on missions on which he needs to eliminate selected “daemon possessed”.


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