Ark: The Ark of the Covenant (契約の箱
, Keiyaku no Hako
?) is a wooden box that contains the original engravings of the Ten Commandments issued to Moses by God. As a Noble Phantasm, its effect is narrow but absolute; besides the Servant that carries them, all those who would deem to touch the box without authorization are drained of their magical energy unto death. Upon seizure of Jerusalem and the removal of the Philistines, King David of Israel appointed the city as his capital, and situated within it the Ark of the Covenant.[1] It is summoned into the world independently from Archer, and it cannot be changed into spiritual form. It is powerful enough to overcome even Heracles's stock of lives from God Hand, killing him instantly.

In Fate/Grand Order, It is a powerful artifact sought by Jason to grant him ultimate power in the Okeanos Singularity by sacrificing a god to it, but it is revealed that it is a lie by Medea Lily under the command of another magus. Sacrificing a god, an avatar of the world, to the Ark is considered the same as sacrificing the world, so the Ark will bring calamity to the world in the same way it would to a person who touched it. While it would only normally destroy the surrounding area, the fragility of the Singularity would bring about more destruction.


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